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Jab We Met (Shot- 12)

Hii guys.. This is Napsha.. Here is the next shot..

Jab We Met (Shot-12)


We shook hands as we became friends.. That handshake was special for me.. He left.. Soumya came to me while I was loooking at the bouquet..

“Suhani, you look happy.. What’s the matter? And why did Yuvraj come here?” She asked..

“To apologise.. He has realised his mistakes.. And guess what, we are friends now.. I’m so happy..” I replied.. I hugged her tightly..

“Do you love him?”

We broke the hug.. I looked into her eyes and then turned around, recalling some of the moments when he made my heart beat faster..

“I don’t know Soumya.. When everything is fine between us, I feel I can fight the whole world.. And when its not so, I can’t even handle myself; I feel like we had a break-up even though we were never in a relationship..”

“Are you sure he isn’t playing games with you?”
“Yes, of course..”

Her expressions told that she wasn’t convinced.. She still felt that Yuvraj couldn’t be trusted..
“If he hurts me again, you can beat him up with your sandal..” I said..
She smiled.. We shared a hug..


Yuvraj hears Sambhav asking someone to come to his house and take the papers.. As he starts leaving, Yuvraj joins him saying it has been long since he visited his place the last..

At Sambhav’s place….
As Yuvraj sees Sambhav busy with the guy, he goes to his bedroom and starts searching for some proof.. After searching for ten minutes, his eyes fall on the new curtain..
“It wasn’t there before..” He thinks and walks towards it.. He moves it aside and gets shocked seeing Suhani’s pic.. Just then, Sambhav comes..

“What’s this?”
“Just a surprise for Suhani.. I will treat her like a Princess.. Howz it?” He replies after thinking for a while.. Yuvraj observes him but fails to understand that he is obsessed with her..
“Thanks bro.. By the way, Pratima aunty just called us.. I think it’s something urgent.. Shall we leave?”
Yuvraj nods and they leave..

In the evening, Yuvraj and Krishna are talking to each other..
“Tomorrow mom and dad will be home.. I’ll talk to them about Soumya..”
“But you have to talk to her as well.. Just a day left for your birthday.. Why don’t you propose her in the party?”
“Well, that’s a nice idea.. I feel she will say ‘yes’..”
“Do one thing.. Buy two rings, and get engaged there only..”
They hug each other smiling..
Yuvraj’s smile fades away thinking of the bitterness between him and Suhani after their engagement.. He leaves..

Next morning….
Suhani comes out of the bathroom after having shower.. She finds a note on the table, “Meet me in my room..”
She gets ready and goes to Yuvraj’s room.. She opens the door and gets inside.. Yuvraj is shaving.. He is shirtless with a towel around his neck.. They stare at each other for some ten secs not knowing what to do..

Suhani feels embarrassed and turns around.. She closes her eyes tightly and slaps her forehead..
“May I know what are you doing here?” Yuvraj asks her..
“I got this note, so….” She manages to utter and gives it to him without turning towards him.. He takes it and reads it..
“I didn’t send this..”
“Don’t waste my time early morning.. I’ve lots of work..”
“As if I don’t have anything to do.. By the way, are you sure I’ve sent this?”

“If she thinks so, I should definitely use this opportunity..” He thinks and smirks..


He grabbed my arm, turned me around and pulled me closer.. Our eyes locked for sometime.. I was so deeply lost in them that I forgot the whole world.. He inched closer to me.. I got back to my senses when I heard some noise.. I realised he was terribly close to me.. Moreover, he was shirtless.. I tried not to stare at him, but I couldn’t help it so I lowered my gaze.. He touched my nose, and then the portion below it.. Then he placed the tip of his finger on my forehead and started moving it downwards towards the lining of my face.. I felt shy as his touch sent tingling sensation all over my body..

Somebody coughed from behind.. We moved apart.. It was Bhawana di..
“Please save some romance for your wedding night also..” She teased us.. I didn’t look at him to see his expressions, but I knew about mine..

“Sambhav is looking for you, Suhani.. Meet him once..” She said and left smiling..

“I need to leave now..” I said..
“Ya sure..”
I started to walk..
“By the way, Suhani, if you want, you can come here every morning.. After all, if we really get married, you will have to see me like this everyday..”

I couldn’t help smiling..
“No need, I won’t..”
“I challenge you, you will come back to this room within 15 mins..”
“Let’s see..”
I left..

While going to Sambhav’s room, I met Sharad bhaiya and Anuj bhaiya on the way..
“Suhani, what’s this?” They asked laughing..
I knew they were talking about my expressions, but I couldn’t help smiling..
“Bhaiya, I need to meet Sambhav now.. I’ll talk to you both later..” Saying that, I left from there..

I went to Sambhav’s room..
“Since when I’ve been waiting……” He said, and stopped as he started laughing..
“What happened?”
“What’s this? Look at your face..”

He took me in front of the mirror.. I saw some white cream on my nose and on the lining of my face, and some above my upper lip as well.. I screamed shutting my ears..
“What’s this?” I said touching it.. I recalled Yuvraj was shaving, and had cleverly applied it on my face by having me under his spell.. I recalled Sharad bhaiya and Anuj bhaiya laughing at me.. I realised Yuvraj must have laughed hearing my scream..
“I’m not going to leave you for this..” I said..
“Whom?” Sambhav asked..
“Can I use your bathroom to wash my face? If I’ll go to my room, someone will see and laugh at me..”

I washed my face and looked at the mirror.. The glimpses of that moment appeared in front of my eyes.. I blushed..

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