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Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-Episode 14


Dadi:[As Abhay entered and walked in middle of the hall Dadi asked him]We have chosen a bride for you

Janvi:[Janvi came near Abhay and kept hand on his shoulder and said]you know her already, Aakriti your best friend’s sister

Pinky:[Pinky was standing beside Shakti]We all have approved her only your decision now matters

Tej:[Tej says after looking at Pinky and then Abhay]Take your own time there is no rush you can make your own decision in your own time

[Everyone left for their respective room after assuring Abhay that they will definitely support his decision]


[Shivaay was reading a pregnancy tips book for Anika and was explain and elaborating each and every point to her but Anika was tired of listening all the tips and wanted to stop Shivaay]

Anika:[Anika was sitting on bed and Shivaay was walking to and fro while reading]Shivaay, please stop it. I am tired of listening those stupid facts please stop it[Shivaay interrupted Anika]

Shivaay:[Shivaay said in defensive but soft voice]Anika these aren’t just some stupid facts okay these books are written by highly experienced gynecologist[Anika interrupted Shivaay]

Anika:[Anika said keeping her hands on her waist said]When it comes to keeping a child in your womb for nine months then no experience is superior[Shivaay interrupts Anika and says]

Shivaay:[Shivaay says keeping the book on the bed]You know what.it worthless arguing with you Anika


[Abhay came to his room got refreshed and since then he was sitting on couch in his room staring in blank Abhay suddenly got up and picked up his phone and called Aakriti]

Aakriti:[Over phone]I didn’t expect you to call this early

Abhay:[Abhay was walking to and fro while talking]I didn’t expect it either.But anyways I called because I too want you to know something before you make any decision about our relationship

Aakriti:and…what is that?

Abhay:[Abhay said in a regretful voice]I had a relationship in past[Abhay paused for a moment]We were engaged but she broke it[Abhay paused again and said in sad voice] but it was my fault that we are not together anymore.I have always been about my career,my choices, my decisions and my principles I didn’t really think it in way of our careers,our choices or our principles and I don’t really think it’s gonna change ever so I just want you to know you cannot expect from me a typical husband behaviour that is quite impossible

Aakriti:[in suspicious voice]are you telling me this because I told you about my past or because you wanted to tell me

Abhay:[Abhay said after a short pause]maybe both

[They said goodbye and ended their conversation]


[everybody was present at dinner table except Amaya Dadi asked to no one in particular]

Dadi:Where is Amaya?

Abhay:[Abhay said looking at everyone]she had to leave for an important case so she left about an hour ago[everyone was about to start with their dinner but Abhay said]I also want to make an announcement. I am willing to accept Aakriti as my life partner[Everyone became happy and congratulated Abhay]

Dadi:[Dadi said in jovial tone]tomorrow morning we will call Agnihotri family and inform them if Aakriti says yes then we will go to their house with shagun tomorrow itself

[Everyone did dinner and left for their respective room]


Omkara:[Gauri was in deep thought Omkara asked her]Gauri what’s bothering you?

Gauri:[Gauri was sitting on bed with her legs folded from knee she said]don’t you think Amaya is being to much stubborn[Omkara gave Gauri a confused look]what I mean is it’s been a complete month since she is being staying here but apart from necessary interaction she doesn’t even looks at us. I don’t know but I feel as if she thinks we are responsible for the way she lived her life okay I can understand she doesn’t wants to talk to us but what wrong in addressing us by our relations she addresses all of us by names except Dadi

Omkara:[Omkara interrupted Gauri and said]Gauri, relax Amaya has never been part of family this big she is gonna take some more time to adjust we just have to be patient with her


[Shivaay had came to Abhay’s room to ask when will Amaya come back]

Shivaay:[Abhay was sitting on couch and was studying a file]Abhay,sorry to disturb but any idea when will Amaya return back

Abhay:[Abhay kept the file a side and said]first thing,I think it’s high time that we start acknowledging our relation with each other Bhaiya

Shivaay:[Shivaay was happy and teary eyed to hear it]I am really happy that we are together not just as family as siblings[Abhay’s phone ring disturbed Shivaay.Abhay took his phone]

Abhay:[It was Amaya’s call.Abhay]You wanted to know when Amaya will come back you can ask her for yourself[Abhay put the phone on speaker and said]Amaya when will you be back

Khurana:[Abhay and Shivaay were shocked when male voice answered]Oh, that depends on you Abhay that when and how do you want her home[Abhay recognized the voice instantly and said]

Abhay:[Abhay said in stern voice]case is over Khurana kidnapping my sister will gaining you nothing

Khurana:[Khurana said in casual tone]Oh, of course kidnapping her will gain me nothing but killing her on the other hand will surely put you and a close friend of yours,ACP Ranveer in jail for sure



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