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Riansh OS : I love you forever and ever and ever By aishu

Hey guys , it’s my new OS , hope you all like it .


A girl is crying , her face is pale with no expression , her nose is red , her cries has dried indicating she is crying for hours , just then a person taps on her shoulder , it’s sejal , her best friend

Sejal : riddima don’t cry na yaar , I can’t see you crying , please don’t cry .

riddima gave no reply


I thought him as my world , I thought him as my life , but he is not with me anymore , he is with someone else , enjoying his life to the fullest , he doesn’t understand my love , I tried my best to show it in my actions , but nah , he doesn’t understand , instead he thought me as a possessive , jealous , caring and loving best friend that’s it , just a best friend , nothing more than that , I loved him with all my heart , I drove crazy in his love , I became mad , now I doesn’t get anything , I deserve this punishment , when I understood , it’s not obsession , attraction , lust , infatuation , or crush , it’s indeed love , I am on cloud nine , that I loved someone , that I will have a happy family with him , I am an orphan , I craved for love , I got a friend like sejal , and a mother figure like gayatri , they are my best friend’s cum sisters cum mother cum everything to me , when I met him , I am just lost in his black orbs , I kept a crush on him , when I felt happy and peace by being with him , I thought it to infatuation , when I felt charmed and attracted towards him , I thought it to be attraction , when I felt jealous seeing him with someone else , I felt it like obsession , when I can’t control myself , when I saw him in bare body , I thought it to be lust , but when I decided to leave this country , to avoid these feelings , I understood it’s love ,
I can’t imagine that I love someone this much , I thought to propose him , but , what I saw is ,


Riddima is holding a bouquet of red roses in her hand , she is happy and excited , she entered in to the college , she searched for her love , just then she saw a scenery , which shook her , which broke her into millions of pieces , which she isn’t imagined even in her wildest dreams , is that , she saw her love , bowing in front of a girl , holding a rose ,

Riddima : no ,it must be a dream , nothing much , it must be a nightmare , it must be an imagination , nothing much ,

She tried hard to pacify herself , tears are in the verge to flow down her cheeks , her eyes filled with droplets , she can’t hold or control herself , her world became upside down by the visible scenery in front of her , she tried soo much to hide the tears , but nah , she is unable to , and the tears made their way , she collapsed in her place , her friends , who know she loves someone and who is the person , holded her tightly , she burst into tears , she left the place immediately , she can’t hold herself anymore , just then , it started to rain , her tears got mixed in the droplets of rain , her mind played her first and final love proposing someone , she can’t bear the fact that the one whom she loved to the core of her heart , loved someone else .

Riddima : (crying)why god why ?? , what wrong I did , loving someone ?? , why this only happened with me , I loved him with my whole heart , but he loved someone else , he broke my heart into pieces , you know right , I am not strong , I am weak , my stupid heart still loves him , someone make it understand that he is not hers , but is of someone else .

She left from there to her house , sejal and gayatri are already present there .they tried hard to console her , but hers is a weak heart

Gayu : leave her for some time , she should cry her heart out .


She is crying bitterly , suddenly her phone beeps , the caller name is ” MY LOVE ” , She answers it holding her tears ,

Riddima : hello

Her love : riddu , listen , today I got my love , love of my life , guess who is it ?? , its aahana yaar , we loved each other , don’t you congratulate your best friend , and yes ,
don’t forget to come to my marriage , and yes, as you are best in planning parties , could you plan my marriage too , I know you will , see you .

the call got declined .

She again started crying ,

Sejal : what happened ?? , what he said ??

Riddima : he said to arrange his marriage

gayu : how could he ?? , and how could you ?? , don’t it be painful , that a lover arranges his / her love’s marriage .

Riddima : but still I should .


Riddima enters in and her love instantly hugs her tightly ,

Riddima : say me one thing , are you happy ??

her love : it’s limitless yaar

Riddima : then me to happy

Present :


Person : are you riddima ??

Riddima: yes , who are you ??

Person : I am kabir , actually I am ahaana’s ex-boyfriend , she just used for her benefit and money , stop this wedding and save your friend .

Riddima : then here are the proofs

He shows her the pics .

Riddima leaves from there to her love’s room

Riddima : VANSH ,

vansh : say

Riddima : ahaana is just fooling you

vansh gets shocked at first , and then laughed

Vansh : don’t crack jokes riddima

Riddima : no yaar , just now her boyfriend came to me and gave their pics

Just then ahaana comes ,

vansh : ahaana , did you love anyone ??

ahaana (in mind) : oh no he got to know , I have to cover the situation (to vansh ) actually vansh baby , he cheated on me , I touhught that you will not need to learn my past .

vansh : now your doubt got solved right ??

riddima and vansh doesn’t talk with each other ,

sejal: hmm , some years friendship , got broken by a silly girl’s fake love , did she became that important and trustworthy to him.

riddima : but I will save him from that blooduy witch

Gayu : don’t you have self-respect ?? , how could you have it ?? , you have became mad in his love . still she loves him

Riddima: pyaar matlab , jisse ham pyaar karte , usse paana hi nahi ,
unho se ham door rehke bhi , usse pal pal yaad karna bhi pyaar hota
pyaar matlab kiss karna nahi
usse bahut miss karna hai
pyaar matlab take care , have your medicines kehna nahi , uski saath rehke , usko ek maa jaise khayaal rakhna pyaar hota hai .


