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Mere Sai 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sugandha’s Dilemma

Mere Sai 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

_____ thanks Sai for coming and says pooja will start in sometime. Sai notices Sugandha and her husband coming. Her father Govardhan greets them and says he is happy to see them h ere. Sugandha’s husband meets Ganesh and says he is happy to hear about his new business and came to congratulate them. He then touches Sai and says he is happy to be blessed by him. Sai blesses that god should give him conscience. Pandit informs that its time for pooja. Sugandha sits with her friend who says her husband is very good natured and is mingling well with everyone so soon. She gets tensed looking at her husband, and he signals her to speak to her parents She tells Govardhan that she needs to talk. Govardhan accompanies her. Sai tells parents that their son’s new business has started and he needs them physical and mental support, he is an obedient son and its their turn now. Govardhan says he will always support his son and walks aside with Sugandha. Vasu gets tensed noticing that.

Pandit asks Ganesh to bring leaves for pooja and asks his wife Vasu to bring bhog. Govardhan tells Sugandha’s husband that he is happy that Sugandha is married to him and he is taking good care of her. Sugandha’s husband says he just wants to keep her happy, but sometimes fails. Govardhan asks what he means. He says a few days ago, Sugandha told their house needs repair, so he started renovation work. Sai notices Vasu engrasped in thoughts and tells that she shouldn’t divert her attention during pooja and stop worrying. Vasu says he knows everything and should tell if she is thinking wrong. Sugandha tells Govardhan that they are short of money and hence stopped renovation. Sugandha’s husband says all rooms are incomplete and they are sleeping in lawn. Sugandha asks her Govardhan if he can help them monetarily. Sugandha’s husband apologizes Sugandha for not fulfilling her wish. Govardhan says he doesn’t have money and whatever he had he gave it to Ganesh; he never disappointed her and did whatever he could for her. Sugandha’s husband says he told her not to trouble her parents, he will borrow money and complete house construction before rains start, he is just worried for his parents and since he cannot let them sleep in lawn, he will send them to Vrindavan’s ashram.

Sai tells Vasu that her worry is valid, but she will not gain anything from it, so she should let things happen as they are and perform her duties; she should think if its not in her hands, its in god’s hands and think that whatever will happen will be good. Vasu says she is a simple woman and will try her best.

Sugandha requests Govardhan to do something as she cannot she cannot see her in-laws going to Vrindavan ashram, her family will shatter if she cannot arrange money. Ganesh hears their conversation. Govardhan walks behind him. Sugandha tries to run behind them, but husband stops her and says her task is finished and let her father do his duty now. Ganesh stops pooja and tells pandit that he will not start his business as Sugandha needs money and he will cancel land deal. Mother says he shouldn’t start his business, they will find some other way to help Sugandha. Ganesh says he wants his sister to be happy and cannot build a palace on her sister’s sorrows; he doesn’t want his father’s image to be spoilt in Sugandha’s family. Vasu runs from there. Mother sends Ganesh behind her. Govardhan tells Sai that he got such an obedient son due to his good deeds. Sai says Ganesh is following his son’s duties, but is he following father’s duties. Govardhan says he tried his best to follow father’s duties towards his both sons, this time situation has worsened, all his lands and house will go to Ganesh, he got Sugandha married in a lavish way and helped her many times post marriage. Sai asks if that was enough, if everything got well by monetarily helping Sugandha. Wife says what else they could do, they couldn’t deny their daughter. Sai says he earlier tried that there should be a balance in life. Govardhan says he has decided to help his son from hereon. Sai says one needs to face problems and he should be alert as battle has just started and remember that there should be balance in life and whatever they do now will decide their future.

Hansraj gets short of birth and coughs vigorously. His wife Devaki gives him Sai’s oodhi and he normalizes. He asks why did she got oodhi. She says she was afraid that his condition will deteriorate and hence got oodhi from Sai; Sai ordered him to stop eating curd as his condition is worsening with its consumption. Hansraj says he will not stop consuming curd and she shouldn’t inform Sai. Sai comes to seek charity and seeing him coughing asks if he had curd yesterday. Devaki reminisces his warning and stands silently. Hansraj says he is coughing because of his previous consumption and asks Sai what he needs in charity. Sai says a pot of curd.

Precap: Hansraj sees cat breaking his curd pot and punishes it. He reaches Dwarkamayi and seeing Sai injured asks what happened to him. Sai says he was helping someone, but he didn’t like his help.

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