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My soulmate.. (you are my love) Shot 1

hi everyone!!..this is a short FF based on jasmin and kindly show your support ☺.

It was a marriage day..

The bride came in a beautiful car and got down and everyone looked her and smiled..

Everyone whispered each other: this girl is so beautiful..

The bride’s mom ran and hugged her..

Bride’s mother: my you are going to go away from us.iam really sad..

Bride: mom .. don’t worry.if you don’t want me to go from you then I will stop this marriage.

Her mom smiles..

Bride’s mother: no no..I won’t cry hereafter. I want my Nayantara get married happily so I will also be happy from now.

Nayantara in mind: ohh Krishna Ji..I have to stop this marriage anyhow. Iam not having any interest to marry now..I should enjoy my life freely for somedays and then only I will marry. now how will I stop this marriage?

Nayantara’s mom: my child.. now I will take you to stage for your marriage.

Nayantara’s mom Sanjana takes Nayantara while Nayantara gets nore tensed..

Nayantara in mind: now how will I stop this marriage?

Nayantara starts biting her nails in tension while Sanjana notices it and pushes her hands away..

Sanjana: Nayantara nails are not your food and by the way if you bite your nails even today then you will turn from bride to joker.. understood?

Nayantara: mom..but iam tensed.

Sanjana smiles..

Sanjana: I know it.. every bride gets nervous during their marriage.

Nayantara: not that..iam tensed because iam not able to get any ideas of how to escape from this marriage.

Sanjana couldn’t hear properly as the noise of people got heavy..

Sanjana: beta.. what did you tell?I couldn’t hear you as the noise is heavy..

Nayantara too realise what she said and..

Nayantara in mind: thank dint hear me orelse I would have gone.

Nayantara: n.. nothing mom. I want to go toilet..

Sanjana makes a face..

Sanjana: what rubbish? You know that this is not someone’s marriage but it’s your marriage and you are behaving as if you are not a bride. How can you go toilet now?

Nayantara: please let me go.its very urgent..

Sanjana gets tensed..

Sanjana: when everyone asks about you.. then what will I tell? If I tell that you went to toilet then you will get ashamed.

Nayantara: you are great in doing drama’ put up an act for some minutes and I will come within some minutes okay?

Sanjana stares her..

Sanjana: thank god you are getting married today atself orelse I will go mad if you stay with me more..

Nayantara: mom..

Sanjana: just joking.. okay and come fast.

Nayantara: okay..

Nayantara goes to a room in a mandap and locks the door inside and smiles..

Nayantara in mind: now it’s time to run away… hahahaha. Iam sorry for fooling you mom. I should first run away from this city as my dad is an inspector can search this whole city and find me..I will somehow escape now.

Nayantara writes a letter and she jumps out of the window and sees many police’s standing..

Nayantara in mind: my dad is so cruel. Even in chief ministers house this much police won’t be standing but my dad is protecting me like kohinoor diamond..but no one can stop me from escaping.

Nayantara slowly hides from each police and goes while Sanjana manages to distract everyone and gets tensed…

Sanjana in mind: Nayantara told that she will come in some minutes but what is she doing in toilet this much time? How can I distract everyone more.. surely they will doubt.

A woman: Sanjana..where is Nayantara? It’s already time up.. and if you delay more then mahurat time will end.

Another women: yes..go and call your daughter soon.

Everyone starts gossiping about nayantara’s delay which makes nayantara’s father narendra tensed..

Narendra in mind: where is Nayantara?I hope nothing goes wrong..

Narendra goes to Sanjana and..

Narendra: where is Nayantara? Why is she lazy even in her marriage? See how people are gossiping now? Just go and call her before my respect goes..

Sanjana nods her head and goes towards the room and she knocks the door but there is no reply..

Nayantara comes out from the sight of every policemen’s but suddenly sees other police coming towards her and she gets scared..

Nayantara in mind: now again other where will I hide from this policemen?

