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Dastaan riansh ki #akansha #riansh (Part 1)

Hello sweeties am back

So let’s start with the first one!
Well this idea goes to ayesha.

So let’s start without wasting time :-

Os starts


All the children are playing with their parents and friends

A person is watching them in a far, sitting in the bench

He s were moist but was having a smile in face.

Suddenly a person touched his back

He knew it that, who was it.

So he just smiled

“Bro! Again u are sitting here and to alone and their everybody again got worried for you. ” That person said with concerns

Aryan! What s the need of tention, you all know that i always come here, so? That person said with a little anger and also making his concerns out!

Vansh bro, I know that very well but please try to understand it to bari mom ( elder mother) . When she got she got worried and I told her that you are here but you know na that she is not going to hear anyone in this world ” , aryan said justifing his and uma ‘s worry.

Aryan whatever you want me to say, please say straight. I know that I have a big disability and that s why you all are worried! Vansh said in anger

Aryan was now quiet. He didn’t had anything to say but he wanted to see his brother as walking and laughing like him.

Now he thought to divert this topic.

Bhai, what about your bussiness now, how it’s going? Asked Aryan trying to divert the topic.

Vansh just smiled

Very nice, I guess , I can open a new hotel in goa. Let’s see, everything depends on time and destiny”

Well that’s great, am hell excited for it, , Aryan said

They chit chatted

And went home

When vansh and Aryan enters
Atlast you two came, haa, uma asked I’m mocking and a questioning way.

Vansh camed to uma rolling the wheel of the wheel chair.

Mom, you know na i love to go their, then why so much tention? Vansh asked assuring uma

Hmm, but please inform na before going! Uma said

Okay baba, I promise now, before going I will inform. Vansh said making his concerns out

Okay now you sit , I’ll bring some snacks for you all, uma said with a smile.

Uma brings the snacks and till then everybody camed.

Okay so i have a important thing to tell, that is ajay(vansh dad) has appointed a physiotherapist for you. Uma said

But! Mom whom is this physiotherapist, does he/she of our class? Said ishani with attitude

Well ishani, where does your father stay? Uma asked ishani

Mom, dad stays in London ishani said with a confused look.

“Correct,so that girl is also from London, I mean she in from India only but for her higher study she went to London . Uma said

Ishani got satisfied

” And in London she is the best physiotherapist but for now she has came in India . And do you know who s daughter she is . Uma asks everybody.

Who daughter is di? Chanchal asks Uma with a curious look.

She is daughter of famous bussinness man deep raichand and arohi raichand. And they are also ajay s childhood friend. Uma said clearing all doubt.

Well then it’s cool mom but what is the name of that girl . Siya asks in curious face.

Till now you didn’t got who is she? Aryan asks siya

Umm… No.. Bhai. Siya asks with a confused face

She is “RIDHIMA RAICHAND” Aryans said with a smirk.

Oh my! My! . She is ridhima raichand! My idol, my inspiration… Siya said jumping in happiness .

Everybody was now satisfied



He was normal, he didn’t had reaction because before this he had met with my famous top doctors and they all were failured making fine. He didn’t had any hope of getting well.

And this was noticed by Uma.

Vansh, Now don’t worry you will now fine in some weeks! Now just get ready for walking and running! . Uma said trying to give vansh a hope.

Vansh just gave a slight smile

Okay, so tomorrow morning we will go.

Vansh just nodded her head.

Sorry for interuption! Boss can you with me we have some thing to discuss. Angre came and looked at Uma

Uma gave permission by giving a smile.

And vansh and angre left.

Next day

Sun rises

Everybody came

Siya : maa, today I don’t have any work. So can i accompany you in bhai ‘s appointment?

Uma : of course beta. Well ishani where is vansh?

Ishani : mumma bhai is getting ready

Vansh : mom, i have came.

Uma : good lets go. Angre beta you take out the car, am coming…

Angre : yess mom..

Angre takes out the car and vansh, siya and uma sits in the carr.

They arrives to the hospital

Uma to the receptionist

Hello, am uma ray singhania, we have a appointment to ridhima raichand. Uma said
“Oh uma mam! Welcome to love life hospital . please go and sit the cabin of mam, Mam is in ot, she is will be attending you ” Receptionist said.

Okay beta, but where is cabin. ? Uma asked

Please take right turn and the last cabin is the of mam. Receptionist said

Thanks beta. Uma said with a bright smile

Your welcome mam,. Receptionist said

Uma gave a smile

And everybody leaves for ridhima s cabin.

  • They enters the cabin. It was decorated with a lot of medals and trofi and framed certificates.

They sits their.

Vansh was noticing all the medals and certificates

And it made vansh impressed.

Precap: the meet!

To be continued

Hope the size okay

I will be posting the next part soon. So it’s a Ts.

Well do comment and tell your views.

For now bye.

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