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Locha-E-Ulfat (SwaSan FF) By Yashu


Someone in a full length raincoat and sodden rain boots was walking on the dilapidated road having a gun in her hand. There was no twilight only darkness and just then the golden streak of light flashed in the sky illuminating her stern yet gorgeous face, her eyes were blazing with anger and just then someone tapped her shoulder for which she immediately turned pointing the gun towards that person but as soon as she saw the person her face got smitten with irritation. A cute boy was standing there with a wide smile.

“Sanskar…!!” She took a deep breath closing her eyes and swallowing down her retort. 

“Yes Shona..” He said giving a cute smile.

“Stop calling me that…My name is SWARA!!” She said coldly and still her eyes were closed, she turned and then started walking but she stopped when she felt someone following her.

“Stop following me you annoying boy or I will kill you…!!” She said throwing a glare.

“You will kill me?? But Shona.. tell me one thing, can you kill the person who already got killed? I got killed when you looked me with your these killer eyes for the first time, but you never gave me a killer smile.”  He said smirking.

Swara’s heart skipped a beat but then she realized that she couldn’t fall weak, she made her grip on the gun more tight and saw him with her eyes filled with coldness and then she shoot!!  



-23 years old



-Her parents are unknown. 

-Hates everyone

-Loves to be alone



Sanskar Maheshwari

Sanskar Maheshwari

-24 years old.

-Rich(but he is not a doctor don’t misunderstand from the pic I used hehe)






-Full of life




-Swara’s co-worker in short she is also a killer.

-22 years old



-Respects Swara

-Her parents are also unknown

Laksh Sharma

Laksh Sharma

-24 years old

-Sanskar’s bestie

-Funny and troublemaker like Sanskar.

-He knows Sanskar’s mysteries and secrets

-He knows Sanskar's mysteries and secrets

Avni Maheshwari

Avni Maheshwari

-Sanskar’s sister

-21 years old



-Reserved girl

Raj Purohit

-23 years old

-Swara’s colleague


-Loves Swara

-Somewhere deep inside he is kind.

So, many of you have asked me that why in my stories there is always crazy Swara only why not a crazy and cute Sanskar

So, many of you have asked me that why in my stories there is always crazy Swara only why not a crazy and cute Sanskar….So…here I am with this story having role reversal hehe.

Thank you for reading.

Love you all!

You can read this story and my other stories on my wattpad id shinchan0324

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