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Udaariyaan 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh criticizes Jasmin

Udaariyaan 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with both the families worrying for Tejo and thinking what had happened that Tejo didn’t reach home. They all get too worried. Navraj says I know about Tejo, when she was leaving, Jasmin met her. He tells them everything which he heard. Rupy and everyone get shocked. Satti gets dizzy. Navraj says I didn’t see Tejo so upset before. He cries. Rupy says I won’t leave Jasmin today, how dare she tells such nonsense to Tejo, she has blamed Tejo. Abhiraj stops him and says we have to find Tejo first. Bebe says Tejo has stayed as Jasmin’s shadow, maybe she broke down. Nimmo says maybe she has run away from the house. Fateh says Tejo isn’t weak to take such a step, she will come home. Rupy says my daughter is brave, she won’t harm herself. Harman says yes, but I m worried if she met with any accident. Rupy says no, I will find her and bring her home. Bebe asks Abhiraj to go to Fateh and tell him everything. Abhiraj and Rupy leave. Satti prays for Tejo.

Khushbeer sees Fateh having food. He says amazing, your wife is missing, you are having food here. Fateh says she would have gone to her friend. Abhiraj comes and says no, I asked her friends, they don’t know anything about her, don’t know where is she. Nimmo says you came here, you should have found her outside. Abhiraj says Rupy has gone to search for her at the hospitals, they think she met with an accident.

He asks did Tejo tell you anything. Fateh says no, I will find out. Khushbeer also goes to find her. Gurpreet asks Mahi does she know anything. Abhiraj asks Fateh did he slap Tejo or fight with her. Fateh says I didn’t raise hand on her, we just had a small fight, you can understand our situation. They leave. Rupy calls Harman and says I didn’t find anything, don’t know where is Tejo. Jasmin comes and takes food. She says I m very hungry. Harman gets angry. Satti says she won’t get any sense all her life, its my mistake to always cover up her mistakes. She says I had blamed Rupy when Jasmin broke the marriage, Tejo is sensible, Jasmin is foolish, she is selfish, I never thought that Tejo and Jasmin will become enemies, and hate each other. Harman says Tejo got so worried by hearing Jasmin’s taunts. Jasmin asks what happened, is everything fine. Dilraj asks did you find about Tejo. She asks where is she. Harman says she is missing, Rupy and Abhiraj went to find her. Navraj says it happened because of you, I have seen it, you were fighting with her, she always supported you. Jasmin shouts and says I told her the truth, Tejo knew that Fateh lost his job, she didn’t tell me, it was her plan, she snatched Fateh, she loves him. Satti says go away before I slap you. Bebe says no, Tejo won’t come if you slap her. Jasmin says its Tejo’s mistake and I m getting blamed, you don’t take her tension, she will be fine. Satti says if anything happens to Tejo, then I will kill you.

Khushbeer calls Fateh. Fateh says there is no accident case, how can Tejo leave the house. Abhiraj says Tejo is very sad, its because of Jasmin. Fateh asks what do you mean. Abhiraj tells everything. Fateh gets angry and goes to Jasmin’s house. He shouts Jasmin… She comes. He asks what did you tell Tejo. She says Tejo knew that you lost the job. He asks so what. She asks why didn’t she tell this to me, this happened because of Tejo, it was her plan. He asks her to have some shame.

He says you didn’t trust me, at least trust your sister, do you know, about whom are you saying this, Tejo is your sister, she stayed like a shadow with you to always protect you, you have no existence without her, you are wearing the clothes of her choice. She says yes, that’s why she liked my choice, right. He says I can’t believe that you are saying this, what would have happened if Tejo told you the truth, would you not run from the mandap, would you marry me. He asks the family would Jasmin marry him knowing he lost the job. He says you would have run away from mandap even then, because just Canada matters to you, nothing else, stop blaming Tejo. She says you are right, if Tejo told me the truth, then I would have talked to you, our families would have not got insulted. He says Tejo got us close. She says Tejo got us distant today. He says I didn’t know you will stoop low. She says you are defending your wife, you loved me, right. He asks her to stop it. He says if you knew the meaning of love and valued it, then this would have not happened, you didn’t realize what you lost in your life. Rupy comes home and asks Fateh did he find Tejo. Fateh says no, don’t worry, I will find her. Jasmin runs to her room and cries. She picks Tejo’s pic and thinks of her. She cries.

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