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SURREAL- A BEHIR FF Chapter 5 (Love After Lies)

“There’s always a reason to be happy, find it”
It was a new morning not just for Bela but for Mahir too. Mahir and Neeru are the first ones to woke up. While Mahir went to take bath. Neeru was making breakfast for everyone. After taking bath, Mahir went to call Bela for breakfast. He saw her sleeping peacefully. The mere sight of seeing Bela made Mahir happy. Even though he sat near Bela, determined to wake her up. He didn’t know how. So he kept on watching her that he got out of track. After sometime there was a tug on his vest, Bela who woke up fives minutes earlier kept on calling Mahir and tugging his vest to make him come out of his Utopian land, but Mahir who was lost in the sight of her. Kept on smiling at Bela. Bela went to take bath after failing to bring Mahir from his dream world.
Minutes later he came out of his dream due the call of “Karishma”. Annoyed, he picked her call but didn’t spoke any words. Karishma who sensed what’s going on. Started blabbering about how much she needs him because it’s been too long since both of them were together.
Karishma: Baby, I’m saying it’s gonna be a good day for you since I’ve called you. But, baby why didn’t you call me yesterday? I was waiting for your call. I thought you’ll come to my home to make it up for me. But you didn’t even bothered to call me,why? Is it because of the new gorgeous b*t*h? Trust me baby, she may look cute and pretty. But I’m hundred percent sure that she won’t be good at bed, like me. You’ll get bored of her soon. Come back to me na, baby.
Mahir: Stop calling my Bela as b*t*h, you mad woman. I won’t be silent next time if you call her like that. And who are you to talk about her? You’re no one to me now. You think you are good only at bed? Trust me, you’re not even good at it. By saying these things will not make me come back to you like a puppy. You’re degrading yourself. Don’t call me hereafter. How many numbers I can block? I’m tired of explaining things to you. Better find some other puppy for you and your mom. Leave me alone.
Karishma: Baby, I can make it up for you. Like old times? Tell me which place you want? Your bedroom or mine? I know you love to see me in one piece. And one thing baby, no need for protection and all. I can take care of it. You just come to my place tonight or even now. I’ll make you feel pleasure.
Mahir: Karishma, just get lost. And trust me, if you keep on calling me then I will complain to the police. You know, I’ll do that. Yes, I accept it that, I wanted to be with you and we’ve spent some nights. But that doesn’t mean, you can make me as your personal puppy. Who gave you the rights to disrespect my parents? If a girl can’t give respect to elders and how can she live with her partner and run a family? I’ve made a mistake by being in a relationship with you. And I regret having physical relationship with you. For god sake leave me alone. I’ve already moved on, and I’ve found the right one now. So, bye.
(Saying this Mahir disconnected the call and turned back only to see, Neerja smiling at him. Neerja thanked him for getting over of that plastic fake doll Karishma. And wished him luck to be with her soul sister,Bela)
When both Mahir and Neerja sat at the dining table waiting for a Bela to join them. The door got opened and Bela came out wearing a gorgeous pink saree with golden beads and stone works, with no makeup. Mahir’s mouth fell open, like the time when he first saw Bela. Neerja started laughing seeing Mahir getting mad over her best friend.
After having breakfast, Bela went to the parking spot to put all her luggage’s back in the Neerja’s car. Mahir had an off that day. But since their long drive plan had postponed to after two days. Mahir decided to do a photoshoot. When he was about to leave Neerja hugged him, but Mahir was afraid to hug Bela…. he thought that she’ll take it in a wrong way and said bye. But, Bela pulled him for a friendly hug. Mahir was elated and his face held the shine. After stealing looks towards Bela and with Neerja teasing him. They all said bye to each other and headed towards their destination.
When Neerja and Bela entered the house. Bela’s new movie director came to meet her and they discussed about the movie schedules and dates. After sometime, Neerja left Bela alone in the house since she has got an important work to be finished that day itself. Neerja warned Bela not attend Sid’s call as she herself saw the missed calls from Sid on Bela’s phone. Neerja took Bela’s personal phone with her and gave her another sim loaded with her parents and friends number alone. When Neerja left, Bela arranged all her clothes in her wardrobe and went to take a bath, feeling tired.
Sid who called Neerja thinking Bela will attend the call. Started blabbering about how much he misses her and wants her very badly. He shamelessly asked her to share the bed with him and get pregnant so that they can start a family and live together. Neerja who hated the things said by Sid fumed in anger and spoke very rudely with him and warned him to get out of her friend’s life. But,Sid didn’t stop with that, he found out the new number of Bela and called her.
