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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 56

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Episode begins with.. 

Riddhima comes home and finds uma there.. 

RIDDHIMA: Mom, how come you are here? 

SIA: I brought her. She doesn’t want to be be at the hospital. 

UMA: Riddhima, I have decided to keep a ganapathi puja tomorrow. Will you be okay with it? 

RIDDHIMA: It’s your wish.. 

UMA: Actually, you and vansh have to do that puja. You both have to bring the ganapathi idol. You both have to do this puja. 

Riddhima stays silent.. 

UMA: Don’t think I’m forcing you. It’s your wish. But.. 

RIDDHIMA: Just inform me after deciding the timing and everything. I’ll do it.. 

Saying so, she goes.. Uma gets happy.. 

SIA: Mom, riddhima has accepted only for you. 

UMA: I know.. I’m doing this puja especially for vansh and riddhima. I hope all their differences gets solved.. 

Just then, vansh comes there.. 

Uma informs vansh about the puja. Before vansh could speak Uma and Sia leaves. 

VANSH: Why is mom doing all this? Already she is angry with me. Of course, her anger is justified.. Now, I’m going to face another problem because of this puja. I don’t know what this atom bomb is going to do now? 

Vansh comes to his room and finds riddhima sitting on the sofa.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Anyhow, she won’t speak with me. 

Just then.. 

RIDDHIMA: One minute.. 

Vansh turns around here and there.. 

RIDDHIMA: I need to speak to you sir.. 

VANSH: (thinking) This sir!! Why is she mentioning me like that? 

RIDDHIMA: Can you give a two minutes break for your mindvoice? 

VANSH: Tell me, riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’m sorry.. 

VANSH: For what.. 

RIDDHIMA: For entering your room without your permission. Sorry, I know I shouldn’t have entered. But, I don’t have any other option with me. 

VANSH: My room? 

RIDDHIMA: Yes sir.. As far as I know, it was your room. Have you changed your room too? 

Vansh looks at her.. 

RIDDHIMA: I just called you to say sorry.. You continue with your mindvoice.. 

Saying so, she lies on the sofa.. 

VANSH: You can use the bed. I’ll sleep on the sofa as usual.. 

RIDDHIMA: I can’t use your bed. Because, who knows when will you again throw me out of your bed, like you did before? I don’t want to experience it again. I know my limit. I’m here just as a treatment, like a nurse for your mom. This is enough for a nurse. I know that you are letting me stay here because you are a good son. I won’t take advantage of other’s weakness. I don’t have such habit. 

Vansh looks at her.. 

RIDDHIMA: By the way, have you signed that divorce papers? I’m just reminding you. You might have forgotten about it due to your work tension. Please, sign it and give it to me so that I can’t file it.. Thank you sir.. 

VANSH: Did mom told about the puja? Why did you agree for that? 

RIDDHIMA: As I’ve told you I’m just a nurse here. I can’t hurt my patient. That’s it.. Don’t think unnecessarily and stress yourself sir. You’ll have many work.. You have to think a lot of however you can torture me. So, go ahead. . 

Just then, riddhima receives a call from shwetha.. 

RIDDHIMA: Tell me, shwetha.. 

SHWETHA: Riddhima,today after you left an old lady came to our office to meet you. 

RIDDHIMA: Who is it? 

SHWETHA: I have sent you the photo of that Lady. I took it from the cctv. She told that she needs to meet you urgently. I even tried to contact you. But, your number was unreachable. Finally, that lady left. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay, I’ll see to it..

Riddhima cuts the call and looks at the old lady’s picture. 

RIDDHIMA: Who is this? 

Just then, she again receives a call from shwetha.. 

SHWETHA: Sorry Riddhima, I forgot to tell you one more thing..


SHWETHA: Actually electrician came after you left. He checked and told, the short circuit wasn’t a natural one. 

RIDDHIMA: What do you mean? 

SHWETHA: Yes, someone has used water and damaged the fuse in such a way it seems.. Don’t worry now it’s fine.. 

Saying so, shwetha cuts the call. Vansh looks at riddhima who was tensed.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Suddenly, what happened to her? 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) What is she saying? Who will do that? What benefit will they get from this? 

She thinks about it and comes out of her room. Just then, she sees virat there. Virat laughs at her and goes to his room.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Why is he laughing like this? Did he do this? Apart from him none can do this. In that case, why will he do this? What’s the use of it? 

She thinks..  Meanwhile vansh notices her.. 

