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My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 14

My world is in your love Chapter-14

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Next morning, everyone had their breakfast together. Riddhima had some fun at the dining table, everyone was laughing. Vansh was happy to see his family spending time together like this. But he understood that Riddhima was making others laugh, but she was not happy. Vansh called Riddhima to his study room. Riddhima entered without knocking the door.

Vansh: Don’t you know that before coming to someone’s room you should knock the door and get permission?

Riddhima: That is for someone, Mr. Vansh Raisinghania. I am your wife.

Vansh: Why are you arguing like a lawyer with me every time I talk with you?

Riddhima: Because I hate you.

Vansh pulled her arms towards him and caged her with his arms.

Vansh: Okay, I hate you more, Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania.

Riddhima: Not more than me, will you tell me the reason that you called me?

Vansh: Sign the papers and you can leave.

Riddhima started to read the paper. She understood it was related to marriage certificate documents.

Vansh: Don’t you trust your hubby?

Riddhima: I will trust everybody except you, Mr. Vansh Raisinghania.

After reading the documents, Riddhima signed the papers.

Riddhima: I am organizing an event in Kohinoor private limited. Unfortunately, I will be late tonight.

Vansh: Okay, the driver will pick you up. Don’t misunderstand me, I like the way women work today in the society. But I am earning money, right. Why do you want to work?

Riddhima: Vansh, it is my passion towards the work. I have my own identity. Vansh tell me, which do you like the most when someone is addressing you? Vansh Raisinghania’s father is Ajay Raisinghania, or Ajay Raisinghania’s son is Vansh Raisinghania.

Vansh: First one…

Riddhima: But, why the first one? Because both sentences have similar meaning, but the position in the word plays a major role. But the first sentence makes you a proud person not only you but also your father. This is your identity.

Vansh made a grin at her. In the afternoon, Chanchal went to his brother’s house to see Ragini coming from London. Mohit Sharma welcomed Chanchal.

Mohit: How are you, Chanchal?

Chanchal: I am fine.

Mohit: what about Raisinghania’s? I think they are also happy.

Chanchal: Yes, bhai. Everyone is happy because of the arrival of Rohan. All our plan was destroyed by vansh. He is using my own son’s as his trumcard.

Mohit: Yes, Kabir told me. Soon we can pull Aryan towards ourselves. I have a new plan. Ragini will come tomorrow from London. Let’s ask Vansh for his marriage to Ragini. As per his father’s will, he should marry at the age of 27 just two months’ left. He should marry Ragini to fulfill his father’s condition. No other way to escape from us.

Chanchal: But Ragini and Vansh engagement had been broken. How could we make them united?

Mohit: Leave it to my daughter. I will definitely destroy Raisinghania’s happiness.

Everyone had their dinner except Vansh. Vansh gave an excuse to Dadi that he was not hungry. Riddhima came to the mansion at 10:30 P.M. She noticed Vansh in the living area, she tried to avoid him, but Vansh called her. Vansh understood that she was tired.

Riddhima thought, ”I am late today, will Vansh scold me?”

Riddhima: Are you waiting to scold me as every typical husband, right?

Vansh: No. Riddhima, go and freshen up yourself in your room and come to the dining hall.

Riddhima: No, Vansh. I already had my dinner.

Vansh: It’s a lie. You didn’t have your lunch, am I right or am I right?

Riddhima: How did you know? Did you appoint any person to spy on me?

Vansh: Are you a CBI officer questioning me each and every time? I have never seen a person in my life face-to-face be brave and questioned me like this.

Riddhima: No, I am not a CBI officer, VR…..(comes closer near Vansh’s ear and in a husky voice) your wife.

Riddhima went to her room to freshen up and came to the dining hall. Vansh was sitting in the dining hall. Riddhima understood that Vansh didn’t have his dinner. Riddhima served for Vansh and both started their dinner together.

Riddhima: Why didn’t you have your dinner? You were in the house, right.