Sid: Bela my love. Come to my villa in Mumbai. Even I canceled all my shoots and came here to spend time with you. Past two three months were not good for both of us. I know, I’ve crossed my limits. But my love you know about my insecurities right?
Bela: Sid, we’re in a break. I won’t come to you now. Let me live in peace for few days.
Sid: Bela, my mom got a cardiac arrest after you left. She was so angry on me for hurting you. Bela, she loves you more than me. Atleast come and see her Bela. Please. Come here and I promise I’ll drop you back at your place.
Bela: And why should I believe you Sid?
Sid: Bela, who will lie about their own mother? Come soon Bela, please.
(Even though Bela couldn’t believe Sid. She believed that no one will lie when it comes to their mother. So she changed her dress and took her wallet and went to Sid’s house. But not before informing Neerja. Neerja who saw this message of Bela was disturbed)
Neerja(pov): God, I don’t know why Bela is believing that bastard? I’ve to inform Mahir.
Sid was restlessly waiting for Bela. He knew Bela will come if someone is not well. He also knew that since Bela is staying with Neerja, she may change her mind and break up with him. And he can’t show off to the world that he’s got a beautiful girl.
Come soon, Bela. Today I’ll mark you as mine even if you like it or not. Call it as a rape but I don’t care. I’ve been waiting for this day so long.
Bela: Sid, Sid open the door. What happened to your mother. Is she here? Open the door.
On the other hand Neerja got home soon and was disturbed as it’s getting late. But, Bela didn’t turn up yet. She called Mahir and informed him everything. Mahir who went to meet Karishma for one last time to sort out everything was having a tough time escaping from her. When he got the call from Neerja regarding Bela. He rushed to Neerja’s place and both of them went to Sid’s house.
(Sid opened the door, When Bela entered into the room. Sid locked the door without Bela’s knowledge)
Sid: Bela, do you’ve any idea about for how long I’m controlling my urges. I love you Bela, but I’m sorry because I can’t wait anymore. I can’t see you going away from me. So, I’ve decided one thing that I will make love to you today in this room on my bed. Bela trust me after we became one, you can go wherever you want but only after sharing the bed with me. Give your body to me, Bela.
Bela: What? Sid where’s your mother? You lied to me again? I hate you Sid. I’ll never come back to you. Goodbye. Let’s break up for good. I don’t feel close to you.
Sid: Oh my poor Bela. You really think that I’ll leave you here without reaping pleasure from your body. I’m gonna take away your virginity, after that you can go where ever you want.
(Sid tries to catch Bela. But when Bela’s phone rang displaying Mahir’s number. Sid took her phone as it’s near the bed lamp)
Sid: So… you got a new guy, huh? I must say this Bela. He’s good-looking and he’s got a great physique. Oh he’s standing very close too you. See his hand is also on your bare waist. Since when you’ve started wearing crop tops?
Bela: I don’t know about him that much. Bbut i can say one thing, that he really cares for me. And he’s a good-friend. He knows how to take care of woman. Not like you, trying to take advantage of the situation.
Sid: Stop! Come here and lie down. If you co-operate, it’ll be a pleasure for both of us. If not then it’ll be a pleasure for me and pain for you. I don’t want to rape you Bela. So shut your mouth and come and slepp with me. Haven’t you heard my ex saying that I’m really good at bed. So yeah, don’t waste my time. It’s already 11.30pm.
Bela tries to run away but the main door of the house was locked by Sid after Bela entered the house. Sid forcefully carried her to the bedroom and tied her hands and tried to tear her clothes.
Bela closed her eyes in pain as the fear of getting raped started to flood her mind. She fell unconscious.
Bela.. Bela.. Open your eyes, I want you to see what I’m gonna do with you. Sid sprinkled water on Bela’s face. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see herself half-naked and her hands were tied to the bedpost. Bela tried to kick him. But before that she fell unconscious again when Sid started to kiss her angrily.
12:10 AM
Neerja and Mahir finally reached Sid’s place and they saw the door was locked from inside. Neerja saw a light from one room when she went to peep into that room’s window to check whether there’s someone. Neerja started screaming seeing Sid removing her friend’s clothes. Sid saw this and was about to pull the curtain.
Suddenly held his head with his hands. As Mahir broke the door and entered inside.