VANSH: What did shwetha tell her? Why is she looking tensed? 

He calls and asks shwetha what she told riddhima. Shwetha informs him about the circuit issue. He cuts the call.. 

VANSH: If I’m not wrong virat must have done this. Because, he is the only enemy of riddhima. He can go to any extent for his revenge. But, why will he do that? His only aim is riddhima’s company. He even tried to buy that shares. But, he couldn’t. Now, already the company is in critical state. Why will he do this? 

Vansh comes out and looks for virat. He finds virat standing at the balcony and speaking in that mobile. Vansh goes near him.. 

VIRAT: Make sure that this news should become a breaking one tomorrow. This must be published in all your newspapers. None should know about this until it gets published. Don’t worry.. Nothing will happen to you and your job. I’ll take care of that.. 

He cuts the call. 

VIRAT: Riddhima, vansh had made my work easier. Now, this is another check for you. This news will again ruin your company’s name. With this news, I’ll convince those project holders. You will lose that projects. You have only 50 percent shares over this company. If you lose this project, even if you sell your shares, you won’t be able to tally the loses. More than everything, I’ll break your confidence. I’m waiting for tomorrow. Tomorrow, you’ll lose everything.. 

Saying so, he laughs. Vansh hears all this. On the other hand riddhima too hears all this. But, both vansh and riddhima didn’t see each other… 

RIDDHIMA: My God! I was right.. Virat did this. I shouldn’t lose this project. This is very important for me. I must stop this somehow. This news shouldn’t get published. As far as I know totally there are 3 news agency in this city. I must go there.. 

She immediately leaves.. 

Meanwhile vansh is shocked on hearing all this.. 

VANSH: I was right.. How dare he!! I won’t let riddhima lose this project.. There is no chance for you to win virat until I’m here.. As far as I know, there are 3 news agencies located. But, I can’t go to the three.. Because, each one is situated at the each corner of the city. I don’t have that much time. I must stop it before it reaches the printing office. Now the time is 7.00.. I have only 2 hours left.. What will I do now?

Meanwhile riddhima was driving her car in a high speed.  While driving, she accidentally hits an old lady with her car. The lady falls on the ground. Riddhima stops the car and gets down. The old lady was bleeding. She goes near her and looks at her and gets shocked.. 

Riddhima takes her mobile and looks at the photo sent by shwetha.. 

RIDDHIMA: Yes, this is the same lady. My God! What have I done? 

The lady is in unconscious state. She was continuously bleeding. Meanwhile, the people gathers there and starts to shout at riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: Listen to me.. This happened accidentally.. First, help me to lift this lady. I’ll take her to the hospital.. Please.. 

The people there lifts the old lady. Riddhima drives the car and takes the old lady to the hospital.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’ll first admit her in the hospital and then, go to the news agency.. 

She brings the old lady to the hospital. The doctor asks her about the injuries.. 

RIDDHIMA: Doctor, I accidentally hit her with my car.. 

DOCTOR: This is accident case. First, inform the police. We won’t proceed with the treatment until that… 

RIDDHIMA: Doctor, I’ll inform.. But, please start the treatment. She is bleeding. Please.. 

DOCTOR: No.. I have to abide by the rules.. 

RIDDHIMA: Doctor, please start her treatment. I’ll face all the consequences. Please.. I beg you.. 

DOCTOR: No.. We can’t..

RIDDHIMA: Doctor please, she is an old lady.  I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to her. Please. Just think once, is your rules more important than a life? 

DOCTOR: Don’t teach me.. 

RIDDHIMA: Doctor, I’m requesting you.. 

DOCTOR: Okay, in that case.. We’ll inform the police and start with her treatment. But, you should stay here until the police arrives.. 

Riddhima gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: Doctor, I have an important work. Just two hour. I’ll be back.. 

DOCTOR: No.. We can’t believe you. We see such cases often. People used to do such accidents and escapes from the police case admitting the patient here. Then, we’ll have to face the consequences. Either you be here till the police comes or else take her with you. 

The old lady finds hard to breathe. Riddhima notices this.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’ll be here. First you start the treatment.. Please  take her first… 

The doctor agrees and takes her to the operation theatre.. He aks the nurse to take a signature from riddhima and asks her to stay here… 

Riddhima signs the papers and cries.. 

RIDDHIMA: Now, what will I do? My god!! Help me. No, I shouldn’t lose.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima opens the newspaler.. 

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