(TRANSLATION :love means , not only winning whom we love , but where we are also , each and every second remembering them , love means not only kissing the person whom we love , but also missing them too , love means not only staying take care and have your medicines in calls and messages , but also being with them and taking care of them too .)

Sejal : you see , she is saying philosophy on her love , who doesn’t even care for her .

Riddima : yaar , just shut up , now I am leaving , I have to work on my plan .

Riddima leaves to ahana and vansh , who are sitting at the hall with the family , the marriage is at night , she goes near ahana and says in her ear

Riddima (whispering) : I have proofs against you .

Ahana : (whispering)which proofs ??

Riddima : the proofs which will prove you wrong .

Ahana : but I doesn’t believe you .

Riddima comes back

Gayu : what happened ??

Riddima : PLAN FLOP

Sejal : now what you will do , better you leave the idea of saving him , he deserve the punishment for not trusting and loving an angel .

Riddima : (smirking)hmm , seju darling
Intelligent people , in tough situations , calmly think of a plan

Smart people , will always be ready with a plan

But legends , ultra smart and masterminds , if plan A flops too , they will always be ready with plan B

Gayu : means you have plan B ??

Riddima smirks .

Riddima leaves from there to kitchen ,

Riddima : mrs Dsouza , you leave , I will take these drinks for the family

Mrs Dsouza nods and leaves

Riddima : now to execute the plan B

She mixes a liquid in a glass of orange juice .

Riddima : now this truth potion will make you say the truth .

Riddima leaves to the hall , she serves everyone the drink .

Riddima : come with me ahana darling , I will get you ready for the marriage , vansh will die seeing you that beautiful .

Vansh : no , I don’t wanna die .

Riddima : shut up , you come with me.

Riddima takes ahana to her room and locks the door .

Riddima then starts asking her questions and records it .

Before any guest could come , riddima makes ahana get ready , and takes her to the hall

Riddima : vaise , before wedding , I want to give you both a memorable gift .

She shows the recording , everyone gets shocked .

Uma (vansh’s mom ) : how dare you to cheat my son

All the family members slap her .

Dadi : we are sorry riddima beta , we all thought you are lying .

Riddima (sarcastically) : how can’t you all think I am a liar , I know you all from years , but when a girl came , everyone forget my reality and loyalty , and misunderstood me very easily , and Mr Vansh Raisinghania , what you just said that day , you are right , I stoop soo low , right ??

She immediately left the mansion .

Vansh tried to console her , but nah , she didn’t answer his calls .

After a week :

Vansh : in this week , why I felt missing her ?? , It’s not just friendship , but what it could be ?? , Is it?? , is it ?? , Is it love ??

Vansh finds riddima’s location , it’s XYZ cliff .(yeah , abc and xyz became common for everyone 😂😂)

Vansh finds her sitting at the edge of the cliff while crying .

Riddima : I done a grave mistake for not speaking with him for one week , and talking rude to him , he needs me , betrayed people , need a person to understand their situation .

Sejal : yaar , he doesn’t trust you , but still like mad girl , you are caring for him , like seriously riddu ?

Riddima : pyaar matlab hamme jisse pyaar ki , usse jeet ke , uski saath hi zindagi guzar na hi nahi , uski khushi ke liye kuch bhi kar ke , aakhri hamari pyaar ko kurbaani dekhe bhi , usse khush rakhna bhi pyaar hota .

# aishu:D

(Translation : a true love means , not only winning the person whom we love , and spending the whole life with him , but also to keep him happy , and for his happiness , even sacrificing our love is also called a true love )

Vansh is shocked to hear she loved him .

Gayu : you loved him this much , but what he gave to you , just pain and cries .

Riddima : yaar , mera toh one side love hai .

One side love story :

Woh nahi jaan paya , ki ham unse pyaar karte , phir bhi , hum unse pyaar karna .

Har roz milti milti , sharam aa jaati

Kayi koi compliment karti toh ek blush gaal pe aa jaate

Uske liye , har roz naya jaise taiyaar hote

Use impress karne ke liye mar jaate

Agar iss pyaar sacha hai toh , usko kisi aur insaan ki saath dekh nahi paa sakte

Magar dekha toh , andari volcanoes errupt hoo jaate

Usse milte , baat karte hi , pyaar aur bad jaate

Kayi kuch dinon se woh hi khuwabon mein aana shuru karte

Jab hum unse door chali jaate , tab hi , woh pyaar hai ya attraction hai , yaa phir kuch aur hai , samajh mein aate

“Uss ki saath ham reh nahi paaya “, yeh feeling toh hoti hi rehti poori zindagi

Kabhi kabhi , hamari yeh pehla pyaar nobita ko shizuka ki paas hua pyaar jaise hi reh jaate

Kyunki , kuch kahaani adhuri reh jaane ki qismat mann karta.

