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Bawara Dil 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sidhi and Shiva being cordial

Bawara Dil 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Malvi asks Sidhi who are you tell me to leave from here? Sidhi says enough, you are standing in Shiva Lashkare’s house and I am his lawfully wife, Sidhi Lashkare so get the hell out of my house, leave right now or I will throw you out. Mangala gets scared and thinks I need to control her tongue otherwise she will throw me out of the house someday. Soni cheers for Sidhi and tells Malvi that you were good for nothing but you did this today so thank you, she asks her to leave. Malvi angrily leaves. Sidhi thinks why did I say this?

Kaka brings street food for Mangala but she scolds him and says we will lose everything. That Sidhi will take over this house soon and taunt us every day. Kaka says she can never do that. Mangala says look at this house.

Sidhi is in her room and says it slipped from me. Soni comes there and says I need to change your name, can I call you sister-in-law from now on? Sidhi says no. Soni says I enjoyed you taking a class of that teacher. Sidhi asks her to go away. Soni says can I never call you sister-in-law?

Kaka tells Mangala that we will figure something out against Sidhi.

Sidhi asks Soni to focus on her studies. Soni says it’s good that you have come to a neutral from negative, I see the fire burning, she teases her and runs from there.

Mangala tells Kaka that Sidhi will pass her exams and everyone will be proud of her. Kaka says she always gets saved from my plots but don’t worry. Just keep the family busy today and I will steal her hall ticket.

Shiva tells Sidhi to sleep early, we will leave the house early tomorrow for your exam. All sit for dinner, Yashwant’s hand is shaking. Sidhi asks if he is fine? He says yes. Yashwant tells Shiva to take Sidhi for her exam on time tomorrow. Shiva nods. Mangala says we don’t spend time as a family anymore, we should play antakshiri. Vijiya says that’s a good idea. Yashwant says why today? Sidhi says it’s fine, she wants to. Yashwant says okay.

Scene 2
Soni makes Sidhi sit with Shiva. All sit to play antakshiri. Shiva gives a pillow to Sidhi, she smiles at him. The family sings songs. Kaka goes to drink water. Vijiya brings ice cream.

Kaka comes to Sidhi and Shiva’s room and looks around for the ticket.

Soni asks Shiva to sing. Shiva sings a song and smiles at Sidhi. Sidhi stares at him and smiles. All clap for Shiva. Sidhi offers her ice cream to him. Shiva is staring at her and drops it mistakenly. Vijiya says it’s finished. Sidhi offers her ice cream to Shiva. He says I don’t like this flavor, you can eat. Sidhi nods. Soni sings a song and hugs Shiva-Sidhi. Yashwant asks where is Vailash (Kaka)? Mangala says I will go and check. She comes to Kaka and asks him to find it soon, he nods. Mangala goes back to the family and they keep playing.

Kaka finds hall ticket in Sidhi’s bag and smirks.

Sidhi sings a song, Shiva smiles at her. He claps for her. They hear Kaka screaming. Shiva rushes to him and comes to his room. All rush to him and finds a mouse trap on his foot. Vijiya says what are you doing in their room? Shiva takes off the mouse trap. Mangala thinks he can’t do a simple job without messing up.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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