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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Raghav threatens Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raghav telling Mayura that he doesn’t have any bad sight for her. He tells that he had really seen her accident happening and knew that Omkar came for that, and that’s why trying to help him. He says I will not give any statement to Crime Branch, and says I will not care if he goes to jail. Mayura tells Omkar that she questioned Raghav if he has any feelings for her, but he flatly refused. Omkar says if he had accepted then you will stop talking to him. Mayura says till now I couldn’t get anything, using which his intentions are revealed. She shows him the bracelet piece. Omkar says it will take us to truth. Vishaka is sitting and finds her bracelet piece/stone missing, wonders when did it fall down. Shankar comes to Omkar and tells that he is called inside to inform about your bail. Mayura worries that Raghav might have said something wrong. Omkar says he doesn’t think so. Megha comes and tells that Omkar got bailed. Manjari thanks the God. Megha says on a condition. Raghav says I know they will not agree to this condition, even I am against it. Mayura asks Megha to tell the condition. Megha says condition is that Raghav will keep eye on Omkar and he will be with him all the time. Omkar says I will be better in jail. Sanjay says we can’t let Raghav stay in our house. Shankar says we shall think of other way. Mayura says no, we accept this way. Omkar says this is his trick. Raghav says I knew that Omkar will accuse me and tells that this decision is taken by his seniors. Mayura asks Omkar to trust her. She then tells Raghav that either he shall accept that he is feigning to help Omkar or that if he really wants Omkar not to go to jail then he shall come. Raghav says I know my intentions and is ready to come. Megha asks Omkar to come and sign on the papers. Raghav thinks he will return in her life.

Omkar tells Mayura that she has done a big mistake, Raghav is a snake and he will bite, this is his habit. Mayura says when snake is infront of us, then we can know if it is awake or sleeping or getting ready to bite. Manjari says we all are with you and Raghav is alone, this is good. Mayura holds Omkar’s hand. Manjari, Shankar and Sanjay keep their hands on their hands. Mayura says Raghav will be defeated infront of our togetherness. Omkar says you are saying right, my family is with me, this is Raghav’s defeat. Raghav comes there and asks did I disturb your family milap. Mayura says not at all and asks Sanjay to take Raghav to his room. Manjari says we will have the food together.

Omkar opens his cupboard and finds his stuff. Mayura comes there and asks him to have food. He asks where is your stuff, and asks if she is not staying with him. Mayura says even I want to start afresh with you, but is afraid. He asks with me? She says no, afraid with destiny and says don’t know why did we separate? Omkar says I promise that I will not give any chance of complaint. Mayura says even I will take every steps carefully, as we have to think about Tara. She says I want us to be together for forever. Omkar says I will wait for you, Mayura. He pulls her near and asks her to come fast, and smiles. Mayura also smiles. Manjari calls him to have food.

Later manjari asks Omkar to have food and says everything is of your choice. Omkar gets emotional too. Raghav comes there and says I will take my food and will eat in my room. I don’t want to interfere in your family lunch. He serves food to himself and goes. Manjari asks Omkar to have roti. She asks Mayura to feed Omkar with her hand. She says I know that even wife gets pained equally to a mother. Mayura thanks her. Manjari says ok, feed him food. Omkar smiles. Shankar says I couldn’t eat food with my wife’s hand. Manjari asks him to eat quietly. Raghav eats the food and starts the countdown. Manjari drinks water and starts coughing. Mayura asks Omkar to pat on her back and goes to get medicine. Manjari faints. Omkar asks her to get up. Raghav says it is fun in food and drama. Omkar asks Mayura if Maa got heart attack. Mayura says even I am thinking this and says she will take her to the hospital. And asks him to be at home. Raghav recalls adding some medicine in Manjari’s water and says Swaha. Mayura brings Manjari home. Omkar asks where is Papa? Mayura says he went to bring the medicine. Just then they hear Shankar shouting as the tree branch falls on him. Raghav acts to feel pity on him and smiles standing on the terrace. Omkar sees him in the water while taking Shankar inside. Omkar comes to Raghav. Raghav asks how is uncle ji? Omkar asks him to think what will I do with you? Raghav says I am responsible for your father and mother’s condition. Omkar threatens to kill him. Raghav asks just like you killed Vishaka. He provokes Omkar and tells that he will kill them one by one. Omkar asks what do you want? Raghav says you knows well. Omkar asks him not to take her name. Raghav says I will win her heart and asks him to see his family’s collage. He asks from where to start? Omkar shouts. Raghav says I will give you an offer, either you save your family or yourself. He says one side is you and other side is your family, whom will you choose?

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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