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Love after being bestie!! #Riansh OS part 2…

Love after being bestie…

Vanya’s pov..

I am waiting since morning for mom and dad…I am getting impatient..when they will come.?

Oh! Forgot to tell you they have gone to bring my cute little brother..yes today he will be welcomed by her sister..now I am going to become a elder daughter of Vansh and Riddhima Rai Singhania..

Pov ends..

Vanya:- Nani call mom and dad How much they will make me wait..

Grandmother:- Okay! Wait let me..

When the door bell rings..

Vanya:- hurray!!

Nani let me open the door..

She excitedly goes and opened the door..

Vanya:- Mom where is my lil bro..??

Riddhima was in tears seeing her daughter so excited..first she was not at all happy because she doesn’t wanted to share her parents..but after Vansh make her understand she is very happy and me too…

Riddhima bending to Vanya’s level..

Riddhima:- See You lil brother he is sleeping now but when he will wake he will definitely Play with her cute sis..

Vanya:- Don’t call me cute now I am big..elder sister of my lil bro..

Vansh:- Achha okay no one will call you lil my princess now let us come in I am really exhausted carrying your mom’s bags..

Anupriya:- Wait!!

She does the arti and welcome her grandson..

Vanya:- Nani see he is looking so cute while sleeping..

Vansh:- My princess doesn’t miss her dad..

Vanya:- how can be this possible..

She went towards him and hugged him…

He make her sit in his lap..

Vansh:- So my princess is happy may I know the reason..

Vanya:- yes I was listening your and mom story but dadi didn’t know the climax..

Where Vansh chukled..

Vansh:- owe…so my princess want to know the further story..wait let me show you..

Vanya:- show?? How?

Vansh:- close your eyes and listen carefully…and imagine..

Vanya was very excited (are you?)

She immidiately closed her eyes…

Vansh:- So your mom was upset from me and I was not in mood to hurt her…

Flashback starts…

Vansh couldn’t understand what happened..

Siya saw him and give him lemon water so that his hangover can be reduced..

Vansh then rushed towards Riddhima’s house…

He saw that the door was close and it is late night so he decided to go through window..

When he entered he saw Riddhima was sitting in a corner and crying..

Vansh:- Riddhima!

Riddhima saw Vansh and was shocked how come he came here..she was looking him with shocked expression..

Vansh:- Riddhima listen me I don’t want to spoil our friendship..I really don’t know what I did..that Kabir don’t know what he mixed in my juice but trust me I don’t want to make things complicated I really want to propose you but I know the way was wrong I am sorry..pls I can’t lose a friend like you..

Riddhima:- Vansh!

She hugged him..

Riddhima:- I am sorry! I was not in my senses I slap you Ia m sorry!!

Vansh:- you forgiven me?

Riddhima:- yes!

Vansh:- I am really sorry!

Riddhima kneel down..

Riddhima:- I am not asking you but telling you will you marry me?

Vansh also kneel down

Vansh:- yes!

Both were in tears…

Riddhima:- Vansh I think we are forgetting something..

Vansh:- What!!

Riddhima:- you didn’t remember?

Vansh:- what?

Riddhima went towards the cupboard and took a small box..

Vansh:- What is this?

Riddhima:- you forgot you make me sign this agreement when you were living Mumbai with your dad..

Vansh:- Agreement?

Riddhima:- you are really bhulakkad..

See you wrote here taht we will marry each other when will grow up..we were so small..but see destiny…

Flashback ends…

Vansh:- And then we got married!!

Vanya opened her eyes..

Vanya:- really you sign an agreement??

Vansh:- yes but we didn’t knew that we will able to follow it..

Vanya:- Wow!!

When ridhvik Start crying..

Vanya:- why he is crying it was a beautiful story..

All chukled…

The End..

I know what stuti wanted was not this It was a total different from her expectations..I am really sorry..I was not getting ideas..

Hope you enjoyed this..

Do comments..

Bye take care

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