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Falling for an alien episode 6 by attractiveuser- some riansh moments

Episode starts:

Vansh: what happened to you!

Riddhima: I can’t tell you that but please don’t leave me. I am feeling warm in your arms.

Vansh: what is your name?

Riddhima: Riddhima..

Saying this she closed her eyes while vansh just took her in his arms tightly to provide warmth to her. They both slept in the same posture whole night. Next morning Ms. Crechet came to riddhima’s room and was shocked to see both of them sleeping in that position.

Ms. Crechet (shocked): Riddhima.

Riddhima woke up with a jerk and vansh too. They quickly departed from each other. Vansh stood up and walked out of the café while Riddhima stood infront of Ms. Crechet.

Ms. Crechet: Riddhima..you were with the biggest business man (excited)

Riddhima: voh.. actually..

Ms. Crechet: oh come on Riddhima. I am very happy for you! Now we could get more and more orders from him(happy)

Ms. Crechet went out.

Riddhima: she misunderstood everything!

Mrini: no problem! Let it be. Dint worry.

Riddhima nodded and left to her usual work. She had to deliver order to VR enterprises today. She headed in. She was hell scared to go to vansh’s cabin after all that happened. She knocked the door with shivering hands. Vansh asked her to come in. She headed in and kept the food on the table. Vansh noticed that her hands were shivering. He held her wrist. She was shocked.

Riddhima (in one go): sorry for all that happened yesterday! I didn’t mean to do that!!

Vansh: calm down ! I am not mad at you! Your hands were shivering so I held it.

Riddhima looked at him and freed her wrist from him. Due to sudden Snatching her gloves got removed. She felt like her world collapsed as the same thing like yesterday would happen. But nothing happened. Vansh was still holding her hand as nothing was happening to her body. She was shocked.

Riddhima(thinking): why.. nothing happened to me?? He is really someone different. That’s why I feel connection with him from day 1.

Vansh: sit down!

Riddhima: what..

Vansh: I said sit down.

She sits on the chair kept beside his chair. She wears her gloves when vansh was pouring water in glass for her. Vansh offers her the glass. She drinks water.

Riddhima: thankyou (smiles)

Vansh nods.

Vansh(thinking): she isn’t weird as I thought. She is such an innocent soul.

Riddhima leaves. She was walking on road thinking about vansh.

Precap: Vansh asks Riddhima to stay in VR mansion.Riddhima finds out that her button is with vansh.

Hope you all like it! I know mrini’s role is less but I am focusing on riansh mainly now😊!

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