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Krishna Chali London 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla warns Krishna

Krishna Chali London 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna coming to Radhe. He throws stones in water and recalls Shukla’s words. She holds his hand. He looks at her and asks her to sit if she wants. He asks her to have food. He refuses. She also keeps the food. He says I won’t have it. She says hunger is also good for maintaining body system. He says I m hungry too, I m just stubborn. She says I m also bit hungry. He says fine, I m going. She scolds him. He sits to have food. She smiles. They have food.

Radhe comes to room and sees her. She goes to sleep. He rests on the couch. They sleep. Its morning, Matuk comes and greets them. She asks why do they look good. Shuklain taunts. Matuk says I got an amazing news. Bela reads about Mr and Mrs. Kanpur competition. She says I will participate. He asks Krishna and

Radhe to participate as well, he got forms for them. Radhe refuses. Krishna says thanks, both of us will participate in this competition. Matuk says great. Krishna thinks I m responsible for bringing tears in your eyes, I will make Radhe smile. Matuk asks Krishna to fill the form and change history. Shukla takes the form and tears it.

He throws the paper. Krishna asks Shukla the matter. Shukla scolds Shuklain and asks her to teach them the principles of the family. He says big things are happening in my absence, if you can’t control bahus, there is no point for you staying here. She says I told you not to get educated bahu. He pushes her in anger and hurts her. He shouts that he was adamant to get educated bahu. He reminds Shuklain. He asks Bela to say a story of raising pigeon. Bela says the pigeon used to fly a lot, so dad has clipped its wings. Krishna gets shocked. Shukla warns Krishna. Krishna asks what’s mummy’s mistake, I was filling the form, what’s the problem, ask me why I want to go for competition. Radhe comes in between and holds Shukla.

Shukla says move off your hand, she is your wife, I m her father in law, let me talk. He tells Krishna that women don’t talk much at home, they are seen more and heard less, speak only as much he asks her, and do things as told to her. Krishna says but… He shouts didn’t you get it, you are most educated among them, can’t you understand, this means you intentionally insult me, I m a very patient man, I have tolerated evert misbehavior of yours, but now you are crossing your limits. She asks what did I do. He asks Shuklain to say. He says I brought you here with love, you are insulting this family, you are just a trophy bahu for us.

Shukla says Krishna won’t go out till she learns our ways. He asks Radhe to come. Radhe says I need to talk to Krishna. Gajanan drags him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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