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Late recognisation & regret ~ Riansh os

Hi guys

This os is start from when Vansh ask to Riddhima to drink poison to prove that your Riddhima . Here Riddhima lost his child when Vansh shot Riddhima in jungle

Let’s start

Vansh: drink this

Riddhima: this is not poison because my my Vansh will not give me poison

Vansh:this is poison because your are not my Riddhima now drink it

she drink it & die

Vansh still not recognise that she is Riddhima

After few days

Vansh was in room

Just then Angre come

Angre: boss

Vansh: yes Angre

Angre: I find that she is Riddhima bhabi who died

Vansh: no, Angre she not Riddhima

Angre: she is Riddhima bhabi because only she can do this for save you

Vansh: what she did?

Angre: boss , she did deal with Vyom that she will diamond, gun & black box to him to save you

Angre goes

Vansh was shocked & in tears

Vansh: that’s why she ate poison , that’s why after taking bullet in jungle she still saying that she is Riddhima but I didn’t trust her, I didn’t recognise my own wife,my Riddhima. I mudered her. Sorry Riddhima please come back to me.

He was totally broken

In these days Vansh had sleepless nights & not eating properly. He was in guilt

After 2 years

Vansh was through some files

Then received message from Mr Khurrana

In message

Mr Khurrana: Mr Raisinghania you have to come America for our deal

Vansh: ok Mr Khurrana

Vansh: Angre

Angre: yes boss

Vansh: book my ticket for America

Angre: ok boss

After 2 days Vansh reach America

In America

In Khurrana enterprises

Mr Khurrana: Mr Raisinghania let’s go to my home

Vansh: yes

In Khurrana Mansion

In hall

Vansh & Mr Khurrana disscusing about deal

Vansh:( shocked) Riddhima

Mr Khurrana: she is not Riddhima , she is my sister Riya Khurrana

Riya : yes I am Riya & he is my brother Abhishek Khurrana , Ri ( before she could complete Riddhima interrupted)

Riddhima: she my twin sister Riya Khurrana

Vansh was shocked

Abhishek : Riddhu how he know you

Riddhima tells everything what happened in past

Vansh: Riddhima are you ok

Riddhima: why are you caring about me. That is you na who say eat me poison

Vansh: if you ate poison at that at day ( before he could complete Riddhima interrupted)

Riddhima: I will tell


Riddhima heard Vansh & Angre talkings

Vansh: drink this

He received phone call he goes to attend it

Riddhima changes poison with water

Flashback end

Riddhima: after that I was doing acting that I am dead

Vansh: what , then from where sister , brother come

Riddhima : let me tell


After Vansh goes from room Riddhima stand go out from VR Mansion

She thought to go apartment which Riddhima & Sejal lived before but on road I met Riya

Riddhima: who are you are looking like me

Riya hugged Riddhima

Riya: you are my twin sister , I am finding you from many years

Riddhima: how can I believe you

Riya shows all documents which shows is her twin sister & Abhishek is her brother

Flashback ends

Vansh: Riddhima I know you did deal save me. Riddhima forgive me please I can’t live without you please

Riddhima: your saying to forgive what about me you always that I am not Riddhima I say always that I am Riddhima. I don’t know why you didn’t recognise me . You didn’t recognise your own wife . You are saying to your own that your imposter my wife .

If I said to you that you that you are not my husband, you are imposter my husband , how you feel?

Vansh: I know I hurted you alot but trust me I will not hurt you again please

Abhishek: after hurting this much you are saying come with me. If didn’t she hear your talks what will happen. If she really ate poison that day than what will happen . What you will do ?

Vansh: Abhishek I know I hurted her but I swear I will give evry happiness to her

Riddhima: happiness you are talking about happiness , what that happiness you snatched from me , you snatch my baby from me

Vansh: baby didn’t do anything

Riddhima: wow you didn’t do anything in jungle when you shot I lost my baby at that time

Vansh: Riddhima please come back to me please

Riddhima : I won’t late recognisation & regret now

Riya: now just go from here

Vansh goes from there

The end

Tell me in comments how it is

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