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Naagin Season 3 9th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shahnawaz Kidnaps Bela To Marry Her

Naagin Season 3 9th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahir and Bela’s romantic date continues. Mahir recreates past romantic moment of a hut in their room. He switches on artificial fire. Nela excitedly asks if they can warm their hands on it. He sits in front of h er and they both warm their hands on artificial fire. She asks reason for this romantic date. He says congratulation, they complete 3 months of their marriage. He stands closer to her and says he wants to tel her something, goes n ear her ears and then gets romantic when Bela’s phone rings. Mahjir switches it off and says it will not ring now. Bela walks out and sees 3 primitive dress wearing women going out followed by a man. She is about to follow them when Vish stops her. She asks who were those masked girls and a man with them with tattoo. Vish says it is her

imagination. Bela says she really saw them. Shaan walks in holding coffee and offers it to Vish. Bela asks where is he coming from. He says there was no coffee in fridge, so he went to bring it for his wife. Vish says so cute. Shaan says not cuter than Ms. Bela. Bela says Mrs. Bela. Shaan smiles at her and walks away with Vish. Bela returns to room and sees Mahir angrily spoiling setup and confronting that whenever she wants to come near him, she comes and whenever she does not want, she pushes him away, truth is she wants to break their marriage. Bela says she does not want to break their marriage. He asks to prove it then during party and express her love. She asks how can she in front of everyone. He kisses her cheek and says like this and leaves.

Paulo walks into Anu’s room and asks when she should kill Vish. Anu asks why. Paulo tells she told yesterday to kill Vish and get back Shaan to her. Anu says she changed her mind now. Paulo says she is so low willed. Anu says she is so low charactered and characterless. Paulo angrily leaves. Anu opens cupboard and smiles. Shaan/Shahnawaz walks out playing been/flute and says she is completely under his control. Hypnotized Anu says yes. Bela stands in living thinking about seeing 3 masked women and a man going out of house. Shaan walks in and says she thinks so much, there is a lot much to think. Bela asks what he found special in Vish. He says Vish’s specialty is she loves him. Sumitra walks in. Shaan leaves. Sumitra tells Bela that she is thinking of which theme to select for party. Paulo enters and says fairy tale themed party, she will become fairy and wear hot dresses, her children Pratham and Adi will become prince, Andy a king, Bela a princess. Sumitra asks what about her children Mahir, Kuhu, RJ and what about her. Paulo says Sumitra will become chudail/witch. Sumitra shouts if she has gone mad and asks her to get out. Paulo says what wrong did she say, will Sumitra ride on her magical wand. Sumitra shouts get out. Paulo leaves. Bela calms down Sumitra saying she will become queen mother. Sumitra says only she cares for her. Anu passes. Sumitra calls her. Anu ignores her sits on sofa, then walks to dining table, picks knife and leaves. Sumitra says Anu is behaving weird, asks Bela to take care of arrangements and walks to her room to call guests. Shaan/Shahnazwaz walks in playing been. Sumitra gets hypnotized. Shaan says there should not be any defects in party arrangements. She smiles and nods yes. Paulo walks to kitchen and yells what wrong did she say. Shaan walks to her next, hypnotizes her and says she is Sumitra’s best friend. Paulo says yes. Shaan walks away smiling.

Bela walks thinking who were those women and man. She sees Anu walking into Vish’s room and follows her, sees masked women getting ready. Vish enters, Bela asks who are they. Vish says they are guests. Bela says these are same masked women, why are strangers in her house. Vish says not to disturb her guests and go and get ready for party. Bela thinks where did Anu go. Anu is seen wearing primitive dress like 3 women and pick knife hidden under blanket. She then walks to Anu’s room and sees Anu and Paulo feeding cake to each other and pampering each other, asks what is happening. They both say they are enjoying cake and asks not to disturb them. Bela walks to her room confused and sees Kuhu getting ready there, asks why she is here. Kuhu asks if she cannot get ready here, gives her jewlery and says she will become her bhaabhi/sister-in-law. Bela says she is already her bhabhi. Kuhu says yes, smiles and leaves. Bela calls Mahir and says she is seeing weird things here, Anu is missing, Sumitra and Paulo are feeding cake to each other and pampering, etc. Mahir says he cannot hear her and will meet her later, till then get ready for party.’

Party starts. All women dance wearing primitive dresses on Masha-allah.. song. Bela finds it weird and sees a woman holding something, she follows her keenly and finds woman is Anu instead dancing holding knife. She walks to Vish and warns her that Anu wants to kill her and is dancing around holding knife. Vish scolds her to enjoy party. Anu stabs Vish from beind. Vish falls down. Bela gets worried and shouts for help. Sumitra and Paulo smile and ask if Vish is dead not not. Bela shouts what happened to them and asks to call ambulance. Shaan walks in. Bela asks who is he, if he wants to kill her come in front, she knows his wife. He walks in front saying she knows his face well. She is shocked to see Shaan. Shaan says he is Shahnawaz, snake charmer, and these women are his servants and signals. Anu, Sumitra, Paulo, Kuhu, etc… all woman bend in front of him. Shahnawaz says he came here to marry his wife. Bela asks to save his wife then, she is severely injured. Shahnawaz checks her. Bela pushes himm and says Vish is injured. Shahnawaz says he came to marry nagrani. Bela is shocked. Shahnawaz orders his servants to bring nagrani for nikah in a palki. Bela resists. They call forcefully take her out and get her into palanquin. Shahnawaz walks playing been. Bela shouts to stop. Shahnawaz walks to her and says his servants have sprinkled magical black pepper powder around palanquin and she cannot come out. He continues walking playing been, while Bela shouts to stop..

Mahir returns home and does not find anyone. Vish gets up injured and thinks what had happened to here. She closes eyes and reminisces the whole incidence from she being hypnotized to being stabbed and Bela being kidnapped by Shahnawaz and his servants. She gets worried that Bela is in trouble because of her and she is locked her to stop her form helping Bela. She pleads Bholenath to cure her stab injury and takes nagin form. Mahir walks around house calling Bela and geets a phone call.

Precap: Mahir warns Vish that he wants his family back. Bela escapes, but Shahnawaz catches her back and makes her do nagin dance. He orders Sumitra and Paulo to behead each other. Bela tries to stop them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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