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Are we destined for each other????? (Small leap to Marriage)

Sorry for the late update. I am starting with a small leap. Om reveals to Rudra from when Anika had a crush on Shivaay and the whole story. This will be revealed through flashbacks.

At last they got married. We can see the happy faces of the audience including their parents, siblings and friends. But the one who should be happy, see their faces, they look angry.

Why?? Let’s peep into their life.

After marriage, the bride and bridegroom takes blessings from their parents.

After the function, the bride’s mother was talking to the bride.

M: Now your’e married, how much long I have to wait for this day. You are not only my daughter, but also this family’s daughter.

B: Correction! I am only this family’s daughter. Now onwards, I am not your daughter any more. Even if I die, don’t even come to do my last rites.

M: What are you saying my daughter?

B: Your’e happy, right? Taking decisions what you like in my life. Have you ever considered me as human being? I agreed to this wedding, because my brother is small, otherwise I would have left you for your own.

M: You don’t even learn from your mistakes. Your friends have turned you like this. One day, you will cry for talking to me like this.

B: I don’t care! Till now you all have decided what I have to do. I don’t have any wish on my own. Now I want my life.

M: If you make any problems which cause an insult to us, then I will suicide.

Bride smirks. Mother goes. The bride breaks into sobs after she sobs.

B: I never thought my mother will do this to me. Why did you do this to me?  Till now for all those problems you have made in my life is something I can forget. But this was terrible. My life is a toy or what to play with. I don’t want to live like this any more. (She is crying).

Someone hears it.

The person comes inside.

P: Bhabhi, don’t do like that. I know you like him but you do not agree to this marriage because you feel your’e not ready for it and he also doesn’t like it. But don’t worry, we all are there for you. What all problems are there we will help you. After all I am your devar, rt?

Who is the bride? Who is she talking to?

Wait for the next part!

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