Vansh: I am waiting for you.

Riddhima: But why?

Vansh: It is not only the wife’s responsibility to wait for her husband and have dinner together. It is also the husband’s responsibility to wait for his wife and have dinner together.

Riddhima started to stare at Vansh. Riddhima thought, “Vansh, why are you doing this for me? You are the one giving me pain, and you are the one giving me affection.”

Riddhima made a grin at vansh. Both finished their dinner and went to their respective rooms.

Next morning, it was a holiday. Karthik came to the VR mansion. Rohan, sia, Riddhima, Dadi, Angre and vansh were in the living area talking with each other. Karthik also joined them.

Sia: Karthik, what is your aim?

Karthik: To become an IAS or IPS officer…

Vansh: After that, don’t try to enter the VR mansion. (Rohan and Vansh laughed together)

Dadi: Vansh, Rohan, stop it!

Karthik: Riddhima, have you found your love of your life? Riddhima, what type of husband are you expecting?

Riddhima looked at Vansh. Vansh understood that Karthik wanted to know the relationship status of Riddhima. Vansh was in jealous mode. Riddhima felt embarrassed by Karthik’s question.

Rohan: Karthik, enough of it. Riddhima is happy now. It’s her life, her decision, you don’t have anything to talk about it. Already Kabir gave pain to riddhima. You are also trying to hurt her with your words.

Karthik: Sorry, Riddhima, I didn’t mean it.

Riddhima thought, “My brother is supporting me. What else do I want in this world? This relationship between me and Rohan should continue forever and ever.”

Vansh: It’s okay, Karthik. Don’t feel guilt. I think you and Riddhima have a special bonding. Why don’t you call Riddhima as Sister?

Rohan: Dude! You are correct. You are friends, why don’t you call her Sister?

Karthik: No, why should I call her Sister? Yes, we are friends, but what is the logic? Friends can be husband and wife, they can also be lovers, right.

Riddhima: Karthik, please call me Sister. I want to hear it from your voice, just for once.

Karthik: Okay, Riddhima is my sister. Now Rohan and Vansh should also tell that “Riddhima is my sister”.

Rohan: What?

Karthik: you forced me to tell. Now you should do it. Just once, Rohan.

Vansh: Yes, Rohan. Karthik is right. Come on.

Rohan: Riddhima is my sister, but I like you as my best friend, not as a sister. So, we will always be friends.

Riddhima’s happiness was at a peak. Tears came from her eyes, which were joyful tears.

Vansh: okay, let’s go for breakfast.

Karthik: Now it is your turn to call Riddhima your sister.

Riddhima thought, “Let see how Mr. Vansh Raisinghania escapes from calling me, ‘Sister’.”

Karthik: Come on, Vansh.

Vansh looked at Angre. Angre understood it. Vansh took a deep breath.

Vansh: Riddhima is my S…….

Karthik: Why did you stop it, finish it?

Vansh: Riddhima is my ….(Vansh’s phone rings)…Sweetheart…Excuse me… I will be back…

Riddhima started to blush. Karthik went to jealous mode. Dadi, Sia and Rohan started to laugh. Dadi and Sia were happy to see Vansh like this. Dadi and Sia understood that Vansh was falling for Riddhima. Riddhima understood that it was Vansh’s mastermind plan. Angre was the one who made a phone call to Vansh. Vansh came after finishing his phone conversation with Angre.

Karthik: We asked you to call Riddhima as Sister, but what did you call her as Sweetheart?

Vansh: Any way, both begin with the letter ‘S’, right. Meaning may be different, but the letter is ‘S’.

Again everyone laughed. It was breakfast time. Everyone was moving to the dining hall. Everyone heard a voice screaming “VANSHHH”.

It was Ragini. Ragini came towards Vansh and hugged him tightly. Riddhima went into vexation after seeing Ragini and Vansh together.

Will there be a storm in Riansh’s life because of Ragini?

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