She looks here and there to find a place to hide and she suddenly sees a car dicky opened near her and she jumps into it and closes it..

Nayantara in mind: now no one can find me..hahahaha..I succeeded my plan.


Sanjana gets shocked on getting no reply and she calls narendra..

Sanjana: Nayantara is not opening the door.

Narendra: let me check it..

Narendra with his strength bashes the door while the door gets opened..


suddenly the car in which Nayantara was hiding started to move which shocks Nayantara..

Nayantara: ohh noo..what is happening here? The owner of this car have returned and he started to move also….now what will I do?


Sanjana and narendra get shocked seeing no one and they find a letter and they read..

“dear mom and dad..iam sorry for doing this. I have no interest to marry now so I have decided to run away…I told you dad before atself but you was forcing me to marry as that family is rich but now I took a stern for myself because everyone needs their freedom so iam doing this…kindly sorry and don’t search me”.

They both get shocked and looks each other shockingly..

Sanjana: is that true narendra? Did you forced her to marry?

Narendra: yes..then what will I do? See..iam just DSP and I want to become more rich so I was thinking about how to become rich and I asked my friends about it and mr.jegadish gave me an idea and that’s why I used.

Sanjana: what did he tell?

Narendra: he told me that he will give me 100 acres land if we give our daughter to his son and so I agreed..

Sanjana gets shocked.


The car is stopped somewhere and Nayantara feels that car has stopped.

Nayantara in mind: thank god..the car has first I should get down from this dikky.. already I suffered here more.

Nayantara opens the car’s dicky and she gets down while the car’s owner gets shocked seeing a bride coming out from his car’s dicky..

Man: hey..who are you?

Nayantara sees him and makes faces and..

Nayantara: ohh..poor guy. Iam so sorry for what I did.

Man: first tell me who are you as You are dressed as s bride…did you run away from your marriage?

Nayantara gets shocked as he found her situation and..

Nayantara: yes..I run away but please don’t tell anyone.or don’t spread the news orelse my father will get me married.

Man: how mean you are? You father have arranged a marriage for you wasting his money but you are running away like coward? If you don’t like this marriage then why didnt you tell him before?

Nayantara: see..iam not coward to run away like this.even I know my father has spent lot of money for my marriage but..

Man: but what?

Nayantara: my father is forcing me to marry that guy as his family is rich but I don’t want to..

Man: he is rich only right then what is your problem? If you marry him then you can enjoy your life lavishly..

Nayantara makes a face..

Nayantara: are you out of senses? Money doesn’t matter’s to me..I will marry even a beggar but for now iam not interested to marry anyone and that’s why I decided this way to escape from my marriage.

Man smiles and..

Man: you are good hearted but still you betrayed your family. Now they will be worried for you..

Nayantara: I wrote a letter and kept but iam sure my father will search me as he will stick to his motive and will try to get me married but I won’t let that happen.

Man: but where will you go?

Nayantara thinks..

Nayantara: can you do me favour?

Man: what?

Nayantara: shall I change my clothes on your house? So that I won’t be looking like run away bride and then I can get out from this town easily..

Man smiles..

Man: okay..

Nayantara: how did you accept me easily? As iam a run away bride?..

Man: but you are not doing bad. If you had eloped with someone and asked me a help then I would have refused to help but you are running away for your own I will support you.Even I hate forced marriages so I will surely support you..

Nayantara smiles and that guy takes Nayantara inside his house..


Sanjana: how can you force our daughter? Even she has to decide about her life then why did you pressuarize her?

Narendra: Because I want to become more rich..

Sanjana slaps narendra..

Sanjana: how can you give priority to money than our daughter?thank god..Nayantara ran don’t deserve to be a good father.

Narendra gets angry..

Narendra: I don’t care whatever happened now. I will search Nayantara and I will make her married somehow..

Telling this he leaves from there angrily while Sanjana worries..

Sanjana in mind: Nayantara your father is really hide somewhere where he can’t find you.

