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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 51

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Here epi starts

Scene 1

Riddhima wakes up from sleep

Riddhima – Shit!! Its evening i slept too much but where is vansh

Suddenly vansh comes from washroom

Vansh – Missing me!! I am here

Riddhima (laughing) – Talk about the devil and devil is here

Vansh goes to her and back hugs her sitting on bed

Vansh – Sweetheart i have a small work can i do in study plz

Riddhima – Omg !! mr. Vansh raisinghania is asking for permission it’s 8th wonder right

Vansh – Shut up yrr tell na can i go

Riddhima’s POV

It is good opportunity vansh will be busy and i will do my work

Just wait Mr. Raisinghnia i have a lovely surprise for u

Pov ends

She smirk

Riddhima – Ok fine you go..

Vansh (raising his brows) – Tum itni jldi kese maan gyi..

Riddhima (pushing him) – just go…iske pehle me apna irada bdl du

Vansh leaves

Scene 2

Vansh is working in study since 2 hours

Vansh – Work is over now.. i will spend time with my sweetheart

He goes to door and tries to open it but it is lock from outside

Vansh – Who the hell locked me in my own House

He bang the door

Vansh – sweetheart i know it’s u open the door yrr

Suddenly a paper came from beneath of the door

Vansh picks it up and read

Stop banging the door like kid Mr.desperate raisinghania

I have a surprise for u

Go and pick box from your drawer there and get ready in 15 min

You wife is waiting for u at terrace

Yours sweetheart

He blushes and kiss the letter

He gets ready and goes to terrace

The whole terrace is dark

As soon as he starts taking steps forward lights start glowing

Soon the whole terrace is glowing with fairy lights

Vansh is just amazed by seeing this

Vansh – sweetheart where are u yr..come plz

Suddenly someone back hugs him and he know the owner

Vansh – riddhima!!

Ridddhima – How do u know it’s me

Vansh – i can feel u just by your fragnence sweetheart

He makes her come in front of him and left jaw dropped

She is looking ravishing in white attire

Vansh – Looking like a queen sweetheart

Riddhima – queen !your’s Queen only

Vansh forward his hand towards Her

Vansh – May i get a pleasure to have a dance with u

Riddhima intertwined their hands and they both started dancing


Sajde mein tere hi
Jhuk jaon main sada
Teri hi bahoon mein
Ho jaon laapata
Chayian ho dhoop ho
Rasta bhi ho naya
Humko ab kaisa darr
Sang jo hai tu chala
Ho..ab tere sare hi
Gum hai mere
Ab meri khusiyan
Teri hai sada

Tu hai mera khuda
Ab na hona juda
Karde karam ki
Dil yeh chain payega
Maula Maula re
Shukh tera maula re
Roobaru hua mera yaar

Vansh pulls her more close to him

Vansh – Tum mujh se dur mt jaya kro meri saanse ruk jati hai..

She rest her head on his chest and keep dancing

Riddhima – Your heart beat is best music for me vansh

Vansh twirls her around and they both dance with each other

Riddhima makes him sit on chair and they start eating dinner

Riddhima – I made you fav food vansh see

Italian pasta
Rogan josh
(,Rrahul Sir’s fav😉)
Veg manchurian
Blue berry cheesecake

Vansh (looking towards her) – But i want to have something else😉

Riddhima (blushing) – You pervert have your dinner

Vansh and riddhima feeds each other

Vansh pics her in his arm and take her to matrix..

Both sit on matrix in each other’s arm covering themselves with dovet

Riddhima – I have a surprise for u Mr.hubby

Vansh – One more surprise
Interesting very interesting

Riddhima takes a remote and switch on the projector in front of them

Photos start displaying

1st pic

Vansh – This is our first meet na
Uff!! You were looking so hot sweetheart

Riddhima – and u were flirting with me there

(Mimicking him) – May i have your number plz

Vansh encircled him arms around her

Vansh – the day i saw u you were mine sweetheart

Riddhima kisses him on his cheeks

2nd pic

Vansh -Its our 1st dance na sweetheart

And remember you were dancing with that kabutar i mean kabir

Riddhima – And u were flirting with that bahana i mean ahana

Your so called sweetheart

And they both laugh

3rd pic

Riddhima – This is 1st time you kissed me vansh

I was lost in your eyes

Vansh – Sweetheart you made my life complete i just can’t breathe without u now

Riddhima – You were a pervert vansh

Always did Flirt with me..

Vansh – I did with only you sweetheart otherwise i never saw any  girl properly except u..

He kisses her forehead

4th pic

Vansh – This is our engagement pic

U were looking breath taking yrr

Riddhima (laughing) – U remember vansh how u were shouting like kid for marriage and begging in front of dadi

Vansh (blushing) – I was so desperate to make u mine sweetheart

I wanted to became father of little princess like u

Riddhima (hitting his arm,) – Watch next


5th pic

Suddenly both face’s expression change

Riansh (unison in sad voice) – our wedding pic

Riddhima – I can’t forget this dreadful day ever

I lost my everything i lost u that day

Vansh (weeping her tears) – You needed me most and i was not with u sweetheart

He hugs her to console her

Pictures end

Vansh – Ok no more tears now

Only happy happy moments ok

Vansh’a Pov

I don’t care what destiny wants u r mine only mine now if u too want to go i won’t let u.. Sweetheart

Now game is mine from both the sides

Pov ends

Riddhima smiles

Vansh is snuggling in her neck inhaling her fragrance

Her pov

Ek khel kismat me khela
Ek khel hm khel rhe hai..
Hm ek dusre k liye ek dusre se hi ld rhe h


Suddenly she feels some tickles on her stomach

Riddhima (glaring vansh) – vannnnnnshhhh!!

Vansh (innocently) – i know my name sweetheart it’s nice na😃😉

He puted His hand under duvet and slide on her stomach touching her sensually

Vansh pulls her more close to him and slide her hairs on one shoulder and started kissing it

He is rubbing his hand all over her body and kissing her passionately

riddhima also started kissing him and removes his shirt

She kisses him on his bare chest giving shivers to his body

And this activate him

He takes her in his arms and make her sit on his lap

He removes her shrug and  started giving wet kisses on her bod

Riddhima (moaning) – Va..van.. Vansh

She pulls him more close by his neck and takes his hairs in her fist..

He slide his clother from her leg to thighs and started kissing on her leg

Riddhima looks at his lips intensely and smash her lips on his

First he was shock by her action but then started reciprocating it

Riddhima digs her nails in her neck and he groans

Taking this as opportunity she slide her tongue in his mouth

Both are licking each other’s lips and tongue and fight for dominance

But riddhima is far Much more dominant this time

Both leave each other panting heavily

Riddhima – I made drinks for us vansh let me bring it

She brings drink for both of them and they started siping it looking at each other’s eyes

Vansh looks at her juicy lips and again capture her lips and started sucking it..

Both lied on bed without breaking the kiss

Then riddhima broke the kiss due to out of breath

He hugs her and she rest her head on his chest

Riddhima started making circles on his chest

Riddhima – life would have so different na vansh if we would have married 5 years ago

May be we we would be the parents of a boy or girl

Vansh (halfly open eyes) – One!! Sweetheart we would have almost 5 kids now

One baby per year😉

Riddhima hits him blushing

Riddhima keeps talking few minutes and then look upward to him and smiles

Vansh is sleeping peacefully making a cute pout like a baby

Riddhima gives peck on his lips and sleep in his arms hugging him

Done for today

Precap ; Fight

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