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Battle Scars…- RiAnsh Chapter 14 ‘Happily divorced’


kaafi khalipan I decided to post something amid my brain isn’t workings..


“Are you both sure? Can we know the reason?” The lawyer asked sitting in his chair as he saw both of them happy.

“We both mere forced into this marriage. And we know we can never be happy together.” Kabir said.

“There are too many things which are getting ruined by living together. We want to mend them by not living together.” Riddhima said.

“Sure…you can sign here mam” Lawyer passed the divorce papers.

Riddhima sighed, and signed the papers. Kabir and Riddhima smiled at each other.


Riddhima and Kabir turned to see Siya standing there opening hands for a hug. Siya hugged Kabir, and then Riddhima.

“I think we should go outside” Kabir adviced and the trio left.

Riddhima was sitting idle waiting for her food looking at Sibir (Siya and Kabbu) romancing with each other. She smiled as she cherished her memories with Vansh.

“Jaan pass me the juice!” Vansh said taking a bite of his Chhole Kulche and moaned with the pleasure his taste buds got.

“Here is your juice” Riddhima came with a two glasses of it and placed it on the table.

“You know yours hands have magic. And dare you make Chhole Kulche for someone else other than me.” Vansh said taking his other bite.

“Eat slowly the food will not vanish in air” Riddhima said sipping her juice.

“And when are getting me your barbeque along with a little red wine?” Riddhima asked and smiled sheepishly.

“We are having a get together, wanna join?” Vansh asked and Riddhima simply nodded in no.

“I want just both of us.” Riddhima said.

“I think I need to tell ma that you are sooo desperate to become her daughter in law. After that I will only cook for you. Only for you” Vansh said with a little husky shade in his voice which was enough to make Riddhima’s cheeks tint red.

“’s not like that” Riddhima said.

“Oh really Miss Gupta?” Vansh asked.

“Soon to be Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania” Riddhima said with a big shy smile.

“Oh ho, very eager han?” Vansh said teasing her.

“Ha toh? The boy I have found is worth it. Remember where we met for the first time? Riddhima said and giggled.


Both said at the same time, and smiled.

“Riddhima!” Siya shouted breaking her thoughts and she saw her second love, food coming only for her.

“Hummm” Riddhima looked at her palte thinking where to start.

As she extended her hand to pick up some french fries, her vision was blocked by two familiar hands.

“Guess who it is?” Siya squealed in excitement.

Riddhima touched his hands, she knew who it was.


Riddhima stood up and turned to see him, smiling at her. He had just came back as he was in his casual uniform.

She jumped on him hugging and he hugged her back swirling in rounds and she laughed.

Riddhima was laughing wholeheartedly and everyone in the restaurant were just looking at them.

“Now stop na…dizzyy I am” Riddhima said between her laughs and Vansh stopped, carefully making her sit on the chair.

“So, eating fries without me?” Vansh taunted in a funny way.

“I thodi knew you are coming, have this” Riddhima fed him by her hands.

“Whole evening is mine!” Riddhima chirped.

“Yes but first let’s get home.” Vansh said.

“Have this then go” Riddhima passed him a plate on his favourite, penne pasta.

He looked at Riddhima who was trying to ignore his advert gaze with a shy.


Riddhima now, came out of her dream.

“Huh?” Riddhima looked at Siya.

“Why are you feeding food to air?” Kabir giggled.

“Missing Vansh han?” Siya teased her.

Riddhima’s cheeks went red in embarrassment and she took a bite of Vansh’s favourite pasta.

“No bakwaas please. I have to go home also.” Riddhima said, but underneath, she was missing Vansh very much. But all it was, the nation is always the first priority, rather it be Vansh or her.

Bidding bye to both of them, Riddhima reached VR Mansion. Everyone understands V stands for Vansh. But very few people know that V here stands for ‘Veer’. His late father’s code name. Riddhima came to her room and kept her purse heading to Vansh’s room.

Vansh never liked anyone entering his room when he is not present, leaving Uma and Riddhima. His two lady love. Riddhima opened his cupboard and found a letter, it was for her.

She didn’t read it, as she knew Vansh would be hiding it from her. Even though having phones, he loved using gift cards and letters. She kept it back and a picture fell from it. It was there University functions’ picture. When they both were barely friends.

“H-hi!” Vansh said to Riddhima who was talking to her friends.

B-bye!” Riddhima mocked him flipping her hairs and went away.

She turned back to see Vansh smiling, and her little nose became red being angry. She stomped her foot, and Vansh winked at her. She gasped and went away from there.

“How many days you would have prepared to say that one Hi” Riddhima said and chuckled.

Keeping the photo back, she came to the living room to see Ishani dancing and singing while Uma was sitting adoring her. Ishani saw Riddhima and pulled her inside the living room and sat of the sofa.

“Tell me na.. what happened?” Riddhima asked but Ishani instead of telling filled her mouth with a chocolate.

“We are not in school Ishani!” Riddhima said in between tasting the chocolate. “What’s this chocolate? Tastes very familiar” She asked.

“It’s sent by Aryan.” Ishani said.

“What type of the name companies have these days” Riddhima said and giggled as Ishani frowned.

“Look Ma! I am telling she will have diabetes even before getting 60” Ishani teased Riddhima.

“Han Ma. I live in Ishani’s body so she will have problem” Riddhima complained.

“Stop both of you. Riddhima, Aryan is Ishani’s favourite cousin. Both are of the same age.” Uma told Riddhima. “And I have found a date for your marriage.” Uma said and Riddhima’s face turned into a wide smile.

“When!?” Riddhima squealed jumping.

“Haha 8 months later” Ishani said.

Riddhima frowned and looked at Uma who nodded in yes.

“Wese it’s fine. I will be leaving my rest for now so I can save my holidays for my wedding” Riddhima said and went away.

“Are but!” Ishani looked at Uma who blinked her eyes.

“Let her go. What will she do here alone? And she is correct. She should save holidays for her wedding. It’s not so easy to get long holidays. Your father went away the third day of our marriage” Uma told Ishani.

“Ohk fine” Ishani said.

Riddhima opened her phone and received a message.

“BSF doctors to be appointed on Udhampur base of J&K before 15th of this month due to a war alert”

Riddhima locked her phone and sighed, and started packing her bags to leave as soon as she could.

PrecapOff to Udhampur

I know it’s going boring 🤧 but kya karun my brain is not working sorry..wese thanks for waiting 👉👈💜

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