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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher tries to guide Roop

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Roop telling Palak that he can’t eat without his sisters. Palak asks him to take her food home for his sisters. She gets their food parcel packed. Kamla packs Roop’s clothes. Jigna says how he doesn’t get sleep without us. She asks about the doll and his toys. Kamla says Shamsher doesn’t like it. Ranvir asks Kinjal to keep his plate. She refuses and gives him a give reply. Bua asks them to stop mourning and tells that Roop is going to stay in his father’s room. She asks Kamla to make tea. Just then Ranvir come home and tells that he has beaten a boy. Bua gets happy. Kamla says it is wrong to beat other kids. Kinjal and Ranvir fight again. Shamsher asks Roop to tell if he loves him. Roop says yes. Shamsher says he gets happy when Roop says this. Someone asks

who loves you more, mummy or Papa. Shamsher says mother always. Roop thinks of Kamla’s mum and says both…mummy says that Papa loves me a lot. Shamsher gets happy and says we will have an outing here. He asks him to call Kamla and tell her that they will come late in evening. Roop calls Kamla and tells that they will come till 8 pm and now they are going for an outing. He says I will have roti in the morning which you made today. Kamla tells her daughters about the same. Jigna says Roop will get tired. Kamla says his Papa will take care of him. Roop thinks when will I reach home and have dhokla with my sisters. He tells Shamsher that he can’t walk more, but Shamsher says you got weak sitting on motor cycle, we have to make your legs strong by walking. They walk till evening.

Ranvir tells Bua that he is hungry and feeling like fainting. Bua says we will have food together. Shamsher and Roop come home. Roop runs and hugs Kamla. Bua says we are very hungry and asks Shamsher to let’s have food. Shamsher says we will not eat together and asks Kamla to send Roop and his food. Kamla asks Roop to go with his Papa and says she will bring the food. Shamsher takes Roop with him to his room. He says I got your stuff kept it and says you will stay in my room. Roop asks why? Shamsher says your mum and sisters are spoiling you. Kamla comes and tells Roop that she will feed him. Shamsher scolds her and says he will feed him from now. Roop takes off his kurta and asks Shamsher to lift him so that he can hang it. Shamsher lifts him. He hangs his kurta. Bua asks Kamla to see her daughters and says they are not having food.

Kamla goes to room and see them upset. They worry about Roop. Roop couldn’t eat food and drinks water. He tells Shamsher that he is not feeling like eating. Kamla says your Baap ji will feed him. Kinjal says Roop will come in night and will tell that he is hungry. Roop hears Shamsher snoring and couldn’t get sleep. He goes to his mother’s room and wakes up his sisters. He tells that he is very hungry and needs to eat food. They take him to kitchen and feed him food. Roop shows the Dhokla and says I have brought it hiding from Papa, how could I eat without you. Kamla sees them having food and prays for their togetherness. Roop tells Himani that he want to sleep with them for 5 mins. They all massage his feet and hands, so that he can get peaceful sleep. After he sleeps, they bring him to Shamsher’s room and makes him rest on bed.

In the morning, a police officer comes to Roop’s house on cycle. Shamsher calls him and takes him to his room. He makes Roop ready in white clothes and sends him with Police officer. Kamla thinks where is he going?

Precap: Shamsher tells that he wants Roop to do exercise and get stronger. Roop faints and falls down. Police officer trainer asks him not to make him exercise, but Shamsher asks him to pick Roop tomorrow morning same time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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