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His Hostage in Love- Finding them ep 23 IMM2

Finding them 

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His Hostage in Love- Drunk ep 22 IMM2

Riddhima: You….(sobbing) again….kidnapped me!!

Vansh face palmed himself and looked at her. She looked at him with her huge doe shaped eyes which had water in them, deeply affecting Vansh.

On the other hand Sejal, Rihanna and Kabir were dancing on the dance floor. Although grooving with everyone, Rihanna had a lookout towards the door, trying to locate Ishani and Aryan in case they went out. As the drinks got high on her, she forgot about Ishani and Aryan and danced all her heart out. Kabir looked at her, dancing freely. An unknown smile appeared on his face, he was mesmerized seeing her different form. He had always seen the fierce Rihanna but never the free Rihanna.

His trance was broken when he saw a guy trying to come close to Rihanna. Rihanna while dancing ignored it but Kabir had noticed the lustful eyes the guy had upon Rihanna. Inhaling a deep breathe, he fisted his hand and marched to them with anger. As the guy was about to touch Rihanna, Kabir encircled his arm around her waist and twirled her. She hit herself on his hard chest.

Rihanna looked up at him, lost in his black orbs. Kabir looked at her and shifted his gaze to the guy who continued eyeing her. He glared at him in anger and signed him to leave. Rihanna all the while looked at him. Kabir signed once again however he didn’t budge. Kabir looked past him and signed another guy, who was hefty and dressed in black, seemed like he was a bouncer or a bodyguard. The bouncer came and took away the guy while he tried resisting.

He looked around and back to Rihanna

Jo akh lad jaave

Saari raat neend na aave

Mainu bada tadpaave

Dil chain kahin na paave,

Paave paave 

Sejal pulled Kabir and Rihanna out of their eye lock by nudging them a little. She held their hands and brought them out of the crowd.

Sejal: Where’s Vansh and Riddhu? (worried)

Rihanna: They must be enjoying…let them! Now let us! (about to go)

Sejal: Rihu yaar, be serious. It’s been a long time.

Kabir: Actually you’re right, let’s ask the club authorities for the CCTV, it’ll be easier to locate them.

Rihanna: Will they allow?

Kabir: (thinking) They will have to

Following Kabir to the main office on the first floor, a fear crept upon the girls. As Kabir entered the office, he signed for the girls to stay outside while he talked to the manager.

Kabir: Please show me the CCTV footage of the past 2 hours.

Manager: I’m sorry sir but I can’t allow you, it’s against our policies.

Kabir: Look Mr Rana, it’s very urgent.

Manager: I’m sorry sir I can’t help.

Kabir: (controlling his anger) Would you want your club to close down due to a raid?

Kabir threatened him as he fished his phone out of his pocket, dialing the commissioner’s number. Showing the mobile screen to him, he threatened him. Scared of the consequences, the manager agreed.

Kabir: Perfect… you better show otherwise the commissioner is one call away. (stern) Quick!

Manager: Okay sir. (scared)

The manager asked his assistant to log in the account and play the footage. As it started, Kabir called the girls inside and they watched it, keenly noticing Vansh and Riddhima’s figures. After figuring out where they were, Kabir sent the girls out while he talked to the manager once again.

Kabir: Listen up, no one should know anything get it!

Manager: The person was Vansh Rai Singhania right? You are related to him?

Kabir: I’m Kabir Rai Singhania, his brother. Dare you spread this word and dare you viral this clip anywhere to popularize your club. Get it!

Manager: (scared) ok sir, I won’t.

Kabir: Good.

Manager: Those ladies?

Kabir: Aren’t you asking too much, it’s none of your business. (anger)

Kabir left him and joined the girls who followed the way they had seen Vansh and Riddhima going on. Finally reaching the room, their eyes widened when they heard loud noises from the room. Kabir tried opening the door, but it was jammed. He tried breaking open the door however it was too strong for him so Sejal looked around and saw a room service trolley. She smirked as an idea clicked in her mind. She whispered to Kabir and Rihanna who smirked and nodded in approval of the idea. Rihanna took the responsibility of acting on the plan. Pushing Kabir and Sejal in a far corner, she went to the trolley and covered herself with a bathrobe.

Rihanna: Room service! (Shouting)

RS: Yes! (appearing from a room)

Rihanna: I need a spare key for that room, (pointing) would you please help? I got locked out.

RS: Sure.

Getting the key, she along with Rihanna approached the room when another loud sound came. The room service lady looked shocked at Rihanna, while she tried hiding her embarrassment.

(Sound came from inside)

Ae ji O ji, loji suno ji,

Mai hoon man moji,

Karta hoon mai jo, who tum bhi karo ji,

1,2 ka 4, 4, 2 ka 1

My name is Vansh, my name is Vansh!


Taken home


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