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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-45)

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Flashback Continues:-

Year 2016:-

April 13:-

In Saint Teresa’s Institute, Darjeeling:-

Riddhima’s POV starts:-

It had been more than a week since I came here to Darjeeling although Dad asked me not to make friends but you know Girl’s hormones can’t stay at a place and that to with a curiosity of coming to a new place. Exactly I made many friends here but not close as one and only Vansh. He is a cute guy as he always help everyone around him but yeah some hours you know he was behaving like a jerk I mean even girls don’t have these type of mood swings when they are on periods like seriously ok listen actually what I told him as we were sitting in canteen having our lunch suddenly Vyom came to me to take my notes of economics till then it was completely ok but when I passed a cute smile at him after a sec or what I felt someone gaze or angry glare I looked around me but what I saw was my burger was crushed like a piece of God knows what I mean seriously Vansh crushed the whole burger into a paste Oh my God My lunch …. Its ok He’ll have to pay for that… Then Vyom left and I looked at Vansh who was eating his burger as if it’s some chicken leg seriously damn this guy he was like too chirpy right now…. I asked the reason from him to crush my burger and see he served me his burger I mean It’s ok we shared a pizza even so it’s ok….. Then my eyes fell on Vyom he was talking to some boy. He is really too good

Me- Vansh you know Vyom is too good by nature. Even once I had a doubt in Accountancy then he cleared it within a snap of time. He is too intelligent even and ngl he is even too handsome

And that’s it this guy turned into some Gorilla or what without saying anything he left throwing my lunch on the floor shocking everyone I Mean what kind of issue he had with my lunch I’m not going to leave him

I ran after him and that’s it from fifteen minutes I’m searching this Mr. Idiot Vansh Oh shit no this half gorilla and half hulk. And now see my class bell rang and Vansh must be there only now I’ll talk to him

Riddhima’s POV ends-:

Vansh’s POV starts:-

I ran too my class from canteen as I know she will come in search of me or it’s her class even. Ok so she came and sat beside me and I even have my self-respect I haven’t even glance at her and then teacher came. Look now she is continuously gazing me and now it’s my time to snap at her

Me- Want to score bad marks in exams?

Riddhima- No…

Me- Concentrate on the class

She looked embarrassed and without giving any emotions she looked in front

Did I said something wrong? But how I said same words which she said I didn’t felt bad at that time now why is she embarrassed. Let it be then to she was praising that Vyom now what happened?

Anyway I won’t talk to her let her talk to that Vyom

After 45 minutes class ended and before she could say something that Idiot came I mean Vyom, see the nerve of this man he always comes at the wrong don’t he have any work why he need to come to Riddhima again and again

My thoughts were broken by Riddhima’s voice

Riddhima- Yes Vyom

Vyom- Which class you have now?

Riddhima- Economics I guess

Oh shit it’s my free period I won’t leave her to this guy he also had same class

Vyom- Come let’s go

Before Riddhima could say anything I said

Me- She won’t

Vyom- Why?

Now what shall I tell him… Yr… Someone ask him to go or I will not only rip his head apart I will drown him into the a tub full of piranhas I mean see how he looks at her every time. I must let once killing someone become legal first job on earth of mine would be to kill this Vyom

Vyom- Vansh Why?

Me- because………

Voice- Because we all had some work

I looked around and saw Angre and our whole of her gang what work we had I didn’t remember from where this work came.

Forget it, it came at right time that’s most important and I love you Angre for coming at right time

Riddhima- Which work?

Can’t she stay quiet…..

Sejal- We had come na… Don’t worry ma’am is absent so we took this period

Vyom- Then it’s my free period also tell me what work you have I’ll help you

This guy surely had a death wish I’ll kill him in every birth I swear someone kill him If I did then he won’t be able to take rebirth

Voice- Vyom I need your help as I guess it’s your free period

We all looked at entrance and saw Manas one of our classmates and Vyom just nodded and left. Thank God otherwise I would have done some sin today

Vansh’s POV ends-:

As Vyom left all sat on different relaxing while Vansh and Riddhima were confused at their reaction.

