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Muskaan 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti meets the principal

Muskaan 9th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Warden giving the good news to Aarti. Aarti gets glad. Muskaan asks Aarti to get balloons and chocolates when she comes. Aarti agrees. She thanks Lord for Muskaan’s selection. She runs to tell mum. Rakhi asks why are you so happy. Aarti asks her to stay happy, she won’t need makeup then. She says gold rates have fallen down, so I m happy. She takes her mum along. She tells her that Muskaan got selected in the dance competition. Tabassum gets glad. Aarti says Muskaan will fulfill the dream of my life. Tabassum blesses her.

Aarti talks to Priya. She says I will become the best and then win the dance competition. Aarti gets ready to leave. Someone comes home. Everyone gets shocked. The man asks Aarti where is she going. He says I have to check everything here, even you. Tabassum

says Chadda ji, I asked her to visit the jeweler to know about gold rates. Chadda says once she agrees to me, I will shower gold on her, convince her. Aarti goes. He asks Tabassum to get the money. Aarti goes to station. Chadda counts money and says I don’t trust anyone. She asks him not to worry, she will explain Aarti. Muskaan waits for Aarti.

Aarti visits a temple. She buys balloons and chocolates. She runs to meet Muskaan. She meets the principal. Warden says Aarti has come, she has sent these things for you, she went to meet principal. Muskaan runs happily. Aarti thanks the principal for encouraging Muskaan. She says I will sign the form. He says Muskaan isn’t going anywhere, we decided she can’t study here now. She asks what. Sharma comes there. She gets shocked. Principal says you know him right, this school is for good family’s kids, not any dancer’s kids. She says don’t say this, its about my child’s life. Sharma asks what about our children’s future. They argue. Principal says calm down, its a school, Sharma is saying right. She says you have problem with me, why are you punishing Muskaan, I won’t come to meet her, please don’t expel her. Muskaan runs to meet her. Principal says you have to take her away. Aarti cries and asks him not to do this. She says teachers won’t agree with you, everyone knows my Muskaan is really good, ask them once, they won’t care that Muskaan is a dancer’s daughter. He says fine, if any teacher takes your side, I will change my decision.

Muskaan says my mumma has come, she didn’t meet me till now….

Update Credit to: Amena

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