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Broken hearts – love-hatred-love story


“Wake up, already!!” misha said, and like a mom i never had, she said that by switching off the fan and pulling my blanket away from my body, “You always do this, first, come home late at night at god knows what time and scold me when i don’t wake you up, wake up for god’s sake riddhima!”

“Fine!! Stop nagging!! Your mom did this for 24 years and now you are showing the same torture to me huh?” I said, obviously i wanted to get on her nerves so that she finally leaves…sometimes she can be overbearing, but that’s what i also like in her!

“Come out of your deep thoughts! And go!!” She shouted with all the energy she had, i wonder why she is soo adamant of sending me away today..

I lazily woke up and dragged myself to shower, i completed all of morning chores and was about to leave then i remembered, IT WAS MISHA’S B’DAY!!! That’s why she was all moody and went all Mom on me!! SHIT!! I turned around to find her packing my food..

“Misha?” I called out, which sounded more like a whisper, i was ready to take on her wrath on me, after all she is the only person that cares or gives a rats ass about me!

“OK, i can explain!! I am soo sorry!! I didnt-

“How many times on earth should i tell you to take part in house chores, just because i am not doing work at the moment, you always defy what i say!! And finally it took you soo long to tell sorry! And i was wondering if you will ever apologize!!” Misha said cutting me in between…and i understood what exactly she was mad about, which of course i didn’t expect, because you all know i had different thoughts

“Anyway, take rest today, sleep like a bear, i will do all the work? I will take leave today, and you can get a princess treatment?” I said without any hesitation because to be  frank i was happy to be with her on her birthday, i slowly walk into the study room to call my boss and inform him about the leave…

” Hey!” I said, my boss jay is very close friend of mine, so  i can be all chilled out types around him.

“Hey, you coming? Remember, you have to submit the final paper to be printed about that murder case?” he said, which reminded me of the important thing that i had to do!

“Oh shit!! God! How can i be soo forgetful i need to do something for this memory loss!!” i heard him cracking up on the other side which just added fuel into me, so i cut the call, because last thing i want now is to fight with him.

“Misha?” i called out and she came from the bedroom, she was looking relaxed, but as soon as she saw my face, the glow on her face went down…

“Riddhima, yaar not again!! What the hell yaar! Can’t your boss leave you alone for a day??”

“Misha chill, its nothing, i just have to submit a report of investigation that i have done, and then i will be back in no time with the groceries, give me the list i will get it?”

“You better get your ass up here as soon as possible otherwise i am moving out from this hell hole!!”

“Ok chillax!! BYE!!”

I went out or to be more precise i rushed out because i have no intention on hurting her today, as soon as i reached office, i straight away went into jay’s room and gave him some editorial tips to which he listened carefully and i even told him about the leave for which he was hesitant at first but, i had to manipulate my way into it!

After the whole fiasco in my office, i straight away went into the supermarket near by, and thanks to misha she wrote down everything too precisely because she knows i know nada about this shit! While i was at the bill counter, i saw a guy outside, he was tall and looked kinda grumpy to me, wonder what is going in that poor chaps life, i walked out with soo many items, and thanks to my bad luck there were no staff who was helping…i was walking just fine, until i literally ran into someone! I f**kED UP!


“I would like to thank everyone who trusted in me and supported me till here, thanks” I made my way from the stage, you guessed it right, i was at a award function, which i hate, because i just don’t like people judging who is best and who is not, it feels like a insult to be honest, deciding and ranking one’s passion like this under different categories, but at the same time i like to stand out in a crowd i just don’t like that it has to be this way

“You could’ve elaborated a little more in the speech, like thanking specific people” dad said, how much ever i achieve, it’s never enough for my dad, he always wants more, expects more, he can be over bearing sometimes…and me being a rebel against him since my childhood, gave him a befitting reply

“Oh that was elaborate, actually more than elaborate, and i don’t need any advice on speech that I am supposed to give for the award that I got!” i said, which sounded like the sweetest slap to his face..

“Anyway give the media few interviews and then you can go around and act like a idiot that you are!”

“Awesome!” i said not giving much attention to the comeback he gave!

“Sir is it true that you are the most eligible bachelor in town?”

“Sir are you in love with someone?”

“Sir do you plan on getting married any time soon?”

“Sir what do you have to say about your success? Like everyone, do you also have a woman behind your success?”

The questions poured in mostly about my personal life which obviously me being me, I ignored them all, but i answered professional questions mostly

“Well what can i say about my success? i choose to believe in one quote that once a person said, who i always like, and before you start pouring in questions like if its a girl and all, NO its not a girl, its a actor, who i always liked he once said “YOU ARE NOT MAKING MISTAKES, YOU ARE NOT LOSING, YOU ARE JUST WINNING OR LEARNING” and that is what i choose to believe which has all led up to this moment, Thank you, no more questions please!” I said and moved away to my car.

“Go to the supermarket, i need to pick up mom on the way back” I said scrolling through my phone. “but sir, your dad?” driver questioned me back…”don’t worry about him, he has a habit of asking favours, he will find a ride for himself way back home”

Without any questions asked, he started driving and within no time we reached the supermarket, just then i received a message from my mom to wait for few more minutes, i was feeling uncomfortable sitting for too long and decided to get down and stretch my legs a bit, when i received a phone call, which i had to attend..

“You are saying you screwed up?? What the f**k!! Do you even know what that file contained!! Find the damn file and it should be on my desk in within 1 hour otherwise no one will even find your body to cremate!! Understood?? Or do you need anymore explaining??” I was fuming with anger when i turned around just to bump into someone, I WAS DONE WITH MY PATIENCE FOR THE DAY!!


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