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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 24



NeilGau’s House


NeilGau go to the leaving room and see everyone in tensed. Neil is confused seeing their faces. He turns and sees Ishana who is standing stunned looking at somewhere. Neil goes towards her and touches her shoulder but she remains unmoved. Her eyes are still fixed at somewhere. He follows her gaze and he too becomes shock watching the news in the television which is showing Omkara and Ishana’s pictures. His blood boiled seeing Omkara kissing Ishana forcibly. He clenches his fist in anger.

Reporter: As we all know, the great artist Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi has been in affair with a girl one and half year before whom he declared as a mistress in front of the world. However, the girl has been suddenly disappeared a year ago. We couldn’t find where she has went. Some people said that she is a gold digger and has found someone more rich than Omkara Singh Oberoi. That’s why she left him. When we asked Mr Omkara Singh about that, he didn’t give a proper answer for that. Finally, yesterday we got an information about that girl. She has been seen with a different man. However, the man’s face is not very clear. This is the photograph that one of our man captured yesterday. (Showing a picture where Ishana is hugging a guy.) We have asked Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi about this. Do you want to know his answer?? Stay tuned with this channel. We will catch after a break.

Avni: What nonsense is this?? The one Ishu is hugging is…….

Ranveer: (cuts Avni) Rudra. (Avni looks at him) We know, Avni. This picture is captured after Rudra hit those guys who troubled Ishana yesterday.

Pooja: That means, this must be those guys work. Yesterday, they challenged Rudra to see what they will do. I thought they were just saying but never expect this.

Neil: Where is Rudra??

Ranveer: He went to call Soumya to know what is happening there. Poor guy, he is broken to see this news. I sent Priyanka to be with him. (Neil hugs Ishana’s shoulder and kisses her head. He is in anger too but for now he need to calm Ishana. He doesn’t want her to be depressed seeing the news.)

Neil: Don’t be upset with the news. This press people have no work and always think to increase their channels ratings. They won’t care about people feelings. If they get to know the truth, don’t know where they will keep their faces.

Avni: Neil is right, Ishu. You please don’t break down seeing this crap. We should not spare this channel. How dare they to create this type of news?? (Their concentration again goes to the news hearing a voice. Ishana knows whose voice is that. She turns and sees Omkara with the reporters.)

Om: Yes!! She is a gold digger!! She has left me after finding another man richer than me!! (The video ends and back to the news.)

Rep: So, Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi agreed that his mistress has left him after finding another rich man. His family members too agreed with his statements and they said that she has ran away with their money and jewelleries as well. (Gautham switches off the television in anger.)

Gau: What the hell?? How he could say like this about her?? He already gave her the name as….. (he couldn’t say the word) and now he is saying she is a gold digger. And his family are agreeing with him. What are they thinking of themselves?? Just because they are rich, they can do anything?? And we have to keep quiet because we are not rich like them?? (He is about to say something but stops hearing Ishana’s scream.)

Ishu: It’s enough!!! Enough!! Not anymore.

Neil: Ishu!!

Ishu: These many days I kept quiet. Just because I was the reason for his pain. I have snatched his happiness. That’s why I kept silent. I thought everything has ended after I left from there but he is starting it again. He is humiliating me again. I’m not going to keep quiet anymore. (Wipes her tears)

Pooja: Ishu, please calm down.

Ishu: No, Pooja. I can’t calm myself. I lost everything because of him. Now it’s time for me to payback. He and his family has to face the consequences for all my suffering. (All are shocked listening to her.)

Avni: What are you going to do??

Ishu: I will make them to regret for their deed towards me. How I suffered when I was staying with them, now it’s time for them to suffer. They are going to see a different girl. Not the same girl who accept their hatred silently. Now, they have to face my hatred. (AvNeil and PoojAm are shocked to see this side of Ishana. The have never seen her in these much of anger. Their Ishu only knows to love everyone.)

Neil: Don’t be like this, Ishu. We can’t see you becoming a heartless person. You only know to love everyone.

