chapter 1

“Those we love we don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen , Unheard but always near , still loved ,still missed and very dear”

the chapter starts with naira waking up beside kairav . she had dried tears mark on her face looking at her anyone could say that she has cried . she woke up and embraced kartik’s photo which was beside her . 

“when will you come kartik iam waiting for you for 1 and the half years now , now toh come i am still waiting for you come na please you i am dying everyday without you kartik my life is incomplete without you i cant live without you i am tired now i want to sleep in your embrace , hug you, call you mendak and tell you that i love you so so much . saansein chal rahi hain kartik jee nahi rahi hoon . kairav is also missing you so much he thinks i dont know anything but he has literally wrote his everyday without you in a diary kartik and akshu she doesnt understand anything right now but she is yearning for her papa’s care and love . all the family members they are missing you kartik , they are missing their kittu , their son their everything”,said naira holding kartik’s picture close to her heart. 

she woke up and got ready and like everyday from 1 and the half years she plasters a fake smile on her face , she puts up a brave face for her kids and her family . she woke up kairav and took akshu in her hands and went downstairs . she went in front of kartik’s photo and caressed his face with teary eyes . 

“amar bring the mala”,said naira with a broken voice which did not go unnoticed by the family members 

“swarna dekho do saal hone ko aaye hain par naira abhi tak move on nahi kar paayi jabhi ham keh rahe hain dusri shaadi ke liye ham sab ne dekha hain kittu ko girta dekh voh vapas nahi aayega aur naira ke pas abhi apni poori life padhi hain aur kairav aur akshu ko bhi toh”,said suhasini 

“maaji please abhi iss baare mein baat nahi karte abhi naira ko hamari zarrorat hain”,said swarna 

while naira changed kartik’s garland

“i am waiting for you kartik”,said naira 

naira went to swarna asking her about whereabouts of luv kush , before she could ask manish came;

“maa hamari company ko ek designer ki zaroorat hain hamne ek designer ko bulaya hain , he will come in the evening so preparation karni hogi “,asked manish

“oh naira beta tum taiyaari dekh logi?”,said dadi 

“haan dadi yeh bhi kuch poochne vali baat hain i will manage aur vaise bhi ham in designer ko jaane nahi de sakte na varna business”,said naira

“flop ho jaayega 2 saalong mein thodi profit hui par itni nahi jitni kartik ke saath hoti this uske jaane ke bad..”,said manish but he stopped as he realised what he said . 

he saw naira with tears which can brim anytime but naira wiped her tears and to lighten up the mood asked everyone to join for breakfast to which everyone did . they all had their brekfast although without kartik it was not the same sparkle but naira always tried to cheer them up to which she also succeeded . they completed their breakfast and naira started preparing for the designer who had to come today in the evening . 

In the afternoon naira came to the room and saw kairav struggling sleeping she went upto him and put his head in her lap  and patted him 

“papa aap kab aaonge papa i miss you papa”,said kairav mumbling in sleep 

hearing this naira’s eyes became teary she quickly made him sleep and opened her one diary . in that dairy everyday she used to make a line indicating the days she spent without kartik . she opened the dairy went through it pages again and again tears welled her up in her eyes , she slowly spoke 

“1 year 8 months 27 days”

“aur kitna time kartik its bieng so much our kids and i need you we miss you everyday kartik . i know you are alive because you are the reason i am alive , i am breathing . kartik when a person dies he dies once but the others they die every second kartik please come back kartik”,said naira looking at the diary

meanwhile downstairs, 

“manish ji hamein naira ko pata dena chahiye ki that designer is”,said swarna 

“nahi swarna abhi nahi agar bata diya toh naira kaheen na kaheen weak par jaayegi and i know it”,said manish with great concern

it was evening time and the designer was about to come while naira was feeling restless , she was not getting a right feeling about the designer . naira bought a broquet for the designer as she did not wanted to loose this deal , moreover it was important . when the door bell rang , naira went to opened the door  but as soon as she did she was shocked to the core…….



Hey peeps !! that’s it for the first chapter !! hope you like it !! big twist on it’s way..wait for some more chapters … !!! sharing credit with ananya !

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