Mahir: Sid! How dare you touch my Bela? How dare you? Mahir screamed and started beating Sid incessantly until Sid fell unconscious.
Mahir and Neerja untied Bela’s hands and Mahir went out leaving his over coat to Neerja to make Bela wear it. Later they took Bela and returned to Mahir’s home as it’s the nearest place.
The morning was gloomier. Neither Neerja nor Mahie slept the whole night. Neerja was worried. Mahir hadn’t even closed his eyes as if she will disappear if he closes his eyes even for a second. He ringed up to his mother and cried saying, he found finally found the one for him. But he would’ve lost her in the nick of time. He promised his mom, that he will take care of her and will bring her soon to meet his family.
Bela woke up and was shocked to see herself in Mahir’s room. All the events of the previous night flashed before her. She felt disgusted. She wants to cut all the parts in her body where Sid touched her. She started to rub her hands. Her heart was chopping itself into million pieces for loving a man like him. She was ready to do anything for him. She was ready to give him anything but not her virginity and chastity. She sat on the bed, still weeping. She couldn’t bear that Sid tried to rape her once again, for it felt like she had lost her self respect while loving him.
A whimper escaped her lips and she broke down into sobs again.
Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. And her eyes shot up to see Mahir standing with fresh pair of tears in his eyes. It took her a while to get see what’s happening around her.
Mahir sat down near her, and traced her tears with his fingers all over her face. He gently rubbed her tears and hugged her. Bela, immediately flunged herself into him, she couldn’t believe that she’s safe now.
“Mahir! I thought he raped me” she cried hugging him. Mahir tightened his hold on her.
“How can I allow anyone touch you inappropriately, when I’m alive?” He whispered in her ears, and she hugged him more.
Neerja who was watching this standing behind the door, smiled for the first time after that incident. Her heart was at peace seeing Bela safe. As a best friend, all she wished and wanted was a good partner for her friend. And at this point she knows that Bela has got Mahir’s back forever.
Exhausted, she left to the guest room to get some sleep after seeing Bela safe with Mahir.
Mahir and Bela released themselves from the hug. And Mahir smiled, when a Bela said that she had broken up with Sid forever and she will never get back with him.
He kissed Bela on her lips, leaving Bela shocked. And whispered near her ears. I love you, Bela. I don’t know how it happened. But I’ll never leave your side. I’ll be always with you even if you don’t love me. He stood up.
Bela held his hands and said all these are very shocking for me, Mahir. You know what happened with me yesterday. He won’t keep quiet. He will definitely comeback to make me suffer.
Mahir: Let him come, I’ll show his place then. Yesterday I couldn’t teach him a proper lesson as I was in a situation to take you home ASAP. But, I swear if I again see him. I’ll make his life a living hell, a real hell and I mean it Bela.
Bela went near him and raised her hand. Mahir thought that she’s gonna slap him and closed his eyes. But he received a surprise in return as Bela draped her hands around his neck and pulled him for a hug, leaving him shocked even more. But she asked him to take it slow, as needs time to get out of Sid and she’s not ready to jump into another relationship soon. Mahir’s happiness knew no bounds and entangled his hands with hers.
Karishma who was left by Mahir the previous day returned to see him at his flat. And as usual she entered with the spare keys and saw Neerja standing, smiling and recording some thing on her phone in front of Mahir’s room.
When Karishma went near Neerja to receive a shock and her mouth flung open, she had not expected that at least not that soon. Bela and Mahir are together now? f**k, said Karishma.
Krish entered Mahir’s flat after Neerja told him everything. When Krish saw Karishma standing there shocked. He took out his phone and recorded her expressions and both Neerja and Krish couldn’t control their laughter seeing Karishma. And started to laugh hard. This made both Mahir and Bela broke their hug to see what’s going on outside. They saw Karishma fuming in anger and jealousy.
Krish said no matter what, he had a thing for Karishma and her cosmetics. So he asked whether she could tell the address to him. As his wife always nags him for the address.
Mahir couldn’t help but smile seeing Bela happy. He pulled her back when she was about to leave, to see Neerja. He pulled her more close to him and whispered near her ear “Let me love you” Making her blush.
Bela, will you give me a chance to be with you forever and grow old with each other after having a cute baby girl like you and getting her married to someone who’s too good.

PRECAP : The date
Do you think Sid’s chapter is over?
Will Bela fall for Mahir?
Are you guys ok with “Live in together” thing?
The story will speed up from the next chapter. And it’ll have more Behir scenes, can I say only Behir.

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