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RadhaKrishn 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Sam Finds Out Secret To End Krishna

RadhaKrishn 9th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rukmini feeds sweets to Radha Krishna. Sam praises Lakshmana that she changed her side like him and looks his true partner. Lakshmana asks why did he make Pradyumna as Dwarka king. Sam says he will respectfully call Krishna as Dwarkadhish and will end all his heirs via conspiracy. She asks how will he do it alone. He says he will provoke whole Yaduvansh against each other and end themselves. Rukmini says whole Dwarka was sad without her and Krishna left Dwarka for her. Radha says she will not do anything which will make Krishna leave Dwarka. Lakshmana acts and asks her to promise as they cannot lose their king. Radha says there is no need to promise as she will not go anywhere. Krishna via telepathy asks her to promise. Radha says she will not leave Dwarka until they reach Golok. Lakshmana requests her to take Krishna’s promise. Radha agrees and taking Krishna’s oath says she will not leave Dwarka again. Sam smirks at Lakshmana. Balram tells Radha that she never took Krishna’s oath before. Radha says now she did and will not go away from Krishna.

Krishna asks about Devaki. Rukmini says she is praying continuously for him. Krishna heads towards temple. Balram stops him and asks why Radha promised for the first time and how did he convince Radha to return back. Krishna assures them that Radha Krishna’s love is eternal and Radha will love him back, the whole world will experience their love. Krishna walks to Devaki. Devaki asks if Radha returned. He says yes. She says Radha Krishna cannot stay away from each other. He says she is right and requests to stay back with him as he needs her and cannot handle future situations alone. She agrees. Radha informs Balram that she told Krishna that she will not love him. Balram says Krishna told she will love him twice than before. She says she cannot love back Krishna until they return to Golok as she cannot see Krishna dying here. She requests to inform how Krishna will die so that she can stop it.
Balram says nobody knows when and how will Krishna die. She says she herself will find out then.

Sam meets Shukracharya and reveals what he did. Shukracharya says he should continue to use evil tricks to win over Krishna. Sam asks to inform how Krishna will die. Shukracharya says he can just say that Gandhari cursed Krishna that just like he ended her lineage by making her children fight among themselves, even his heir will fight among themselves and die. Sam says then Yaduvansh will end itself and he need not do anything.

Radha meets Krishna and says she cannot love him until he returns to Golok with her. He shows Golok and says Gopis are waiting to dance with us, even he is eager to dance with them, but till then we both can dance. Radha denies and says she will dance only in Golok and gets adamant. Krishna plays bansuri in pain. Mahadev feels sad seeing his aradhya’s pain. Radha walks to Krishna and stopping him asks why he is in so much pain and offers him food. He denies and says he will have a bite for her sake. She says she will end any reason which will pain him.

Precap: Radha plays bansuri. Krishna reaches to her. Radha says she thought of feeding him under moon light and heal his wounds.
He walks away saying even moonlight hurts him. She says she will end anything which hurts him.

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