Narendra comes out and yells at every policemen’s..

Narendra: are you all doing our duty or enjoying the whether? Can’t you do your duty properly?

Policemen’s: sir..

Narendra angrily: even in small marriage halls the wedding is taking place but here..I made 50 of you stand here but you made bride run away..shame on you all.

Every police men bows their head down..

Policemen’s: sir..we are really sorry. We dint know how the bride eloped. We won’t do the mistake again..

Narendra angrily: this is the last warning iam giving you all understood ?

Policemen’s: yes sir..

Narendra: now we have to search my daughter and bring her back before she goes far..

Policemen’s: we will search and bring her back sir.

Narendra: where is Neil?

Policemen: sir..he is on leave today.

Narendra: only Neil is fit for this cases..he only does his job perfectly. So give me his number and I will ask him to find out about Nayantara.

Policemen gives his phone number while narendra collects the number and dials it.


the man takes the girl inside his house and..

Man: go and change your dress there(pointing towards a room)

Nayantara: hu..hum.. actually do you have any sister?

Man: no..why?

Nayantara: I don’t have any dresses to wear so I thought to get it from your sister if you had.

Man: iam sorry..I live alone here so no girl’s dresses are available in my house.

Nayantara: it’s okay..give me your shirt and jeans..

Man gets shocked..

Man: what? Are you going to wear my dress?

Nayantara: yes..why are you showing your face like this as if iam going to eat your dress? Even girls wears jeans and shirt right?that’s why I asked you..

Man: fine..but return my dress soon.

Nayantara: iam sure I will return it to you after some months or years..

Man makes a shocked face..

Man: what? Till that what are you going to do with it?

Nayantara: don’t get possessive for your shirt. As iam running away from this takes time to return to this city so I told like that but don’t worry I will keep your dress safely.

Man: okay..

Man gives his dress and Nayantara goes and wear it and that man gets mesmerized seeing her..

Nayantara: thank you for your help.

Man doesn’t respond as he still looks her..

Nayantara: hey..iam talking to you only.where are you lost?

She shakes her hand before his eyes and he comes out from his dream..

Man: yeah tell me..

Nayantara: I said thank you..but you was enjoying in your dream.

Man: it’s’s my duty to help you.

Nayantara: ok..I’ll leave now.

Man felt something uncomfortable inside him but he doesn’t give attention to it..

Man: would have run away as bride right?

Nayantara: yes..

Man: then you have a breakfast here and go as you will be feeling hungry.

Nayantara gets happy and hugged him..

Nayantara: thank you so much for your help.

Man smiled and he prepared a noodles and gave her..

Man: here is the and tell me me how is it.

Nayantara tastes it and..

Nayantara: it’s really cook good.

Man: thank you..

They talk more while eating and..

Nayantara: shall I ask you something?

Man: yeah..ask.

Nayantara: why do you live alone ?

Man gets upset which is noticed by Nayantara..

Nayantara: it’s okay if you don’t tell me..I won’t make you upset.

Man:’s not like that. My parents died years ago and I was living in orphanage till my career started and then I settled here myself to live my life.

Nayantara gets sad..

Nayantara: ohh.. you are such a gentlemen.

Man smiles at her while Nayantara finishes her food and..

Nayantara: ok..I had great time with you and thanks for doing this much for me.

Man: it’s okay..

Nayantara: by the way what’s your name?

Man: iam Neil khanna..

Nayantara smiles and..

Nayantara: wherever I go now..I will be remembering you as you helped me and I will consider you as part time friend.

Neil: even you are nice..we had nice time. So you will also be my part time friend.

Nayantara: now it’s time for me to leave..and promise me that you wont tell anyone that I escaped.

Neil: the way what’s your name?

Nayantara: my name is Nayantara..but people call me Nayan.

Suddenly neil gets a phone call and he attends it..

Neil: hello sir..

