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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela makes Pooja and Varun patch up

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina telling Sameer that she got 86 marks out of 100. Sameer says wow. Naina asks about his marks. Sameer shows marks sheet. She says 40 percent and asks what is the use of staying far. Sameer says we are marwadi and have much money. She calls him Mr. Maheshwari. He calls her Mrs. Maheshwari. He says he did all the planning and says he will marry in 1997. Naina says after growing old. Sameer says he will be 23 then. He says he will take his family to her house, then sangeet, marriage and then the baby will happen. Naina gets shy. Her voiceover tells that they didn’t know if his calculation is right.

Naina asks where is Sameer? Preeti gives her puzzle and asks her to solve it and get a gift from him. Naina says my birthday is tomorrow. Preeti says he doesn’t

know anything being in love. Naina solves the puzzle and comes to garden She thinks where is Sameer?

Bela opens the door and finds Varun coming. She asks him to sit and tells that Anand is in his office. Varun asks her to call Pooja. Bela says she went to meet Doctor. He asks her to call Anand and tells that he will decide about them. He tells about phone call. Bela says she didn’t speak to him. He says nothing is fine. Naina comes to the canteen and asks where is Sameer? Swati and Munna say you are yearning to meet Sameer. Naina reads the puzzle given by them and comes to the notice board. Kamya and her friend are standing there and give last puzzle. Kamya says I wish Sameer would have done this for me. Naina asks her not to see many dreams. She reads the last puzzle and says dance. Taiji and Pooja come to the hospital. Bittu and Prabha also come there. Prabha starts taunting Taiji and Pooja. Taiji tells that Pooja’s Taya ji is a big lawyer and her father is CA. Prabha says many CA’s stands in front of my husband asking him for work. They begin fighting.

Varun and Bela come there. Bela scolds her for leaving inlaws home. Pooja says her in-laws sent her and she told Tai Ji. Bela says she doesn’t want to hear and tells that house breaks if she becomes stubborn. Pooja says sorry. Bela asks Pooja to apologize to Prabha and Bittu. Pooja apologizes to them. Prabha refuses to forgive her. Bela requests her to forgive her so that both of them can settle in their life. Bittu nods yes. Prabha forgives Bittu. The receptionist asks them to go. Taiji says first we will go? Bela stops her and asks Prabha and Bittu to go to the doctor. She asks Varun to take Pooja to his house directly and says Anand will bring her stuff to his home. Varun tells Bela that he will be with Pooja and asks them to go. Naina reads the last puzzle. Taiji lies to Bela and tells that she had explained to Pooja not to drag the matter. Bela says she knows what she said. Taya ji argues. Naina’s voiceover tells that Bela was upset with Tai ji as she tried to ruin Pooja’s marriage. Naina goes to the dance room and calls Sameer. She finds a gift kept there. Kaun ho tum plays……Sameer comes in front of her.

Sameer asks Naina to come and celebrate birthday with her. Anand and Bela decide to throw party for Naina.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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