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You Are My Life – Part 3

You Are My Life- Part 3

Episode starts

Riddhima was feeling dizzy and she was about to fall on hearing siya’s voice angre comes and holds her. He makes her sit on the couch
Siya: Di (making her drink water) how r you feeling now

Riddhima: Now I’m feeling better

Angre : I have called the doctor he will be here in few minutes

Riddhima : It’s is not needed bhai I’m alright let me leave

Vansh : What r u doing riddhima already you are not feeling well in this state where are you going and it’s your own home why are you leaving

Riddhima: Sorry Mr.Raisinghania I came here for siya’s treatment and now she’s alright and I should leave did you have any specific reason to ask me to stay here

Vansh: Because you are my wife

Riddhima: (laughing sarcastically) Are you joking I think you have partial amnesia three days ago you announced Ahana as your wife and now you are claiming me as your wife

Vansh : It was all fake the reporters the announcement everything was just fake

Siya interfere them

Siya : I know what you are doing is 💯 right but now you are weak you are always everything to me atleast for me please stay here

Riddhima(after thinking for a while): OK just for you

Angre : You forgot about your brother na( he makes an angry pout the duo smiles), you both go to your room I will bring food for you

Riddhima : I was in guest room I’m scared to stay here (Eyeing Raisinghanias) I can’t say when and where I will be attacked can I stay in your room

Vansh: You are my wife Riddhima you can stay in our room

Riddhima : On which basis you are claiming me as your wife

Vansh : Are you asking me to prove my love for you

Riddhima : Trust is the basic for every relationship if there is no trust then there’s no love .

It’s all for today’s part ,Thanks for all your support

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