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Frantic Love Of Mine (Kumkum Bhagya) – Episode 1

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Hi guys, this is sowji. I don’t know how many still remember my story and me.  I hope, all are fine. Be safe. Many people already read this story on some platforms.  It’s new to the tele update page.

This is the first episode here. Based on your opinion. I further continue this story. This story is based on the character of kumkum bhagya. Try to share your like or dislike about this story. Share your views and comments about this story.

One girl kept ladder on the wall.she said I will reach his room. I will get my kiss from him. I want to taste his lips.else my sleep won’t be satisfied without his kiss.she is trying to walk in that ladder.she said ladder darling. Please don’t shake. I want to go towards his room.so please help me. she kissed that ladder. after she is walking in that ladder. she reached the window of his room. she opened that window. her face is clearly visible.that is our Pragya. she smiled.she said finally I reached his room through ladder.she said ladder darling wait here. I will back soon. she jumped to his room. she saw her love.she said not bad. I like his room. she goes towards the bed.he(her love) is sleeping peacefully in his bed.he covered himself in his blanket.pragya said it was dark. I don’t disturb him. but I would get my kiss.pragya opened his blanket. she saw her love.she mesmerized in his face.she said oh god! I can’t take off my eyes from him.he is very handsome. I addicted to him.you know one thing.2most beautiful thing in this world.one is me. yes, I love myself😉another one is he😍🤩😘just see him. how cute😍😍.that person face is slowly visible.that is Abhishek prem Mehra.you want to see his face. Pragya took her phone.she opened the camera on her phone.she started to record that moment. hi, my lovely camera..did you know. where I am now. I am in great Rockstar Abhishek Prem Mehra home. see him. camera focus on abi.pragya said he is my Rockstar.he hates me a lot. but I love him a lot. This is the difference between us. he doesn’t like my presence in his room.but what can I do. I forget to get my kiss.so I came here to get my kiss. he thinks me, I am a lustful b*t*h. yeah, I agree that. I am a lustful girl only on him.what can I do. I love him madly and deeply.so I can go extreme level to get him in my life.so camera baby.we will talk later. now I came here to get my kiss.bye tata.meet you soon. Pragya recorded that video. she kept her phone on the table. after she goes towards abi.she said so cute.pragya said Pragya concentrates on your mission. I came here to get my kiss.pragya saw his lips.pragya go towards his lips.suddenly  abi turned, Pragya head hit with his head.it disturbs abi sleep. suddenly abi opened his eyes.. he screamed Aahhhhhhh!!.. Pragya was scared.abi said booth…booth… immediately  Pragya kept her hand on his mouth. Pragya said chup….chup….it’s me. I am your Pragya.abi said Pragya. abi pushed Pragya on the bed. he switched on the light..he said tum…Pragya said yeah!! it’s me. abi asked how dare you to enter in my room.pragya said what can I do. I forget to get my kiss.that’s y I came here to get my kiss.abi said hey lustful b*t*h. I hate you. get lost from here.pragya said I expect more word from my mouth. nowadays these words are really boring to me. just scold me in new words.abi said you are a really disgusting woman.pragya said ok kiss me. I want to go to my home.abi said chi.get lost from here. Pragya won’t hear his words.she goes towards him.abi said don’t come near me. I hate you. Pragya didn’t listen to his words.she pulled him.she kissed his lips.abi was trying to push her away from him.pragya is licking his lips.she kissed him passionately.abi never kissed her. both are suffocating to breathe .pragya breaks her kiss.abi looks on.pragya said k bye I am leaving. she can’t speak properly.abi is breathing heavily.he said dis…disgust…disgust… disgusting woman. Pragya turned.she says thank you. again she goes near him.abi think in his mind y she is coming again near me. I can’t tolerate her kiss.oh god she is a lustful b*t*h. I slapped her lots of time. still, she won’t change her attitude towards me.pragya said because  I love you only. I don’t care you love me or not…but I love you. I addicted to your kiss. I would never allow anyone near you.you have all rights on me. abi got anger. he asked her how did you enter in this room. Pragya gestures him to see their reactions. abi asked through the window. I want to lock this window. Pragya smiled..she pulled his cheeks said cute kid..abi shows disgusting look towards her…

What destiny played with them?

Why abi hates her a lot?

Why Pragya love him a lot???

Is abi will accept Pragya love??


Director said action!!!.pragya touched abi seduce manner. abi think in his mind, I am waiting for end day of this shoot…pragya whispered  I would never allow you to go away from me…abi said you are challenging me…Pragya said no. I never challenging you…after she whispered in his ear..hey s*xy…I can’t control myself..your smell makes my hormones arousal….if I get a chance…I will do s*x along with you…abi looks shocked..he looks at her eyes……Pragya winked her eyes..abi looks on…

Just drop down your comments.

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