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What’s your take on Udaan’s current track?

Colors’ Udaan will be finally getting some wonderful moments between Suraj and Chakor. Chakor takes Vivaan’s help and makes a smart plan to bring out Imli’s truth. She acts mentally unstable to make Imli believe that she is going out from the haveli forever. Chakor’s plan works well when Imli gains confidence by Chakor’s absence. Imli gets believing that Chakor will never return in Aazaadgunj. She commits a mistake in her overconfidence and steps out in open to enjoy her victory.

Imli gets caught by Chakor. Vivaan presents Imli in front of the family. Vivaan proves to Suraj that Chakor has not shattered anyone’s trust. The family feels bad for considering Chakor as a threat for Saanvi. Chakor reveals her plan to nab Imli. Imli faces Vivaan’s revenge. The show will bring Suraj and Chakor’s romantic scenes again. There will be a relief from the dramatic games of Imli Devi. Vivaan will be seen back in a powerful and positive avatar. He will be dealing with his unknown enemy in the upcoming track. What’s your take on Udaan’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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