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Vidya 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vivek gets arrested

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Vidya 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vidya saying I m a teacher here and will do my work. Vivek says thank you, I m proud of you. She doesn’t understand and folds hands. He smiles. Avtaar gets Ranjana home. She gets angry and tries to run. She scolds him for getting her home. He says you were going to do a big mistake, your family would have got worried for you. She says you got scared of Nanku, you did big mistake by doing this. He asks her to listen. Dadi and Kalindi come. They see Ranjana. Dadi shouts Ranjana, get down. Kalindi scolds Ranjana.

Dadi asks her to go to her room. Ranjana goes. Dadi blesses Avtaar. Kalindi asks him to stay back and meet Nanku. Avtaar says maybe next time. He goes. Kalindi consoles Ranjana. She asks her not to anger Nanku. Avtaar comes to meet Vidya. He asks what did Vivek tell

you. She says he said, I m very proud of you, thanks again, bye. Everyone gets surprised. Dharma says you made us proud, say it again. She says it again. Avtaar asks how did you learn this. She says Durga Maiyya knows this, what’s the meaning. Avtaar asks Dharma to go and manage shop. He says this means he is thankful to you and is proud of you, Vivek told this, you didn’t listen to me, you told this to villagers and Vivek felt proud, you are doing good to the village but getting enmity with Nanku, he will be angry, don’t know what will happen in Devgarh. He goes.

Nanku sees the envelope. Jagat says today, we lost the respect because of Prem. Nanku says its matter of pride, did you find about Prem. Jagat says no. Nanku says I will end Prem’s game tomorrow on Dussehra. Vidya comes to school. She sees the construction of toilets going on. Santosh greets her and asks her to come in the special program. Vidya smiles seeing the good changes. Nanku asks Vidya to come, he has called the special teachers to talk to them. He says nothing will go wrong here, I will run it now. A man asks Vivek for an address. He acts unwell. Vivek holds him. A goon hits on his head. Vivek fights him. Other goons come and catch him. Nanku says its matter of my pride, I promise to make kids’ future bright. He asks the teachers to stay back. He says parents shouldn’t come to complain, teach the kids well. He sends everyone. He asks Vidya to stay back. She gets tensed.

Vivek is put inside a car. Police comes. Jagat says blame Vivek for DM Sharma’s death. He frames Vivek. Inspector agrees. They plant all the evidences. Nanku goes to Vidya. He says I m worried for you, so I m telling you, stay away from Prem, I don’t think he is a right man. She recalls Vivek. Nanku says Prem is arrested for Sharma’s murder. She gets shocked. Inspector throws water at Vivek’s face and wakes him up. Vivek asks why did you get me here. Inspector says you are charged with DM Sharma’s murder. Vivek laughs. Inspector says your truth has come out. Vidya hears people talking ill about Vivek.

She goes to Avtaar and asks him the truth about Sharma. She asks why didn’t you tell me the truth. He says I didn’t wish to trouble you by telling it. She says Vivek is innocent, he is framed into this. He says I know, I can’t do this. She says you can go to police station and save him. He says he is himself the DM. She asks him to just save Vivek. Jagat scolds Vivek. Vivek jokes on him. Inspector asks him to sign on the statement that he killed DM Sharma. Vivek doesn’t listen. Avtaar says I told you to stay away from all this. Vidya asks how can I keep quiet knowing the truth. He says you learnt talking after going to school, when Vivek learns that you are illiterate, you will be there in the jail.

Vidya tells the kids about Raavan dahan. Nanku threatens Prem. Vivek says I will come out some way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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