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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update Gulfamkali and Putans Engagement.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori welcomez Gulfamkali and her family, Daddy get’s a bit nervous seeing Gulfamkali. Daddy says introduce your family. Gulfamkali introduces Vibhu as her biological father and Tiwari as pathological father, all surprised. Vibhu asks why not its normal in Baluchistan. Saxena walks in and says i dont believe that they are her father and remove their fake beard.Daddy gets angry,Vibhu says please dont we did this for Gulfamkali and Putan.Gulfamkali says yes we didn’t want to upset you.Daddy says sorry this marriage wont happen, Putan says okay im telling mummy all your dark secrets, Daddy agrees for marriage.

Vibhu congratulates Tiwari, now Gulfamkali is your family now. Tiwari says look i hate Putan and nothing to do with Gulfamkali.Happu walks to them and asks if you hate putan why arrange her wedding with putan,prem says yes she is my love.Boys join them and warn them too.vibhu says do whatever you want to. All attack them but they sneak out.

Wedding preparations begin at Tiwari house.Putan says laddu go burst crackers, Angoori says be careful.Putan asks daddy are these jewellery original, daddy says yes why, Putan says you gave fake ones fir Angoori wedding. daddy says shut-up it was jewelers mistake so i even got them exchanged later.angoori says first we will perform Diwali Pooja then Putans engagement.

Putan bursting crackers with his friend,Tilu says laddu you should not burst crackers its not good,malkan says my life is bursting and starts crying. prem and hapu join them and asks why havent you been at Tiwari’s,tilu asks to see Gulfamkali see marry someone else not fair.laddu slowly burns crackers behind them and scares them.

Everyone at Tiwari house. Putan says he will stay at tiwaris even after engagement,vibhu and tiwari get upset.Angoori asks who will perform rituals from Gulfamkalis side, Daddy says Hapu will be her dad Prem uncle and boys brother,all deny.saxena says shut up her brother is alive.

Daddy wishes everyone a very happy diwali and asks everyone to bless Gulfamkali and Putan, putan and Gulfamkali exchange rings.

Pre cap : Putan and Gulfamkali performing and boys morning. Vibhu performs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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