Agar hum unko yaad rahe yaa na rahe , phir woh hame zindagi bhar yaad rahegi .

# Aishu:D

(Translation : yaar , mine is one side love , one side love , it means and it will be like this :

If he knows or not that we love him/her , still loving them

Seeing and meeting him/her only , we will get shy

If he/she compliment’s us , we will get a blush on our cheek .

Just for him/her , we will get ready newly everyday .

We will die to impress him/her

If this is truly love , we can’t see them with any other person .

If we see , volcanoes errupt inside us

Meeting him/her and talking with him;/her , will make our love grow more .

From some days , him/her coming in to our dreams and imagination will start .

When we will get separated from them , then only we will understand that what we have for them is love or attraction or something else

” We didn’t got a chance to live with them” , this will freak us whole life .

Some times , our love will be like the love which nobita has for shizuka ,

Because to keep some stories incomplete , destiny likes .

If we are alive in their thoughts and they still remember us or not , we still remember them whole life . )

Sejal and gayu leave from there .

Riddima : now nothing is left for me .

Vansh : no riddima

She turns back to face him

Vansh : I love you riddima , I love you alot .

Riddima : not now vansh , you doesn’t even trusted me , don’t think I will give you a chance .

After 2 weeks :

Vansh decides to meet her , and learns from angre that she is in hospital .

He goes to the hospital and finds out that she has cancer , so what she refused to accept his love

After 2 days :

Riddima is sitting on the cliff

Riddima: no one are with me , when I born and when I am dying too

Just then she sees vansh sitting beside her .

Riddima (shocked) : vansh you here ??

Vansh : yes , and what are you doing here ??

Riddima : vansh , doctors said it’s last stage , I will die today only .

Vansh : don’t you wanted to say me that you will leave me forever

Riddima : vansh , if I say , can you bear it ??

Vansh : so what I took a decision

Riddima: and what’s that ??

Vansh : you will get to know soon .

Riddima sleeps on his shoulder , he too sleeps , just then she starts coughing .

Vansh (concerned and feared) : what happened ???

Riddima (crying) : I think , I am going to die

Vansh : don’t say so

Riddima : vansh , before dying , I have a wish

Vansh : and what’s that ??

Riddima : I want to celebrate my birthday , that’s tomorrow , I want to enjoy tomorrow to the fullest , and die peacefully in your arms , will you fulfil my wish ??

The next day they enjoy the fullest

At 7:00pm :

They are at the cliff

Riddima : you said that you took some decision ??

Vansh : to die with you , jumping off the cliff

Riddima: are you mad

Vansh : in your love

Riddima : vansh please , your family needs you the most , don’t try to leave them .

Vansh : but riddima

Riddima : just shut your mouth , and do my farewell peacefully , I want to die , while seeing you happy .

Riddima coughs once again , and starts to fall weak , vansh holds her in his arms

Riddima (slow tone) : vansh , I can understand that these are my last minutes , I am going to die , but I am happy , I am dying happily ,

She looses her consciousness

At her funeral :

Vansh ignites the fire of her pyre , and cries , he goes back to the cliff

He then feels a weight on his shoulder , he sees ridima

Riddima : don’t get emotional haivan , look Mr Khadoos raisinghania , I am just your love’s soul , look , I died now , if you still decide to die , then my soul never rest in peace , lead a happy life , never ever forget me in your life , and mostly , don’t be a devdas all life , love someone , atleast not love , marry someone , you have to move on , then only I will be happy , ok ?? , And yes , now I am leaving , don’t forget what I said you now , when ever you are weak and need me , just call my name , not riddima , but sweetheart , I will be in front of your eyes , don’t worry , I will ask the God’s permission , and come in your dreams too , you should not cry once again in your life , you have to stay strong and move on , and don’t forget to keep a bouquet near my photo , and yes , if you stay happy , I will stay happy , and yes , come to me , when you became too old and grandfather , I will be very happy to see you soo old , but , how much old you become too , your handsome ness never fade away , and yah , I will wait for you in heaven , and I will request god , to make me your partner in all my seven births , and make me atleast reunite and live with you atleast in our next life .

She then vanishes in the air

After 45 years :

A boy : grandpa grandpa , say your love story naa (vansh’s grandchild)

A man (vansh’s son) : he doesn’t even said to me

A woman (vansh’s daughter) : say na dad

Vansh’s daughter in law , his son , hus daughter , his son in law , his grandchildren , his whole family , even his wife requests him , but he can’t say , just then he sees riddima .

Riddima : uffo khadoos , kids are requesting you , everyone are requesting you , say na , atleast for me .

She keeps a puppy cute face and he melts down

Vansh : ok (says his love story)

All : awwwwwww , but the ending is sad

Riddima : uffo , not every love story have a happy ending

Vansh at his 75’s dies

He reunites with his love in heaven

Guys I am literally crying while writing , if you are also , then comment . I can’t hold my tears , I need a bunch of tissues .

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