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#Mohabbat (IMMJ2 One Shot) (RiAnsh)

Hey everyone. I came sooner than before na? What to do yaar, had to give someone a gift! Firstly…

Congratulations Dear Aayu!!!! You already know how much I am happy!!!

Many more to come! 

So this is is exclusively for Aayu, in the form of her gift. Aayu, this is emotional, but sorry I was writing this from very long, please consider it🥺

A/N: This is not my plot, some changes are made though.

In this os,
Riddhima is Wife of Kabir.
Vansh is best friend of Kabir.
RiAnsh were lovers but..
Riddhima thinks Vansh betrayed her because he didn’t asked her parents for their marriage, and hence her parents married her to Kabir.

Let’s start:

Riddhima came to his husband Kabir’s house cum flat portico and started thinking something very deeply. Clad in a beautiful purple anarkali suit and hairs open, she was looking like an angel.
But by seeing her facial expressions, anyone can identify she is depressed.

Kabir on the other hand is always busy in his office work. Riddhima often wonders if ever Kabir has seen her face properly?!

Scene changes to a handsome man riding a Harley-Davidson. Black leather jacket and well gelled hairs, he was looking not less than a Greek God!
But somewhere he was dejected and brokenhearted.
He is none other than Vansh RaiSinghania.
But had he ever thought, his boring life which was made graceful by his lady love, will be again terrible!

He came near a beautiful flat. There he saw a woman with imaginable tears.
She is Riddhima, Kabir’s Riddhima, who once belonged to Vansh.
*Yes, Vansh’s lady love was Riddhima whom he left when he got acquainted that there’s a tumour in his brain, in shot Brain Cancer stage 4!!
He left Riddhima so that she can have a better life, rather than shedding tears on his doom.
But Riddhima misunderstood him as a coward who is scared of talking to her family for their marriage and in rage she asked her father to marry her to Kabir!*

Vansh was looking at her. Tears are not there, but eyes depict more than anything. Smile is carved, but forced one. And most importantly, wearing a nuptial chain and vermilion of someone else’s name.

(Guys please understand this song’s lyrics depth.
Song- Filhall 2 Mohabbat. )

Ek baat batao to
Yaadon me marte ho
Kya tum humse ab bhi
Mohabbat karte ho

(Tell me one thing
You die in memories
Do you still
Love me)

Suddenly Kabir came and patted her shoulders. She became still and faced him.

Kabir: Umm..(remembering) Riddhima, mom dad is calling us to sign some papers. Come, we have to go!

Riddhima nodded. Tears which were invisible were not seen in her eyes. Whenever Kabir unwantedly remind her that she is his, her eyes betray her. She misses her Vansh, but…
*She felt Vansh didn’t loved her, that’s why left her. She was so heartbroken that day when Vansh didn’t came and never met her again. Some daya later her father brought an alliance for her and she agreed as she thought there’s no chances of Vansh to come ever. Though it was not easy for her, but, can she do anything?*

Kabir noticed the tears in her eyes.
*From the starting, he didn’t had any interest in her. Just for the sake of his mom he married Riddhima. He just consider this relationship as a favour, nothing else. Hence don’t have any concern for her. *

He tried to say something, but she left for the car. Kabir followed her behind.
Riddhima’s tears didn’t go unnoticed by Vansh. He felt his heart so heavy when he saw her crying.

Tum jinke ho abhi
Unke baare batana
Kya aata hai unko
Tumhein chup karana

(To whom you belong now
Tell me something about him
Does he know
How to make you stop crying?)

Riddhima and Kabir came down and sat in the car. Vansh turned his face so that Riddhima can’t see him. Tears were continuously flowing through his eyes, and why not, afterall now she is Riddhima Kabir Raichand!!

