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LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 85

CHAPTER 85: Increasing problems

Gauri: Badi Maa, you don’t worry we’ll find Prachi and Anika, they’ll be fine.

Gauri tried consoling a worried Pragya…. Disha also sat on the other side of Pragya and tried calming her down…. However, it was not easy to calm down a mother who had already lost a daughter…. Three days, it had been three days and there was no information about the girls…. Purab and Abhi had talked to the commissioner, who had assured him that Ranveer and team were his best officers and would definitely find their daughters…. Abhi and Purab had also used their sources but could not find any clue about where the girls could be….

Pragya: It’s been three days, and I know nothing about where Annie and Prachi are? How can I not worry?

Disha: Di, I know it is hard for you, but we have to be strong. Nothing will happen to any of them.

Pragya: Disha….

Pragya was about to say something when Abhi and Purab came back after meeting the police officers…. The police had assured them but yet how they remain calm when the daughter they had found after years was missing…. Pragya immediately stood up from her place and walked towards them….

Pragya: What happened, did the police find anything? Prachi, Annie, kuch pata chala kya unka?

Pragya looked at Abhi with hope in her eyes, seeing her hope Abhi did not know how to answer…. Seeing Abhi silent Pragya looked at Purab, Purab only shook his head…. Pragya stumbled back but Abhi quickly held her and supported her….

Abhi: Nothing will happen to Prachi and Anika; we’ll find our daughters soon.

Abhi assured her while Pragya only nodded at him…. Purab, Disha, and Gauri were happy seeing this, it is rightly said that all things happen for a reason, maybe this incident was going to bring their broken family forever….


Ishana checked the time in her watch again, it had been more than twenty-four hours to the time Om had sent her the message….

“Ishana, maybe I have found the place where Anika and Prachi are…. I am going to look for them…. It is the farmhouse of Malhotras near the old highway road towards Pune…. If I don’t call or message you in the next 24 hours, inform Ranveer and team, and come here, we have to save Anika and Prachi”

Ishana quickly grabbed her scooty keys…. She had to reach the police station and inform Ranveer and others…. The Malhotras had already snatched her sister from her; she would not let them hurt her Om or anyone else….


Gauri was pacing around the room when her phone beeped indicating the arrival of a new message…. She was surprised to see the sender’s name as Adhvik…. She opened the message and read it….

“If you want to meet your sister, come to 24A, Malhotra Farmhouse, Old Highway”

Gauri got into thinking after reading Adhvik’s message…. Should she trust him…. What if it is another trap laid by him to trap her or her family…. But what if it is true…. She had to take a chance; it was about her sister after all….

Gauri: I should tell Dad and Bade Papa.

Gauri quickly walked towards the living room to inform Abhi and Purab….


Adhvik checked his phone again, but there was no reply from Gauri…. He sighed and kept the phone back in his pocket…. She did not trust him, and how could she, after whatever he had done with her, anyone in her place would have behaved the same way…. He had to rescue Prachi, Anika, and Omkara, and take them to their families…. Even if Anika and Prachi brought the truth about their illegal businesses out to the world, he would bear the consequences…. It was high time to end everything for once and all….
He parked the car outside the farmhouse and walked towards the entrance….


Ishana reached the police station and walked inside in a hurry…. She did not know what problem Om could be in and did not know how much time she had, she had to reach Om at the earliest…. She was walking when she bumped into Mishti, who was coming from the other side…. Mishti was surprised to see Ishana there….

Mishti: Ishana, you are here, is everything fine, are you okay?

Ishana: I am fine Mishti, but everything is not fine. Where is Ranveer?

Mishti: Ranveer is in his cabin, but what has happened, tell me?

Ishana quickly narrated everything about Om’s message to Mishti…. Mishti was listening to everything carefully…. So, their doubt was right, Malhotras did have something to do with Anika and Prachi’s absence….

Mishti: Ishana, we’ll inform them on the way, but now we should leave, we don’t know how much time we have in hand.

Ishana also agreed to her worried about Om….


Purab stopped the car outside the Malhotra farmhouse…. Gauri did not know if it was the right thing to trust Adhvik, but she had to take the risk…. Abhi, Gauri, and Purab got down from the car and walked towards the entrance gate…. The watchman saw Gauri and quickly opened the gate…. Gauri looked at him surprised, but he soon informed her that Adhvik had informed him to allow her inside without any questioning…. Gauri was surprised knowing this…. The three of them walked towards the main door of the farmhouse…. The entire place was surrounded by tight security and dense forest….

The front door was open…. Gauri looked around but there was no sign of Adhvik or anyone else….

Purab: Where is this Adhvik Malhotra now, I hope this isn’t a trap, otherwise it won’t be good for him.

Gauri was about to dial Adhvik’s number when she stopped hearing a voice…. She turned around and was shocked to see Shaantanu along with Naren, Shakti, and Tej….

Shaantanu: What are you all doing here, who gave you this address?

Shakti: Mr. Mehra, you all here, and what are you doing with Gauri?

Abhi: Adhvik Malhotra called us here, but what are you all doing here?

Shaantanu now understood why Adhvik was so adamant about letting Prachi go…. She was indeed Abhi’s daughter and Gauri’s sister…. So his Adhvik Bhai was ready to sacrifice everything just for Gauri’s sake…. No, he would not let it happen…. The game he had planned so well, couldn’t just fail like that….

