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Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: The robbers also capture Karan taking him as their hostage

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Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeta interrupts requesting the police the stay till the cake cutting ceremony, the robbers try to hint that they will kill Ayush but Preeta makes tries to request them to stay as then they will all feel really nice, Preeta tries to hint them to stay however the accomplice of the robbers send them away.

The police are leaving, when they reach the can Karan sees them and is worried, he tries to call them, the inspector is saying to his men that they had a lot of work but were misguided, they leave and so Karan tries to call them but it is not reachable.

The police inspector calls his senior explaining that they were misguided explaining that there was no case of any robbery, the senior says that he should not waste the time on anything except the robbers, who have run from the jail,

he orders that he should find them now.

The robbers scold Preeta for trying to hint the police inspector of their plans, he says that no one can leave the hotel alive with out his permission, he sends his men to get the keys, also saying that he will find Karan so asks the manager for the corridor number two, Preeta tries to stop them but they threaten to kill the old lady which forces Preeta to stop.

Karan is in his room thinking why the police went without doing anything, he thinks of calling Rishab as then he would surely come with help, but then thinks that it would cause tension, so he decides to act by himself as he has brains and so can take all of them, there is someone coming, he hides, there is someone who looks for someone and then comes ahead to drink water, Karan points the gun at him saying that he will kill them, he tries to act saying that he is also one of the hostage, Karan says that he will not kill him so turns back, the robber also takes out his gun, they both are standing with their guns pointed at each other, the robber explains that the gun which Karan has is empty, so then he looks which gives the opportunity to the robber to threaten Karan,

Karan also fights back and they both indulge in a heated fight, Karan eventually give sin when the robber says that he will kill Preeta, Karan then walks with him.

The inspector is with his men, he is worried as to why Harshwardan was looking at him with shock, even though he was smiling, he thinks of why Preeta was requesting him to stay, he then remembers that Preeta was signaling him to stay because they were being kept hostage, he requests for more backup before ordering his subordinate to turn back towards the hotel.

Karina asks Sherlin if she has tried to dress, Sherlin responds that the dress is still not the right size and is tight the door has also jammed again, Rishab arrives, asking Karina about the situation she explains top which he says that he has brought Oum with him who will open the door, oum arrives and opens the door, Prithvi and Sherlin both wonder what will happen, Prithvi thinks that now that the door has opened his life will be ruined.

The robbers is searching for the key in the room but is not able to find it, he is searching the room, but is frustrated when he is not able to find it, he thinks that the manager said it himself and Karan has also called the police so he has to hurry and find the key before they arrive.

The robber brings Karan to the rest of the hostages, everyone is seeing them, the robber says that he will use Karan who was their last chance of getting freedom, he explains that now he will use Karan to take their revenge, the robbers taunt Karan that they met him inn this situation, the leader orders his accomplice whom Karan had fought with to hit him back until he has gets unconscious.

The robbers start to beat Karan, he gets angry and tries to hit back but they hit him threatening to kill him otherwise, they are beating him while Preeta pleads them to stop, Karan is about to fall, Preeta apologizes saying that it is her fault that they came to know where he was hiding, the robber slaps Preeta, Karan seeing this gets really angry and is hitting him badly, they pull him back where he is also angry.


Precap: The old lady says that she is the fan of his love for his wife, she ask if they are a newlywed couple, Karan responds that they are not as she has nothing in her hands, Karina explains that she knows Rishab said he heard Prithvi so she wants to ask Sherlin the reason she was with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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