Riddhima- Why you guys did that?

Ishani- What we did?

Riddhima- Don’t act to be innocent I saw economics teacher in the morning

Sejal- No she indeed is absent actually she came but she wasn’t well so she left

Riddhima- And which work we have?

Kabir (Sarcastically) – Actually our Adorable Librarian got impressed by the way we arranged the book shelf so as he got the work to arrange your fresher’s party so that librarian praised us in front of our dean and he gave that work to us

Riddhima- So what I’m a fresher here even Sejal, Siya, Ishani and Aryan we will take party why will we arrange

Aryan- Di… if they went to arrange na then forget party that place won’t be in the condition to enter

Angre- At least you can suggest us

Kabir- Please Riddhima as Sejal said you had great taste in decoration

Riddhima- Hmm….But on one condition

Angre- Accepted

Riddhima- First listen it isn’t for you

Kabir (frowning) – Then what’s the condition?

Riddhima- Condition is that Vansh need to say sorry to me

Vansh- What the….I won’t and why will I?

Riddhima- The way you threw my lunch I’m hungry right now…. What’s your problem I’m not getting that.… Say sorry or no help

Vansh- I won’t

Aryan- Bhai please you really need her

As ended the sentence at this word all glared at him and he saw it and said

Aryan- Help….

All shrugged it casually

Vansh- I won’t say but if you want I can bring the lunch

Riddhima- Then bhul jaao, bhul jaao ki hum help karenge (Then Forget it, Forget it I’ll help you)

Kabir- Vansh….please

Angre- Vansh…

Sejal- Vansh…

Vansh- Ok fine… I’m sorry

Riddhima- That like a good boy chaloo I’ll help you to arrange, but where is the party?

Angre- Audi only

Riddhima- I thought in some hotel Wait that means we need to even arrange whole décor themes and everything

Kabir- Exactly and we had 5 days

Riddhima- Fine let’s go….

All left for Auditorium

In Auditorium:-

All entered and was shocked to see such a big auditorium

Riddhima- Wow It’s too spacious……..

Vansh- Indeed…. Now tell

Kabir- What’s the dress theme?

Riddhima- Hmm…. Black

Vansh- And gold

Sejal- That’s good and

Siya- Something new and good

Riddhima- Masquerade party I mean it’s different and new

Vansh- Yeah…. Angre call the caterer

Riddhima- Angre Can you give me the number I want to talk to him

Vansh- Why so?

Riddhima- What’s your problem?

Vansh- You won’t talk

Riddhima- And now I will talk to him

She took the number from Vansh and left for a corner not before winking at him which went unnoticed by all except Vansh

Vansh (to himself) – What do she think of herself? I’ll talk to her

After 1 hour:-

Riddhima was standing on the stool while measuring the corner of the hall and rest all were doing some other work. She was about to come down and her dress got stuck with her sandal and she stumbled and was about to fall she squeezed her eyes shut ready to hug the floor

But when after a while when she didn’t hugged it she slowly opened her eyes and saw Vyom who was holding her, she passed a smile to him

All looked at the scene and then and came to her and Vyom slowly kept her down

Vyom- Riddhima are you ok?

Riddhima- Yeah and Thank you so much

Sejal- Riddhima are you okay?

Riddhima- Yeah…Thank God that Vyom saved me btw how you come here

Vyom- Actually I came to return your notes, Thanks for it

Riddhima- Thank you for coming at right time

Vyom- When are you guys leaving?

Kabir- Just now

Vyom- Anyway I’m getting late. Let’s leave

Vyom left and as Vansh saw them and that was enough for him

He went out and threw the vase kept beside the table of the door making it break into pieces

And he stood holding the railing and suddenly he heard a voice

Voice- Ahhhhhh……..

He turned around and was shocked to see

Episode ends

Precap- Jealousy

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