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Mere Sai 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Jhipri and Nanasaheb save the colony

Mere Sai 9th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarkar says Jhipri had to go alone but she will take everyone with her now. She will still go. It is profitable for me anyways. Jhipri tells Sai she has full faith in Him. I know that we are because of you. Nothing can happen to anyone when you are around. Sai repeats that He cannot do anything like He said earlier. Everything is in your hand snow. Jhipri asks Him how she will help anyone when she is in need herself. Sai says Maalik shows a way when your intentions are pure. They look behind and see Nanasaheb coming there with Jhipri’s friends, Rihana, Salim and Baizama. Rihana hugs Jhipri and tells her that there is no need to be afraid now. Everything is fine. Nanasaheb shares that Sai had given him a task. He tells her everything in mute.

Flashback shows Sai asking Nanasaheb to take one blanket from Rihana’s house to Kanji Bhai. Kanji Bhai tells Nanasaheb he does not know Sai. I am worried because of something anyways. Please leave. Nanasaheb insists that there must be a reason why Sai sent him here. Please listen to me. Kanji Bhai says one blanket wont be of any help. I need 200 blankets. I took an order to make 200 blankets. The work had begun too but the workers had to go away for some reason. I have taken advance also. My name is at stake here. I don’t know how I will complete the order now. Nanasaheb realises why Sai had sent him here. He assures Kanji Bhai that he will get 200 blankets by today. Flashback ends.

Nanasaheb tells Jhipri that all the blankets have been sold. Rihana got her share. He gives Jhipri her share. Rihana tells Jhipri she won. We sold all our blankets. You will be left with a lot of money even after paying off everyone’s debt. All your dreams will come true. Jhipri is touched. You did this right? Sai denies. I did not do anything. I just took the thirsty to the well. Kanji Bhai needed what you and Rihana had. I have only shown the path. Take the money. You have earned it. Jhipri looks at the tax official. She thinks of Sai’s words. She tells Nanasaheb to give this money to the tax officials. He is surprised. Why him? She tells him everything. This colony must be saved. It should be enough to pay the taxes. Sai smiles. Nanasaheb asks her what she will do. Will you spend your life paying off debts? Jhipri says it is better for a woman to become indebted instead of so many people losing their home. A lady politely declines the offer but Jhipri says I am only saving what’s mine. This colony has done a lot of favors on me. It took a widow mother and her daughter in. It is like another mother to me. I have always felt safe here so I will keep it safe now.

Nanasaheb says you are more than what I had heard about you. You are doing your duty. I too have some duty to do. Keep this money. I will speak to them. Sarkar is shocked to see Nanasaheb speaking to the tax official. He ends up giving everyone a time of 6 months to pay the tax. Everyone smiles. Nanasaheb thanks him. Tax officials leave.

The same lady asks Jhipri to come to her home. Sarkar questions her. she cannot live in this colony! Did you forget what I said? A lady tells Sarkar that Jhipri wont go anywhere. She is the pride of our colony. Sarkar warns everyone that he will put a stop at all means and resources that they need for their survival then. Sai walks up to Sarkar. You are forgetting one thing. Everyone is joined in the world that Maalik has created. They need each other and you need them. These people do the work for people like you. These people are the base of such necessities. Sarkar rues that Sai always has a point. I don’t care what loss I will have to bear but I cannot back off right now. He tells Sai that He is living in an illusion. I am the Mukhiya of 3 villages. I don’t need these people. I can arrange people for my Shirdi from anywhere. Remember that these people will have to bear the brunt of it. He announces that the tasks assigned to the people of this colony have been withdrawn. He walks away in a huff.

Villagers get tensed. What will happen to us now? Sarkar snatched the medium through which we could run our homes. Our homes have been saved but how will we survive? Sai asks them if they trust Him. They nod. Sai assures them that these problems will be temporary. Things will resume for you better than before in some time. Kaki asks Sai why He dint give this assurance to them initially when Jhipri was forced to leave and we couldn’t support her. Sai tells them that it was their test too. You had to choose between your love for Jhipri and your fear. You were weak till the time you gave into Sarkar’s whims but you chose the right path when you chose Jhipri. Other villagers and I had to support you once you made the right choice.

Jhipri calls out to Latika but gets no response. She asks Kaki about Latika. Where did she go? Kaki tells her that they haven’t seen her. Jhipri continues calling her name. Sai assures her that Latika is completely fine. Jhipri asks Sai about Latika. Shashikant says she is here. They are relieved to see Latika with her father. Latika hugs her mother. Jhipri asks her where she was. She asks her husband where he found her.

Shashikant shares how he was choosing that person when he saw Latika standing at the edge of the well. He immediately pulls her down safely and is stunned. She cries. My Aayi is in a lot of pain. I am causing problems for her. She is stuck because of me. I overheard her saying this to Sai. I came here but I got afraid when I saw the depth of the well. Shashikant tells her that she must have misunderstood her. She loves you a lot. Latika asks about him. He says I love you a lot too. What would I have done if something had happened to you today? She asks him why he dint stop them while leaving. He tells her to understand that he has no resources to support her or her mother. I am dependent on my mother anyways. She reasons that even Aayi had no resources to take care of herself or me yet she faced all the hardships day and night and became successful. She did her duty while you left her. It made me feel as if you never loved us. You kept quiet whenever Ajji scolded Aayi. You never did anything for us till date. Why now then? He tells her this isn’t the time for all this. Your Aayi must be worried for you. Let’s go to her. Latika says you aren’t worried for my Aayi. You just want to get rid of us. You will go back once I meet Aayi again. Flashback ends.

Jhipri asks Latika how she can even think of herself as a burden to her. I took all those steps for your better future. I did everything for you only. I would have lost long ago if it wasn’t for you. You are the only happiness of my life. Don’t think of this ever again. She hugs Latika and cries. Shashikant feels bad. Jhipri says thank God that you reached there on time. Shashikant says we should thank the one who was running with the bag of silver coins. Epi ends on Sai’s face.

Precap: Sai has brought charkha. Women should also work. They will become independent this way. Women like the idea whereas Bheeva wonders how the house will run smoothly without the support of a woman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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