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At Mehra mansion

Rhea is tensed and scurrying in her room. She thinks about Shahana and Prachi. She is happy that they are not dead as she never wanted them dead after knowing Prachi is her sister but  she never wanted to see them too. She gets scared that her truth will be out. She sees a greeting card on her bed which was supposed to be for Ishaan as she was supposed to propose him yesterday.

Rhea’s pov

” Yesterday was supposed to be one of the best days of my life but…. it’s ok. First I will deal with Prachi then I will propose Ishaan. He is not going anywhere. I will meet Prachi personally before anyone meets her and before she reveals the truth. I will ask her to leave from here. But what is she refuses to leave. I wish Arya di was here. I could ask her for solution. ”

Suddenly Pragya comes there and sees Rhea in deep thoughts.

“ Rhea, what are you thinking?” asks Pragya.

“ nothing mom. I was thinking about Ary….”Rhea stops herself from speaking.

“ Arya. Even I miss her. She was a very nice girl.” Tells Pragya understanding what Rhea was about to say.

“ mom, though she wasn’t having any blood relation with us she became very close to everyone , right?” asks Rhea.

“yes. Do you wanna meet her?” asks Pragya.

“ no, dad has strictly warned not even to utter her name in this house, meeting her is next to impossible. I just hope she is safe and happy wherever she is because she deserves to be happy.” Says Rhea.

Suddenly Pragya gets a call so she leaves from there.

“ hello, did she wake up” asks Pragya.

“ no, di she is still sleeping. But why did you ask her to make her stay with me for a couple of days.” replies Disha.

Pragya remembers how she asked Disha to make Arya stay with her after Disha informed Pragya that Arya is with her.

“ I will tell you soon. Just don’t let her doubt anything. She is very smart. So, be careful.” saying this Pragya cuts the call.

Disha turns and gets shocked seeing Arya.

At the temple

Prachi comes to Shahana.

“ Listen, there is no pressure. U can say yes, only If you want to.” Tells Prachi.

“ Yes, and even if you want meet my son and do the courtship too, I don’t have a problem. U can take your own time to answer. ” saying this Meenakshi asks Prachi to come aside leaving Shahana to her own thoughts.

“ Listen, I know you love your sister very much and care a lot. And she  is also same. That is what I love the most in both of u. I want a daughter-in-law in whom I can see a daughter I don’t have and stand by my son at all odds. I don’t want you guys to rush but I hope there will be an yes from your side at least this time.” Saying this Meenaskhi was about to leave but finds Shahana standing in front of her.

Shahana remembers Aryan saying about his wedding with Mishti. She remembers Prachi and Sunny working hard for her. She thinks once she gets married, Prachi will go back to her family as she will not be having anyone.

“ I agree. I am ready to marry Shashank.” Shahana says, shocking Prachi.

Meenakshi feels very happy and immediately hugs Shahana.

“ l am very happy, Shahana. Thank you.  Come let’s go inside temple.” Says Meenakshi.

“ Aunty you go, we both will come.” Says Prachi.

“ ok, come soon.” Saying this Meenakshi leaves.

“ Shahana, have you gone mad? Why did you say yes?”asks Prachi.

“ listen, today or tomorrow I should get married and Shashank is a nice guy and I know him and everyone in that house loves me. and they are good. I don’t find any reason to reject this proposal.” Replies Shahana calmly.

“ these all things applied for me and Ishaan too but ….” Prachi gets interrupted by Shahana.

“ that’s because you love Ranbhir but I don’t love anyone.” Shahana lies immediately thinking about Aryan.

Meenakshi calls them so they leave for the pooja.

At radio station

Shahana comes to submit her resignation letter but gets shocked seeing Aryan there. Without getting noticed by him she leaves to her superior’s office. She submits her resignation letter.

“ sir, as I have promised I have anchored at yesterday’s concert. This is my resignation letter.” Saying this Shahana submits he resignation letter.

“ are u sure you want to resign? We will increase your salary.” Tells her superior.

“ sir, it’s not about money. I can’t forget that night still. I can’t  work here anymore. I am sorry, sir.” Says Shahana.