Shaantanu was about to say something but stopped seeing Adhvik walking down the staircase with Anika, Prachi, and Om…. He was shocked to see his Bhai going against his happiness…. Seeing Shaantanu looking somewhere, all others also followed his line of sight and was equally shocked….

Tej and Shakti became angry…. Naren clenched his fingers into a fist seeing Adhvik going against his will…. Abhi, Purab, and Gauri quickly ran towards them…. Gauri hugged Prachi tightly…. Prachi was surprised by the sudden action but composed herself…. Abhi and Purab looked after Anika and Om….

Adhvik: Enough is enough now, whatever has happened has happened, now it is high time to end all this for once and all.

All looked at Adhvik hearing his words….

Tej: And who are you to decide this? How dare you do this?

Omkara: Really Mr. Oberoi, you still have the guts to ask him this, don’t you feel ashamed of yourself, and Chote papa, you, I always respected you, but now I hate you more than this man.

Shaantanu: Bhai, how could you, just for this girl, you are ready to destroy everything, how could you do this to me?

Adhvik: Enough Shaan, I have already explained it to you multiple times, let all this go now, we have been wrong for several years, now let it all go, and leave the side of these Oberois.

Shakti: Acha hai, jab fayda tha we were a team and now when the problem arrived, leave their side. No, Adhvik, if we lose, you all will also lose with us.

Naren: Adhvik, what is wrong with you? What magic has this girl done that you are ready to let your family suffer, but not her?

Adhvik: Gauri did not do anything Dad, and I am not doing anything for her, I am doing this because I am tired now, tired of all this planning and plotting, and I think it is high time, our family gets away from this web of lies, and deception.

Anika: I am glad Adhvik; at least you understood it now.

Purab: What is all this happening here? Why are you all so keen on harming our daughters?

Omkara: I’ll tell you, uncle….

Om narrated all the events that had happened till now, from Tia’s murder to Anika and Prachi’s missing…. Abhi and Purab were shocked hearing the truth….

Abhi: How dare you even think of harming them, I won’t let you all live in peace?

Prachi: Papa, we don’t have to do anything, the law will punish them for all their deeds, and I am sure they all will get whatever they deserve.

Tej: Shut up you all, and stop this. I won’t let anyone in peace if I cannot win, I will make everyone suffer.

Tej took out a gun from his behind and pointed it towards them…. All were shocked by his move….

Arjun and Shivaay, who had followed Adhvik, were shocked by the scenario they had witnessed from the window…. Ishana and Mishti had also reached the place and were standing near the window, were shocked seeing the scene….

Shivaay: Anika….

Shivaay ran towards the main door, while Arjun followed him….

Ishana: We have to do something Mishti, if anything happens to Om, no, I have to save him.

Mishti: Ishana, Abir, and Ranveer are not here still, we should wait for some time, and there are many people here, I don’t think Mr. Oberoi will shoot anyone.

Ishana: I don’t know about him, but I have to be with Om.

Ishana got up from the place they were hiding and ran towards the front door…. Mishti also followed her….

Tej: Enough is enough now, now I’ll not let anyone of you go from here, all the secrets will now remain secrets forever with your deaths.

The next events took place in a matter of seconds…. Tej released the trigger, the bullet was about to hit Gauri but Adhvik came in between and saved her…. The bullet hit a vase kept behind…. All were shocked for a moment realizing what had just happened….

Purab: Gauri….

Gauri and Adhvik fell down…. Gauri was shocked and looked at Adhvik…. Adhvik also looked at her…. He could not let anything to her…. Gauri remembered the last time he had pretended to save her, and now today when he had actually saved her…. What had changed him so much, she wondered…. Adhvik knew he could not let anything happen to her….
Abhi, Purab, and Prachi ran towards them…. Abhi helped Adhvik get up while Prachi helped Gauri…. Purab hugged Gauri while Gauri’s eyes were fixed on Adhvik…. Adhvik did not look at her….

Tej was about to shoot again, but Shivaay stopped him…. All were shocked seeing Shivaay and Arjun, followed by Ishana and Mishti….

Shakti: Shivaay….

Shivaay: Don’t say anything Dad, I have known whatever I had to know.

Arjun hugged Anika and Prachi…. His sisters are his life, and he felt extremely relieved to see them fine in front of his eyes….

Shivaay and Anika shared an eye-lock and she assured him that she was fine….

Ishana also ran to Om and hugged him…. Om calmed her down making her understand that he was fine….

Mishti: Now everything is crystal clear and no one has to do anything, ab jo karna hai police aur kanoon karega. All culprits will definitely get their punishments.

Shaantanu: Not so soon, ACP Sahiba, this is my reign and only my law will be active here. I’ll make the decisions here and no one else.

All looked at Shaantanu hearing his words…. All looked around and saw Shaantanu’s men with weapons surrounding them…. Tej, Shakti, and Naren smiled seeing this while others were thinking of how they were going to tackle the problem…. Shaantanu ordered his men to tie them up, so none of them would escape….


The game had reached its final destination…. Not everyone could win, someone had to lose….


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Now, all the main people connected to the case have reached the final destination, will Shivaay and the others be able to stop Shaantanu and his evil plans? Will Ranveer and his team reach on time to help Shivaay and the others? Will someone get hurt in the final confrontation?

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