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Barrister Babu 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Chandrachur plans to abduct Bondita

Barrister Babu 10th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Thakumaa inviting Anirudh forward saying they will wash their son-in-law’s feet. Anirudh looks awkwardly. Bondita recalls Anirudh refusing to have his feet washed in past and tells Tapur that Anirudh won’t let them wash his feet. He will never do rituals in which girl’s side looks less than boy’s side. Anirudh walks to Thakumaa. Tapur tells Bondita that it seems like Anirudh’s views changed in last few years. Bondita says, no. Just wait and watch.

Anirudh says, sorry, Thakumaa, but I won’t have my feet washed. Thakumaa asks why? This is our, girl’s side, way to respect boy’s side. She asks him to sit. He says, you are from girl’s side, that’s why I won’t have my feet washed. I believe girl’s side prestige is a lot higher than boy’s side. Girl side gives so many things. They give their dear daughter. They give them a person who continues boy family’s ancestry, give them happiness, peace, prosperity. It’s always girl’s side that gives and they need to be respected. Bondita feels proud. Thakumaa, Sumati, and all are impressed. Thakumaa says this is just a tradition and they can’t skip it. He says that he’s very glad they have respect and love for him, but to express it, they don’t need to do this ritual. He won’t do this ritual. A guy says that Anirudh is right and he won’t take part in this ritual. Other guys also join in.

Anirudh says that they will still do this tradition. Respect will be given, but to the person who deserves it. He invites Thakumaa and washes her feet. Other guys also wash feet of their bride’s mothers. Thakumaa blesses Anirudh. Anirudh then invites Sumati. Somnath and Chandrachur watch. Sumati apologizes to Anirudh. He tells her to give him blessings, not sorry. He washes her feet. She blesses him. Chandrachur is leaving from there. Water gets splashed on him by a guy. Chandrachur slaps the guy saying this is a group marriage that doesn’t mean he forgets his limits. He reminds the guy that he can never match their status and demands to throw that guy out of the group marriage. Anirudh says no one will go anywhere. Chandrachur says, you don’t know that these small people…

Anirudh says, your thinking is small. If you want to throw something, then throw that dirt of out your mind, throw out the go. It was decided that 7 marriages will take place and that’s what will happen. They are trying to forget their years long enmity. How about forgetting differences between high class and low class as well? He tells Chandrachur to start that by apologizing to the guy. Chandrachur laughs asking Anirudh whether he is in his senses. Why don’t they explain to the guy that it’s in his destiny to be in lower class than them. Anirudh asks who are you to write his destiny? God has made everyone equal. Air, water, everything is equal for everyone. All of their blood is red. They are like one. Angat will get married with them and he will apologize to Angat.

Bondita says why Chandrachur is not understanding, Anirudh is right. She was going to interfere, but Tapur stops her saying their marriage is happening after so much difficulty and something may go wrong by interfering in useless fight. Bondita says it’s not useless fight. Useless is the thinking that says there difference between high class and low class. She will get married to Anirudh, but not by insulting someone. Sampoorna tells Chandrachur to respect new son-in-law and apologize. Chandrachur says, son-in-law is new, but their traditions, rituals, rules are still the same. He asks Trilochan whether that’s right. Thakumaa tells Chandrachur not to argue as she doesn’t want any stoppage in Bondita’s marriage. Trilochan tells Chandrachur that he doesn’t know Anirudh’s madness, so better end the matter here. Chandrachur still refuses. Their fight continues. Chandrachur asks Anirudh what he will do? Kick him out of the house? Slap him? Anirudh says he will kill the person who discriminates in front of him. Thakumaa says she will apologize on Chandrachur’s behalf. Chandrachur stops her and apologizes to Angat himself. Anirudh makes Chandrachur say that they are equal. Chandrachur obeys. Bondita feels proud of her “to-be darling pati babu”.

Bondita dances with other girls. Anirudh watches her. He then dances with boys and she watches him and smiles.

Sampoorna tells Bondita that she is happy that Bondita is forgetting everything and making a new start. She has always done wrong with Bondita. But now she will always stand by with Bondita by being Sampoorna Maa from Sampoorna Didi. They get emotional. Sampoorna then says that she has brought gold jewelries for her. Bondita says all jewelries are beautiful, but she wants more valuable item than that. She asks Sampoorna tell the person who sent jewelries with her to come out. Sampoorna tells Trilochan that Bondita knows he’s there, so come inside. Trilochan comes, but is unable to see Bondita in the eyes. Bondita asks him whether he is upset with her. He says, no. Why would I be upset with you? I am embarrassed because of my mistakes. When I come in front of you and see your innocent face, I remember all my mistakes. I called you a spy, enemy. I almost had burning coal put on your tongue. I thought to take your life. How can I come in front of you? He starts walking back. Bondita pretends to be hurt and screams. He runs to her and asks what happened? Are you okay? She tells him to face her like this, face like a father faces a daughter, with pride.

Other hand, Chandrachur is furious and thinks Bondita cannot be anyone else’s. If she marries anyone, then it will be him only. A guy tells him to accept that Anirudh is going to be groom of Bondita. Chandrachur picks up a vase to hit him. The guy says there is a way to stop this marriage – abduction. Chandrachur likes the idea. He thinks of abducting Bondita and keeping her in Dhaka, so Roy Chaudharys cannot find her. The guy says that will be very difficult. Chandrachur says Musa will help him.

Precap will be added later.

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