“ okay, someone is here to meet you.” Saying this he signs the worker to call Aryan inside.

Shahana gets shocked seeing Aryan.

“ I guess you know him. He was your anchoring partner. He wanted to meet you. And Aryan, you should ask your questions today itself as she is resigning.” Tells her superior shocking Aryan.

“ resigning? Sir, any place where we can talk privately.” asks Aryan.

“well, there is one. He will show you.” The superior says asking the worker to take them to the room.

“ Sure, thank you.” Saying this Aryan holds Shahana’s hand and takes her from there before she denies to talk.

In the room

“ stop it. Why did you hold my hand in front of everyone? And what do you want to talk with me?” asks Shahana angrily freeing her hand from the clutches.

“I am not so desperate to hold your hand. I held your hand so that you will not run away again. why did you guys leave yesterday without informing?” asks Aryan

“ because it was too late and the  program was ove,r so my job was done. If this is what you wanted to ask can I leave now? ” asks Shahana.

“ No wait, I wanted to ask you the reason why did you and Prachi leave Delhi one year back? ”asks Aryan

“ why do you want to know? ” asks Shahana eagerly.

“ Yesterday before you guys left Prachi left a letter for Ranbhir. In that she mentioned about a promise to someone. Till now everyone thought that Prachi left because of Ranbhir but yesterday Prachi confirmed that it was not because of him then…. ” Aryan gets interrupted by Shahana.

“ what? Because of Ranbhir? Why did everyone think that? We never left because of Ranbhir but because of….” Shahana stops herself from revealing Rhea’s name.

“ Because of ? common complete it. Tell me the name. don’t you want  Prachi and Ranbhir together? Listen if you don’t tell me to whom Prachi has made promise I can’t expose her. And even if we force Prachi to come back that person will torture Prachi later. Or do you guys want to run again?” asks Aryan.

“ No, I don’t want to run anymore and I want then to be together. But I promised Prachi that I will not reveal the person’s name at any costs. Now you want me to break my promise?” asks Shahana

“ oh, no why do you guys make so many promises? Okay, promise is a promise so they should not be broken. So to solve this, I will ask you a few questions, if it is true just nod your head in agreement if it’s wrong then nod head in denial. Okay?” asks Aryan

Shahana agrees.

“ Fine, you and Prachi did not leave because of Ranbhir?” asks Aryan to which Shahana nods in agreement.

“good. Prachi  still loves Ranbhir?” asks Aryan to which Shahana nods in agreement.

“ great, but Prachi’s promise is stopping her?” asks Aryan to which Shahana nods in agreement.

“ okay, is that member an outsider?” asks Aryan to which Shahana nods in denial.

“ what? Not an outsider. Then family member?” asks Aryan to which Shahana nods in agreement.

“ who can it be? My mother? ” asks Aryan to which Shahana nods in denial.

“ Then…….Rhea” asks Aryan to which Shahana nods in agreement.

“ but why?” asks Aryan to which question raises her eyebrows answering how can she answer this question by nodding her head.

“ okay, but what can it be? Did Rhea promise something to Prachi?” asks Aryan to which Shahana nods in agreement.

“ okay, I will find this out form Rhea itself. Thank you and I promise I will make sure Prachi returns home and I will always protect her.” Says Aryan.

“ yes you should, she is your elder sister.” Replies Shahana with a smile.

“ okay, I want to ask you one more question? Why did you resign your job?” asks Aryan.

“ well, I am getting married. So I resigned.” Replies Shahana thinking how Aryan would react.

“ oh… what? You are getting married? How? I mean …..” Aryan blabbers but gets interrupted by Shahana.

“ Relation got fixed today. An other than Prachi you are the only one and the first one to know, congratulations. Won’t you congratulate me?” asks Shahana.

Aryan feels heart broken. Just yesterday he realized his feelings for Shahana and decided to confess but today she is giving him her wedding announcement.

“ congratulations. ”Aryan says with a heavy heart and a fake smile.

Shahana leaves from there breaking form inside leaving  Aryan devastated.


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