Inspector: now..I will send you a pic of a girl and you should find and bring her okay?..I trust you more than anyone so don’t fail in this.

Neil: sure sir..

Inspector sends a pic and he sees it and gets shocked..

Neil in mind: Nayan..

Neil gets worried..

Neil in mind: that means inspector narendra is nayan’s father. Now what will I do? I have promised Nayan..and now inspector is asking me to bring her. Nayan is my friend too but if I don’t bring her then inspector will suspend as he is strict always…

Neil looks at Nayan and gets worried..

Neil in mind: iam sorry Nayan..I don’t have any other option except to break your promise. If I had family then i wouldn’t have  taken this decision as now I have only one thing that is my duty and if I dint obey then inspector will get me suspended…

Nayan: Neil..bye.

Neil: Nayan..

Nayan: why do you look worried as if you are losing something?

Neil fakely smiles and..

Neil: nothing..I..I just thought to go out with you before you leave as there is no friend for me except you.

Nayan gets suprised..

Nayan: why not? I will come with you as you are also my friend..

Neil smiles and they go out and sit in the car..

Neil: I will take you to beach..

Nayan smiles..

Nayan: okay..

Seeing her smile Neil gets mesmerized..

Nayan looks him and..

Nayan: hello..what happened? Why are you looking me like this?

Neil comes out of his strance and..

Neil: no..nothing.

Neil drives the car while they talk for sometime and..

Neil: if you run away then how will you manage?

Nayan: I have money..I have habit of saving money so I took my savings before escaping.

Neil: wow!! You are expert.

Nayan looks him confused..

Nayan: in what?

Neil: in eloping..

Nayan makes a face and beats him while Neil laughs..


Their enjoy the time and they reach the beach and they go and enjoy the waves and Neil sees Nayan enjoying and gets worried..

Neil in mind: why iam doing this? Your smile is making me mad..I can’t see your smile vanish. You are more beautiful when you smile..even my heart is smiling when you smile but soon iam going to be your reason for your destruction.iam sorry Nayan..

Nayan comes to neil..

Nayan: why are you looking worried?Come lets enjoy before I leave..

Nayan holds his hand and takes him and a they enjoy in beach waves and they take selfies..

Both plays and suddenly Nayan slips on Neil and both falls on each other and they look each other…

Neil smiles and he pushes her hair from her face and locks it in back of her ear..

Nayan gets up and..

Nayan: thank you for making this day best..I thought this day would be worst but you made it special.

Neil: it’s okay..

Nayan: you are not my part time friend but my soulmate friend..

Neil: soulmate friend?

Nayan: yes..soulmate friends are like special so I named you like that as you are also my special.

Neil smiles..

Nayan: ok..come lets go. It’s time for me to leave before my dad search me..

Neil gets worried and upset..

Neil in mind: my heart is paining whenever I think about what iam going to do..iam totally broken now.

Neil and Nayan again goes in car while Neil remains silent..

Nayan: Neil.. what happened? You was speaking nicely when we were going to beach but why are you silent now?

Neil’s eyes gets filled with tears but he controls..

Neil: n.. nothing.iam just having slight headache..

Nayan gets worried..

Nayan: shall I apply you balms when we reach your house?

Neil looks at Nayan and..

Neil in mind: someone in my life is caring for me like this after my family.. though we met just at short time but she filled my heart. Why is she so special?now iam going to break her beautiful smile..iam doing the worst which I haven’t done in my life.

Neil: no..I will manage my ache.

Suddenly neil stops the car and Nayan looks shocked..

Nayan : Neil..where did we come? This place looks familiar to me.

Neil doesn’t respond as his eyes are filled with tears and hides his pain and goes and makes nayan come out of the car and holds her hand..

Nayan: Neil..what are you doing? This.. this place is the place where I was going to get why did you took me here?

Neil looks her emotionally and takes her in while Nayan gets shocked seeing her father in front of her.


precap: Nayan gets married..Neil cries seeing it.

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