Jani ne ro ro ke
Samandar bhar diye
Kya tum bhi ro ro ke
Nadiyan bharte ho

(I have filled the ocean
With tears
Will you also fill
Rivers with your tears)

The car started, and they left. Vansh too followed them without being noticed and both the vehicles stopped at red light, just beside each other.
Vansh reminisces…
*When Kabir’s barat was going to Riddhima’s house, he(Vansh) was the one who danced the most, you can call it in tears or best friend’s wedding! Riddhima did saw him from her room, and it was a shocker for her. She was really feeling betrayed then. But it was too late for her to go and confront him!*

Riddhima’s hand was going out of car as the window was open. Vansh saw this and slightly brought his fingers towards hers, and touched them. She got startled as she recognises the touch very well.
*Riddhima was at pani puri stall, and Vansh was also there. Vansh touched Riddhima’s fingers the same way. Riddhima looked at him and smiled. Vansh took her phone and saved his number and gave her. He too smiled and left. Can we call it as destruction of their lives or the first path of love?*

Riddhima saw and panicked. She immediately turned her head to see if Kabir saw her or not. She sighed when she saw nothing and right that moment brought her fingers from Vansh’s. Vansh smile faded.
He remembers
*While the Marriage of RidhBir was going on, Riddhima wasnt happy at all. Though she was super angry and heartbroken, but she still love Vansh right. And after watching him dancing in barat as if nothing happened, who can imagine her condition!?
While on the other hand, Vansh’s condition was also not less. Watching his love marrying his best friend in front of his eyes, is it easy?
Suddenly Kabir’s father called Vansh

Kabir’s father: Beta, Kabir has no brother or sister in his life! You are only his brother and bestie. So you have to bring the Varmala for both of you friends. Please do that beta, after you, who is of Kabir here!!

Vansh slowly nodded. But his words hit him hard! Friend and Riddhima, he smiled sarcastically!

She is more that my friend uncle, thought Vansh!

Ho meri is gal da koyi
Jawab dede na
Eh khud nu sawal
Baar baar karaan mai

(Please someone give me
The answer of my question
I am asking myself
Again and again)

He brought the rose garlands and gave both of them to make wear each other. Riddhima was continuosly staring him with puffed eyes, but Vansh, he didn’t even bother to look at her!! She felt more devastated!
But how can Vansh do that dating and see her, when he know, he won’t be able to meet her eyes!?*

Mai pyaar karaan ohnu
Jo pyaar karein mainu
Ya ohda hoja jihde naal
Pyaar karaan mai

(Should I fall in love with the
Person who loves me
Should I only be
Commited to the person I love)

Kabir got out from the car to bring something. At the same time, Vansh came to Riddhima. But Riddhima was least interested in him!

Vansh (with tears): Riddhima!

Riddhima: Just go from here Vansh!!

Vansh: Atleast you remember my name!(sarcastically)

Riddhima: I told you to leave or else Kabir will come and think what not !!(Tears)

Itna farak meri
Aur unki mohabbat mein
Hum tumse darte the
Tum unse darte ho

(The only difference
In our love is
I was afraid of you
And now you are afraid of him)

Vansh saw the locket in her neck and smiled. It was the same locket he had given her once. Riddhima noticed his eyes and followed them. She had tears but composed herself and got back in car.
Kabir also came and Vansh went to his bike.
The car started along with Riddhima’s memories. She remembered how much they spent their time together, they loved each other, play with each other!!
But now…her fate…..
She kept her hand on her neck and snatched that locket.
With her hand of the window deliberately to show Vansh, she threw that locket!!

Vansh was shocked and shattered! He remembered how happy she was when he bought that locket!!
Vansh stopped his bike and picked that, but suddenly


A truck came and took Vansh with him.
Riddhima flinched due to the sound and asker Kabir to stop the car.
And what she saw made her numb! Vansh was lying in pool of blood and locket in his hand.
She ran towards him and asked him to open his eyes, but probably it was very late for her.
And he died…

Tumhe jo bhi kehna hai keh do
Itna kyu darte ho
Tum humpe zyada marte the
Ya unpe marte ho

Mai to ab chala gaya hu
Ab to jawab do
Kya tum humse ab bhi
Mohabbat karte ho?

(Whatever you want to say speak up

Why are you so scared

You loved me more

Or him…

I have gone now

Now answer me atleast

Do you

Still love me)


The End!!

Do tell me your reviews please. Aayu hope you liked it, and please don’t cry!!


See ya…

Take care…

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