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chapter 9 : confrontation and revenge

At night,

Kairav: Mumma where are you going to sleep In middle or at the side

Naira: I…I…I will sleep on the other bed

Kartik: Not you I will sleep there you have back pain

Kairav: yes Mumm you have a back pain whenever you sleep on the sofa working

Naira: Baby??? Okay fine you sleep in middle

Kairav: okay!

He slept cuddling into his dad both the father son duo were sleeping peacefully specially kartik after 5 year’s finally he slept peacefully holding his life and child near him…but something that was missing was Naira.. she went down and went to the guest room to Vedika..

Naira: Do you have some story books Vedu ?

Vedika: Naira at this time don’t you want to sleep ?

Naira: I am not sleeping with kartik and I don’t want to disturb his sleep he is looking so calm sleeping with Kairav

Vedika: Alone pure life me kabhi khud ke bare me socha hai Naira…how will you live without Kairav as Custody will definitely got to him as he was away from Kairav 5 year’s

Naira: I am not divorcing him… for kairav…I can live a life of hell but not my son he will always get what he deserves both father and mother…

Vedika: Did you talk to Gayu ?

Naira: she hates me she will never touch me also…she has been brain washed…she hates me me so much I can’t imagine that my sister will do this to me…

Vedika: Forget it Naira…. people change with time…

On the other side In Singhania Sadan

Gayu: That day I realised my worth all thanks to Mithali


Mithali: you know Gayu you are used by everyone…and that naira is praised by everyone

Gayu: what are you speaking…mind that she is my sister

Mithali: didn’t she steal you first love..did she not tie u up with Samarth…Did she not tell you not to abort vansh

Gayu: Shut upp what are you speaking

Mithali: sach kadva hota hai gayu hear me out…she took your family from you after she came back from Rishikesh did anyone pamper you..in Goenka villa she became the ideal bahu by getting a job and helping them did anyone allow you???

Gayu went from there thinking about it and she believed that stupid mithali easily ..

Present day

Gayu: if she would have not been there I would be trapped by Naira…but not now I will teach her a lesson for what she did to me..!!!!

In Mishti’s room

Abir: I need to talk to kartik…I took him as my brother and he broke my trust .Naira is not my blood bound sister but to me she means more than what she means to naksh…I can’t…I just can’t see her suffering anymore I have to know the reason why was that  question ever asked…

Mishti: Abir we have to talk to mr.goenka…or else I will kill him in anger .all the years I have seen how she suffered…her voice of crying was audible in night’s….What was her fault…that she was helping the family!?

Abir: Mishti you called kartik bff right then mr.goenka???

Mishti: bff was the person who loved my dii to eternity…who trusted her blindly whom I could rely on whenever it came to me or my family or my dii…but everything shattered years back Abir from that day he was not my bff but was a son of the Overrated Goenka’s who don’t know how to respect anyone’s feelings

Abir: let’s go to him tomorrow

The night passed silently someone was in dilemma, someone in guilt some where in deep slumber after year’s…and the devil was planing plots for her Revenge on a pure soul who was shattered because of her

At Goenka villa

Mishti: mr.goenka tell me the reason you did that to my sister

Kartik: Mishti I am your bff naa…

Mishti: My bff is dead you are mr.goenka reply to me you spoilt boy from the Goenka family….

Kartik: Mishti don’t say like this plsss I had missed you all so much…and now you are calling me Mr.Goenka rather than bff…plss..mi am already in guilt atleast you don’t do that even I am tired of fighting with everyone..you can see Naira’s pain, Vedika can…Abir is there but for me no one… Mishti no one was there…I have cried alone and suffered all alone….your bff needs you Mishti plsss…..


hey peeps !! that’s it for this chapter !! next chapter hopefully coming today itself i tried to translate it in english as far as i could ..

see y’all

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