Ishu: That girl died the moment she married the heartless man and live with the heartless family. Now, I only know hatred which taught by that family. Love doesn’t exist for me.

Pooja: So, you don’t love us?? (Ishana looks at her friends lovingly.)

Ishu: (holds her hand) Love is a small word to describe our bond. What we are sharing is friendship. It’s more than love. I respect our friendship. I worship our friendship.

Gau: But, we can’t see our friend having this many hatred inside her.

Ishu: You have to see it, Gautham. This is my new avatar. I’m having no feelings and emotions inside me. Only hatred are filled in my heart. I just need all of your support in this. I don’t have anyone in this world to support me except you all.

All: (hold her hand) We are with you. (Ishana smile and hold their hands)

Voice: We are with you too, bhabhi. (All turn and see RuPri at the door.)

Ishu: Rudra…. Priyanka…. (RuPri walk towards them and hold Ishana’s hand. Ishana feels bad looking at them.)

Rudra: This is what we want, bhabhi. And we will be with you always. (Ishana hugs him and cries.)

Prinku: But bhabhi, please don’t say that you have no one except your friends for you. We will be always there for you. (Ishana smiles in tears and hugs her.)

Rudra: So bhabhi, will you come with us to Mumbai?? (Ishana looks at AvNeil and PoojAm.)

Ishu: Yes, Rudra. I’m coming with you. (RuPri smile happily while AvNeil and PoojAm just stood without saying anything.)

Rudra: Good. Bhabhi, I will book the tickets for you both. (Looking at IshPri.)

Ranveer: Book for me too, Rudra. I’m coming with you as well. (IshRuPri look at him confusingly.) Actually, I’m having some work there.

Rudra: Ok. So, four of us will be going there. You three get ready with your luggages. I will book the tickets first.

Avni: Rudra, add another one ticket.

Ishu: You are coming as well?? (Avni shakes her head)

Avni: No, Ishu. But she is coming with you. (Handing over Mishti towards Ishana.)

Ishu: Mishti?? (Avni nods.) But, Avni…. Mishti….

Avni: Neil is not accepting her as his baby.

Ishu: So, why are you giving her to me?? You should convince him to accept her.

Neil: No, Ishu. I will not accept her as mine at any cost.

Gau: Neil!!

Neil: Gautham, you don’t know anything.

Gau: I know everything. Pooja has told me ready. Listen, I know it was wrong that Avni did like this without informing you. But, we can’t change whatever happened. Look at this poor baby who doesn’t understand anything. (He lifts her from Ishana.) Just look at her innocent eyes. Don’t your heart feel something for her.

Neil: (without looking at her) I don’t feel anything for her. Don’t try this trick with me. If Pooja has done something like this, will you accept it??

Gau: (looks at Pooja) I will be angry with Pooja but I won’t let the baby to suffer. I will accept the baby.

Neil: Really?? Then keep her with you.

Gau: Why not?? Your baby is like my baby too. I don’t mind keeping her with me but she is belongs to you.

Neil: Stop saying that. This baby does not belongs to me. She can’t be mine just because the sperm is mine. (Avni cries listening to him. Ishana feels bad seeing her.)

Ishu: Ok, fine!! You don’t have to accept Mishti as your daughter. I will take her with me. But mark my words, one day you will accept her as yours. And that time you will run towards me asking for her. (Ishana lifts Mishti from Gautham and goes towards Avni.) I will take her to Mumbai, Avni. (Avni nods and hugs her.)

Avni: (lifts Mishti) I’m sorry, baby. I promised to give your papa to you but your papa is not accepting you. But, one day he will accept you. Till then you stay with your Ishu maa for some days. I will come with your papa and take our both kids back with us. It’s your Avni maa’s promise. (Avni kisses all over her face.)

Pooja: Pooja maa’s promise too.

Gau: Include me as well. (AvJa smile)

Avni: Gautham papa’s promise too. (Gautham looks at her surprisingly.)

Gau: Papa!!??

Avni: Haan, you are her papa too. She must call you like that only. (Gautham smiles.)

