Ishq Subhan Allah 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Subhan Allah 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara says to Reema that we have to help Abida and other women who are getting targeted in this society.

Imran, Zara and Reema comes to nikah center. Imran says to officer that I want to marry this girl, I want to do halala. Officer says who is she to you? Imran says she was my wife, I gave her divorce in anger and now I want her back, can you please do her halala? Officer says no problem, it can happen, we have to arrange for photoshoot to wedding, food, setting and everything, you will need to give money to arrange for fake halala, do you have a person who can marry her? Imran says no. Officer says no worry, we have men who do fake halala, you will need to give money for that too, if woman is ready to share the bed with halala husband then fees will be 50K and if not then

you have to give 100K. Zara gets angry and says you have made religion a joke, they leave from there.

Reema asks Imran what is halala? Imran says if a man gives divorce to his wife and wants her back then he cant do it as she becomes illegal for him, then girl has to do halala and marry another man, she has to share bed with him only then she can take divorce and go back to her husband. Reema says this is injustice to woman. Zara says women like Abida has to go through it. Imran says I dont know from where consummation in halala has come from.

Zeenat brings hot chocolate for Alina and says you know a guy likes you, he lives in London and is very handsome, his mother wants your picture, which one should I share? Alina says you dont need to send any picture. zeenat says dont worry, you looks good in every picture. Alina says I want to complete my studies. Zeenat says do it, you can wait 2 years to do the marriage. Alina says its doesnt matter if its 2 years or 5 years, I know what happens after marriage, they get divorced and are taunted for life, same is happening with Zara, I want to become independent first, dont send any picture to anyone. Zeenat says what is this way to talk? you used to never talk back, I know who is teaching you, you have started valuing Zara bhabhi too much, she is making you like her, this is wrong. Zara comes there and says what is wrong? Alina runs to her and hugs her, she cries and says I dont want to marry.


Scene 2
Zara comes in kitchen and asks Zeenat if she needs help? Zeenat says why dont you leave this house? Zara says till I am here, fulfilling my needs is Kabir’s duty and I am in this house for somedays only. Zeenat says are you playing this Alina to make place in this house? you are showing that you are helping Alina to make place in Kabir’s heart? Zara says dont forget you are a woman too, this word divorce is like a poison and God forbid you should never go through it. Zeenat says dont worry I wont go through it, what is happening with you is on you, that doesnt mean it will happen with Alina. Zara says we all have our fates, anything can happen so dont be too sure. Zeenat says you can say philosophical things but I will get Alina married infront of you. Zara says I promise on you that I wont let Alina marry now. Zeenat says I accept your challenge.

All sit for dinner, Shahbaz asks where is Alina? Zara says she didnt want to eat with everyone so I sent food to her room. Shahbaz says why didnt she want to eat with us? call her for sweet. All look on. Shahbaz asks if there is a problem? Kabir says Zeenat have brought a marriage proposal for Alina, Alina is angry and doesnt want to come out of her room. Shahbaz asks if its Shabir Khan’s son? Zeenat says yes, his son is very nice, they want Alina’s picture to show to the guy, he is studying in London, from a good family, we can get engagement on Bakra Eid and then do marriage after two years. Shahbaz says nothing wrong in that. Zara says sorry but Alina wants to study, she wants to fly and explore her life and then marry. Shahbaz says you are saying like we didnt give her freedom, girls have some restrictions for their safety, she has everything from her father and brothers, she doesnt need anything. Zara says every person have right to fly and explore. Kabir says you dont want to send Alina’s picture to guy? they are nice people then why are you against it? Zara says I am with Alina, she wants to study and has guts to explore her life and she will marry someday, we can marry her with her consent later. Kabir says her consent is not important. Shahbaz says enough, stop this argument, Alina is my daughter and nobody knows whats better for her more than me, I have taken all decisions of this house, Alina will marry with my decision like Kabir and Kashan married. Zara says your decision will be final, you made Kashan and Kabir marry but I am just saying to not marry Alina without her consent, another aspect of marriage is divorce.. all are shocked. Zara says sorry but Islam have given girls right to give their consent in marriage thats why they ask bride first in nikah, Shahbaz says another aspect of marriage is a good life, think about it, he leaves. Kabir says wow, now you are teaching father? Zara says I didnt want to hurt anyone, I am just saying to ask for Alina’s consent, I got married in a big family too but then.. she looks at Kabir. Kabir glares at her and leaves.

Abida calls Zara and says my husband came to my house,

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