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Naagin Season 3 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 9th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mahi calls Inspector and asks if he could find out the reason behind Karan’s death. Yuvi, Rehaan and others talk that he was a good swimmer, but was drunk. Yuvi tells that they shall get the case closed as Karan is in coma. Rehaan says if Police questions him then he might tell what he saw. Mahi asks what? Yuvi says nothing and says we were talking that who cares for him, he is just a manager. Mahi says I do and says this marriage might happen or not, but I will find out about the attack on him. Bela’s father tells her that he think it is a sign that marriage shall not happen. Mahir hears them. Bela says my marriage will happen and tells that you will find many people to get jealous of me, and nobody will laugh on me. She says but your bank balance is finished because of my marriage. Her father

says you have many excuses. She says Suhani is getting married and it is the happy thing for her. Her father asks her to think about her happiness. He says don’t know how is this family? Bela says they are good people, they made us stay at their house so that we don’t have problem in travelling and says Mahir and Sumitra aunty guaranteed me that they will never let anything happen with me and I trust them fully. Mahi hears them. Snake crawls and come there. Sumitra asks Mahir about the arrangements. Mahi tells him that all arrangements is done and Karan’s accident investigation will not affect the function. Andy asks what, and says my sons are not marrying rich girls, but getting ruined in love and then also I am wasting my money on them. Snake turns into Ruhi. He says the guests are rich and busy people and says if this marriage stops then they will not return. Mahir says no problem will happen, and says we need to know that about this investigation.

He asks him to trust him. Andy says I am counting on you. Sumitra asks Maya to get haldi and chandan mix and says function will begin soon. Andy asks about Pratham. Sumitra says children will not be affected because of parents’ mistake and says Yuvi and Pratham’s functions will happen together. Andy says just as investors come, I will take them to see the land. Ruhi thinks take them surely, even I will not get a chance to make this jashn turn into mourning. Sumitra’s daughter scolds a girl for flirting with her boyfriend/husband. Pulaomi comes there and sprinkles cow’s urine and says it is auspicious. Sumitra stops Pulaomi from sprinking cow’s urine on Bela and reminds her that she is her bahu. Yuvi sees Ruhi coming and says now he is sure that she will listen to my saying. He says I am so glad. She asks him not to give himself so much importance. Yuvi says I am the groom. He asks her to get ready to apply haldi to him. She says you can’t force me. He says I will get haldi applied with your hand. Bela sees Yuvi and Ruhi together. Pulaomi and Sumitra apply haldi to their sons, while bela and surbhi’s father apply haldi to them. Andy comes there. Pulaomi asks him to apply haldi to Pratham, but Sumitra’s daughter send her to get cow’s urine and asks Andy to apply haldi to Yuvi first. Andy applies haldi to Yuvi and Pratham. Pulaomi gets cow’s urine sprinkle on Andy. Shekhar says Bhabhi is very excited today. Andy reminds him that only Sumitra is your bhabhi and not pulaomi. Pulaomi asks Sumitra to apply haldi to pratham. Sumitra applies haldi to Pratham while Pulaomi applies haldi to yuvi.

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