Rudra: Ok, I will book ticket for her too. (Caresses Mishti’s cheek and looks at Avni.) Avni di, I want to talk to you. (Avni nods and leaves with Rudra.)



Outside NeilGau’s House


Ranveer is about to get in his car to leave to his house but stops hearing a voice. He turns and sees Priyanka walking towards him.

Prinku: Why are you coming with us??

Ranveer: I told you that I have a work there.

Prinku: What work?? You said that you will be on leave for few weeks right?? Tell me the truth.

Ranveer: (crosses his arms below his chest) To find the truth. (Priyanka looks at him in confused.)

Prinku: Truth?? What truth??

Ranveer: The truth behind Gauri’s accident which done by Ishana.

Prinku: Are you saying that bhabhi never did the accident?? I wish it was true but sadly it’s not. Bhabhi is the one did the accident and Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi was the witness for it.

Ranveer: I don’t deny that, Priyanka. It’s true Ishana done the accident and your brother witnessed it. But after talking with AvNeil, PoojAm and you, I felt something is missing in that case. (Priyanka still looking at him confusingly.) You said that Ishana was fully drunken during the accident. But, the truth is Ishana hates alcohol. How she can be drunken if she hates alcohol?? (Priyanka started to think.) In fact, NeilGau too don’t take alcohol because she hates them. She can’t even stand the smell.

Prinku: If like that means, how come Mr Oberoi said that she was highly drunken?? He won’t lie.

Ranveer: That’s why I’m coming with you all to Mumbai. I want to investigate what really happened that day. Somehow, I feel Ishana might be innocent in this case even though she did the accident.

Prinku: I’m with you, Ranveer. If bhabhi is innocent, then we will see what the Oberois will do. They have to suffer in guilt for torturing my innocent bhabhi. (Ranveer just smiles seeing the girl who wants to revenge her own family only for her bhabhi. She turns to leave.)

Ranveer: Where are you going??

Prinku: To my house. I need to pack my things.

Ranveer: (nods) Come, I will drop you. (Priyanka smiles and follows him.)


Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi


All of them have reached the airport and chatting with each other. However, Neil is completely ignoring Avni which noticed by everyone. Avni feels hurt but she pretends to keep smile on her face. She lifts Mishti from Ishana. Ishana takes Neil away from there.

Ishu: Neil, I know you are upset with Avni’s step. But as Gautham said we can’t change whatever has happened. Please forgive her, Neil and don’t ignore her. She can’t bear this pain. She loves you very much and whatever she did was only for you. She knows that you don’t care if you don’t have a baby. But as a wife who loves you immensely, wants you to have your own blood as your heir. That is the reason for her to take this step without considering about anything. (Neil is having tears in his eyes listening to her.)

Neil: I know that she did this for me but I can’t accept this baby. Ishu, I don’t mind to adopt a baby. But this I can’t accept. If I want to have my own baby, the baby must born for me and Avni. I can’t accept any random woman gave birth to my baby. Do you know how much it hurts when she said that she did surrogacy using my sperm?? Another woman has carried my baby in her womb!! I felt like I have touched another woman other than my wife!! (Ishana is shocked listening to him.)

Ishu: Neil!!! What are you saying?? It’s not like what you are thinking.

Neil: Ishu, please. Don’t talk about this anymore.

Ishu: (sighs) Ok. I won’t talk about this but please consider whatever I said to you. And don’t ignore Avni. (Neil doesn’t say anything and leaves from there. Gautham who was listening to their conversation goes to Ishana who is worrying for AvNeil.)

Gau: Don’t worry, Ishu. I will take care of them. Besides, he can’t stay away from his wife for long time. Avni’s sudden step can’t accept by him. He needs some time to think. We can’t force him to accept Mishti. He is not angry with Avni but he is hurt. Anyone will be reacting like him if they are in his situation including me.

Ishu: (confused) But just now you said you will accept the baby.

