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chapter 10 : walking disaster

the chapter starts with abir and mishti confrontation ,

mishti: nahi bhai, you don’t know a thing , you don’t know how difficult was it for di to bring kairav into this world , you don’t know anything how is it when you are getting hatred from both of your families and suspicion from the one she loves the most . for gods sake please spare her !! spare her life !

kartik (sterly) : okk , i am sparing her , today in 1 hour you will get to know if i do that or not .

mishti : it will be better if you do that

kartik : ya !

mishti and abir went back to singhania sadan while kartik called his lawyer,

kartik : hello , is this Amit speaking?

Amit : yes sir , boliye

kartik : i want two documents ready in just an hour

Amit : sure sir . which all documents?

kartik : divorce and custody papers

Amit : oh ok sir

kartik : and send these documents to me first and not to my wife

Amit : sure sir .

kartik  you wanted divorce na naira and here you go . i even gave you custody papers to sign but ya mark my words i will get kairav’s sole custody . i know i made a mistake but you taking him away from me , it is a sin .

while in singhania sadan ,

naira : mishti abir , where were you ?

mishti : voh di , we went to kartik bhai

naira : kartik? why ?

naira took them to a room , and asked mishti

naira : bolo mishti abir why did you go to kartik ?

mishti : we asked him to spare you and kairav’s life . he agreed for divorce

naira : what??

mishti :haan di . now you can be happy

naira: why will you do that guys ?

abir: di we did it for you

naira : for me really ? you think i wanted divorce ? you think that i don’t love him anymore .

mishti : but di you told in goenka villa?

naira : i did but later changed my mind . if me and kartik gets divorced then … it will effect kairav. i understand that kartik made a mistake by asking me that question but he has already suffered a lot and i don’t want him to be away from his son anymore because of me especially.

while naksh came shouting from behind,

naksh : naira kartik aaya hain chal

naira : haan bhai

while naira was hoping that he should not give her divorce papers .

naira : kartik you here ?

kartik : Ms. Singhania , here are the divorce papers and the custody papers . i have signed them , you can have your freedom from me , and ya the custody case, it will start from tomorrow . be on time for court 10 am. i have brought your stuff here , you can stay here if you want.

naira : kartik listen… please don’t take mishti and abir’s word . custody is not a solution kartik . please don’t do this .

kartik (shouting): nahi naira , not this time . you have kept my son away from me for 5 years. i know we had issues and differences but that doesn’t mean that you will take my son away from me . you know what i can’t trust you with my son , what if you take him away again ? so i am officially asking from the court to give kairav’s sole custody to me so i can actually take decisions for him varna toh you have a habit of taking wrong decisions every time .

naira : kartik..yeh kya

kartik : see i really don’t want to waste my time because i have to prepare for the custody case because i really don’t wanna loose it .

naira : kartik see…

but before naira can speak , kartik went out of the singhania sadan giving the papers to naira . naira was shocked by his behavior. she quietly went to her room upstairs with the papers .

In naira’s room , 

she was sitting on the floor with the papers in front of it . all the memories of her and kartik were coming in front of her mind . their first meet , their wedding , their friendship , greece, naira’s first pregnancy and than that question .

naira : i don’t want divorce kartik neither i want to take up the custody case . i know i did a grave sin by separating a father-son duo , i know i made you feel so guilty . it is even my fault that i couldn’t see the insecurities you had. i know you suffered a lot with guilt and what not but please don’t put up the custody papers . i am ready to divorce you becase if you don’t trust me then there is no point in this relationship . but please don’t snatch kairav from me , i won’t be able to bear it , i will die alive kartik please don’t do this . mera kairav , mujhe please usse door mat karo .

after hours of crying , she signed the papers and sent it to kartik through the driver . kairav was at goenka’s villa wondering where her mom is . he calls her up with kartik’s phone

kairav: mumma where are you ?

naira : voh baby i am at your mamu’s house today . see we were away from him for 5 years na so mamu was missing us and hence i came here. you spend time with papa today , even you missed him na

kairav : haan mumma i  missed him so much

naira : i know  chalo you go and play with him , and if you miss me don’t hesitate to call me

kairav : haan mumma , bye i love you

naira : bye i love you too bachha

they ended the call , for naira , that night was not a good one , she kept crying and cursing her fate while for kartik it was the happiest  as he got some time to spend with his son . they both slept thinking what will future hold for them tomorrow.

              ” Don’t give up because of one bad chapter in your life . keep going your story doesn’t end here “


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