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Return Of Light In Our Lives…Promo 3.. What?!!

Promo 3

Anika rested her head on his torso and held on to him. He looked at her in concern as well as anger. She was about to explain herself.

“ Stop. Kuch bhi bolne khi zaroorat nahi. Go down and sit in the car.”

Turning his head around, he gestured a woman who was standing behind them, with concerned eyes, to take care of Anika. She assured that she will take care of Anika with her eyes and that calmed him a bit.

She came forward and caught hold of Anika. Not giving a chance to Anika to talk or even meet her eyes, she just proceeded to get her down the stairs to the car. Anika knew she had messed up. Both of them were angry on her. But she also knew it was out of concern. She followed her mutely to the car.

He turned around to deal with the man,talking to whom Anika got dizzy. And when his eyes fell on the person,he felt his blood boil with anger.

“How dare you? How dare you come near her?”he asked.

Shivaay who couldn’t make head or tail of the situation just said, “I..I know her. She is my-”

“NO. YOU” he said pointing his fingers at Shivaay, “YOU have nothing to do with her.”

If Anika not recognizing him had caught Shivaay in a frenzy, then this man,an unknown, telling he had nothing to do with her brought in a rush of emotions. But one thing was prominent among them. Anger. A mere no one telling he had nothing to do with his Anika maddened Shivaay. And he burst out in anger


“YOU ARE HER MUDERER”,he said knocking all the sense out of Shivaay.


Who are him and her?
The character whom I refer as him is a new character. But the character whom I refer as her is known to all. Guess who she is.

The first few chapters will be about how Shivaay and Anika and their family are now, how they have changed and what happened etc. That time I will reveal who are he and she. And one more, he does not have a romantic relationship with Anika.

I will update the first chapter soon. ( If I get good response, it will be updated very soon. ^_^)

Thank you ^_^

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