Gau: I said like that so that he won’t scold Avni again. I am not a saint, Ishu. I am also a normal human. I might have reacted the same as Neil if Pooja has done the same as Avni. He needs some time to accept Mishti. You don’t worry about them. Take care of yourself and Mishti. It’s getting late for your flight. Let’s go to them. (They walk towards the others who are waiting at the entrance. Ishana goes and hugs AvJa.)

Avni: (breaks the hug and cups her face) Take care of yourself as well as our daughter. (Looks at Mishti who is in Priyanka’s embrace.)

Ishu: (cups Avni’s face) You don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Neil will accept Mishti one day. Please don’t fall apart. Just give him some time. (Avni nods and Ishana kisses her forehead. Avni lifts Mishti from Priyanka’s arms and kisses all over her face.)

Avni: I will miss you, baby. Love you. (Kisses her again. Others just look at them lovingly except Neil who is looking at somewhere else.)

Pooja: (towards Ishana) Have your food and medicines on time. I don’t have to tell you because RuPri are there to take care of their bhabhi. But still I’m telling you. (Ishana doesn’t say anything. She goes towards NeilGau and hugs them.)

Neil: Take care of yourself. Any problem means just give us a call. We will be there as soon as possible. (Kisses her forehead.)

Gau: We will miss you, Ishu.

Ishu: I will miss you too.

Ranveer: Guys, it’s getting late. Ishana, shall we go?? (Ishana nods and goes to AvJa. She lifts Mishti from Avni. He looks at NeilGau.) You both don’t worry. I will take care of everything.

Neil: If you found anything, just give us a call. (Ranveer nods his head.)

Rudra: Ok, bhaiya. We are leaving now.

Gau: Yeah. Take care of your bhabhi. She needs to have her medicines on time.

Rudra: Sure, bhaiya. You don’t have to tell me. I will take care of her. AvJa didis already explained me about her health condition. (NeilGau smile seeing his concern towards his bhabhi. IshRuPriVeer leave towards the entrance while Mishti carried by Ishana. Ishana turns and sees her friends waving their hands at her. She sees tears are flowing from Avni’s eyes. Others are having tears too but that are because they are feeling sad that she is going away from them. But Avni’s tears are holding so many pain. She can’t see that in her eyes. She gives Mishti to Rudra and runs towards her friends making everyone confused.)

Ishu: Neil, do you want me to have my food and medicines on time?? (Neil nods feeling confused with her question) Then, you have to forgive and accept Avni. You should not ignore her.

Neil:  (shocked) What??

Ishu: I’m not asking you to accept Mishti. I just want you to accept Avni. I can’t see her like this. If you are not accepting her, then I won’t have my food and medicines. I promise!!

Gau: Ishu, I told you that I will talk to him, right??

Ishu: I know, Gautham but my heart is not letting me to leave seeing Avni in pain like this. If I still go, I won’t be able to live peacefully at Mumbai thinking about this. I can’t see my friends stay away from their love. That’s why…… (Before she completes her sentence, Neil kisses Avni’s cheek making them shock.)

Neil: Are you happy now?? I have forgiven and accept her. Or do you want to see more than that?? (About to kiss Avni again.)

Ishu: No!! This is enough. You have forgiven her?? (Neil nods.) Really?? (Neil again nods.) Swear on me!! (Neil smiles at her cuteness and places his palm on her head.)

Neil: I promise on you that I have forgiven Avni. (Ishana hugs Neil.)

Ishu: Love you, Neil.

Neil: Love you too. (Avni looks at him in disbelief while he just nods his head and side hugs her. PoojAm smile in relief seeing Neil has forgiven Avni.) Ishu, you are getting late.

Ishu: (breaks the hug) See you all. (She leaves towards the entrance. She turns back and gives a flying kiss towards them which they capture in their hands and place it on their hearts.)

AvNeilPoojAm: All the best!!! (Ishana smiles and leaves inside the airport with RuPriVeer and Mishti who is in Rudra’s arms. AvNeil and PoojAm wait till they disappear from their view. They leave after that.)



Precap: Ishana in Oberoi Mansion. Rudra shocks the Oberois!!! Will Ishana take revenge on Oberois??


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