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Dangerous ishq_Arya Ff chapter 4

Maya was staring at arjun all the while..while arjun was continuously asking her what happened…

Arjun : What .. why are you crying maya??

Maya : Arjun .. you just.. push me.. angry on me..

Arjun : What!!!!!!!! i just came now.. and I know you are angry.. Because i didn’t tell you.. but why are saying like this..???

Maya : But you just said.. me.. not to enquire about this house..and all …

Arjun : Why.. why would i…say that to you..

He knows that maya was scared enough.. so he hugs her…


Arjun was talking in his phone.. while Maya was sleeping..

Arjun : Hello.. Raghav.. i want a help from you??

Rhagav : Tell me arjun sir..

Arjun : i wanna no about this house..

Raghav : Why what happened sir..

Arjun : There are some unusal things happening here.. with maya.. so i just..

Raghav : What are you trying to say.. sir.. i thought you are a modern man who doesn’t believe in this kind of..

Arjun : I am … but when my wife says.. there will be something..

Raghav : I am sorry to say this…. but i think you should treat your wife sir..

Arjun : Shut up !!! you … just give me the number of the person…

Rhagav : Ji sir…

Maya wakes up.. arjun runs to her..

Arjun : Maya.. you just take rest..

Maya : I am fine arjun..

Arjun cups her face.. (there was a sweet wind.. )

Maya : Arjun yesterday..

Arjun puts his finger on her mouth and was about to kiss her..

The wind turns into a strom… things were falling down.. Arjun and maya’s wedding photo falls down.. Family photo.. and many more falls…

Maya holds arjun..

Maya : Arjun.. wh..what’s going on..??

Arjun : Don’t worry.. i am here… Its just a bad climate ..

Soon the wind stops..

Arjun : See.. i told you???

He kisses her..

Maya : something is wrong..

Arjun : I will get you some water..

Arjun goes. His phone rings.. The screenflashes Raghav.. maya takes the call..

Raghav : Arjun sir i have send you the no. of Vatsal he is the one who told me about the house..

Maya tries to speak.. but she was not able to as he was talking to him

Raghav : And also the psychiatrist.. i think you should better meet him also..

He cuts the phone.. Maya was hell in shock..

Arjun enters with coffee…

Arjun : Here is your hot hot coffee

Maya :Do you really think.. i am mad..

Arjun looked at her..

Maya : It was raghav’s call and i am sorry.. that i did.. attened it..

Arjun : No maya.. its…

Maya : I thought.. that.. you will understand me.. but you.. just.. made fun of my..

She walks out..

Arjun : Believe me.. i have asked him only about the broker’s number..

Maya : You want me to believe this..

Arjun : Ofcourse…!!!.. and i believe you yaar..

Just then maya feels weakness.. she hold her head… Arjun was continuously arguning..

Maya faints.. Arjun looks back hearing the sound… he is hell shocked to see maya lying on the floor unconscious.. Arjun runs to her.. takes her ..

Arjun : Maya.. maya. open your eyes.. maya looka at me..

He takes her to hospital..

Arjun : Its a very bad joke .. please look at me.. come its not funny look…


Doctor checks maya.. Arjun was waiting outside..A nurse calls him inside..

Doctor : Mr.??

Arjun : Arjun.. arjun mehrotra..

Doctor : Yeah.. mr. Mehrotra.. congrats..

Arjun : Huh???? Dr. Is maya fine..

Dr. : Ofcourse.. she is fine as well as pregnent

Arjun : Thank god… (he pauses for a minute) What are you serious.. she is .. I ..can i meet her..

Dr. : Ofcourse..

Arjun walks near maya.. and sits besides her…

Arjun was going to hug her..  but maya stops..

Arjun : Maya!!..  believe me i believe you and..  and i promise that i will be at your side in all terms..

Maya looks at him..

Arjun : And you know what you have given me.. happiness for a life time.  i will… its ..

Arjun hugs her this time… Maya smiles..

Arjun : I will inform them.. they will be hell happy..

He calls..

Maya : Hi.. maa

Jhanvi : Where are you two now.. its look like a..

Arjun : Hospital…

Vandana : Huh… hospital..

Maya : Congrats .. you to are soon going to be Nani and Dadi..

Vandana : What..!!

Just then Aayan enters..

Ayaan : Why are you both shouting???

Vandana : I am going to be a Dadi soon..

Ayaan : What nonsenes …. for that bhabhi should be pregnat first.. Oh.. fish.. is that.. i am..

Arjun : Chachu..

Sakshi comes..

sakshi : Wow… Maya di congrats.. i..

Ayaan : You are now chachi..

Sakshi : Yes !!!

They both realises what they said and gets quite..

Vandana : You both are still at hospital..!!

Arjun : Yeah… we are just about to leave..

Vandana : Hear me clearly Arjun you ahould now take extra care of her now.. you should takecare of her everything

Jhanvi : Maya i will be there as soon as possible.. and maya be carefull while walking … your habit of falling will be harmful.. and please have your medicines at time..

Arjun & maya : Ji..


Maya : Really can’t believe.. there is a life inside me..

She cares her belly..

Arjun : You have given me the biggest happiness ….

He also hold her belly..

Maya : Arjun lookout !!!!!!

Arjun looses control over his car.. but was able to stop it…

He gets out of the car..

Arjun : Are you blind.. can’t you just see..  a car is comming..

Women : Arjun… Kill it… otherwise.. it will bring more difficult..

Arjun : What!!!!

Arjun : The life.. which is in your wife’s … your unborn child… kill it.. otherwise.. things will get worse. and yoi will not be …

Arjun( angry) : shut up !!!! just shut up… you are elder that me.. otherwise.. I would have..

He gets into the car and drives..

Women (shouts) : You will have to come to me…..


Maya : What was that women saying???

Arjun : Nothing.. just nothing.. you have to think about you ;me and our princess… not about that women..

Maya : Princess??? what if its a prince..

Arjun : But i need a princess… Even its a prince it will be okay…

Maya : You na.. Arjun.. so

Arjun : So????

Maya : Cute..!!





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