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Dil se dil ka rishta (C 1) (Pt 3) last by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Same day night..

Ragini’s phone beeps

Ragini sees a hai from an unknown number… She very well knew who it was
She wasn’t getting what to type…. What to not?

She types hello… But erases… Hai… Erases..

Ragini herself :kya karoon…

She’s types “who is this?”and sends!!!

She was waiting for the message

Here sanskar sees the message

He types “you seriously don’t know?”

Ragini wasn’t getting what to reply for this…

Then she types “sanskar?”

He smiles.. And here ragini was blushing

He types “no” and sends

Ragini fears.. If its not sanskar then who?

Is been 5 mins that she didn’t reply

Sanskar sends her a text

Ragini recieves a text “your fiance”

Ragini blushes

While dida who came there was seeing her change of expressions

Dida slowly goes and pats her

Ragini gets scared :didaaa

Didaa:ohh… Mera baccha!!! I thought ki you would not even respond… But yahan tho batein shatein ho rahi hai.. Karo karo…
She goes

Ragini blushes

She sees his text..

“you there?” she was nodding her head 😂😂then she realises that she should text him

“yes..” she sent him.. She slightly hits her head while sanskar was smiling

Like this the conversation started

Days passes

Sanskar was madly in love with Ragini… And Ragini was no less.. She has become close to sanskar. She just waits for his texts.. Many times she just checks her mobile did his text came or not.. Sometimes she curses the network too😉

It was traditional day in college

Ragini got ready in a yellow colour lehenga.. And was looking extremely beautiful

She sees Sanskar’s message “send me your photo”

“there’s no one here to click my photo” she sent it by reasoning

Sanskar smiles and sent a text

“shall i come to click for photo?” Ragini blushes after reading it
Smile was not ready to leave her face

She was not getting what to text…..

“i am getting late.. Bye” he read her text…

He was in the office.. He picks up the key’s

Laksh sees him:where are you going?

Sanskar :tumse matlab

Laksh:ek answer tho dhank se diya karo bhaai… Kaunse personal dushmani nikal rahe ho mere se

Sanskar:bata doon?

Laksh:ji zaroor

Sanskar :pichle janam ka..

He goes

While laksh was like😒😒😒

Here Ragini goes to college and she was talking with her friend…
When the same guy.. (in first part)
Came to her

Ragini sees him

Guy:Ragini… I have to talk with you

Ragini:ss.. Say

Guy:not here can you come with me…

Ragini :whatever you want to…. Say… Say he.. Here only

While her friends gives them the privacy…

Guy:i like you Ragini

Ragini was shocked :no.. No i dont like you..

She was about to go

Guy:please Ragini.. Give one chance.. To express my love….

Ragini was looking at him like he is an alien

She goes from there.. But he was following her….

Ragini hides :oh god.. What is this new problem…?! 😟😟😟

While the guy was searching her

Someone pats Ragini.. Ragini closes her both eyes 🙈🙈

Ragini: i don’t like you… Please!!!

And the person behind her revealed to be sanskar

Sanskar mischievously:really?

Ragini:haa… And my marriage is fixed..

Sanskar:but you can give me a chance!!

Ragini 😦😦😦

Sanskar laughs :once turn and see who is standing behind you… Papad-wali!

Ragini immediately turns :aap!!!

Sanskar:why I can’t come?

Ragini :n…no..not like that


Ragini sees the guy who was seeing them.. He was about to come there

Ragini immediately hugs sanskar

Sanskar was shocked.. He didn’t expected it in his dreams too😉

Dil ko tumse pyaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua

He was lost in her hug.. He hugs her back

Within sometime she breaks the hug…

Sanskar looks at her… And then her direction.. And there a guy was standing.. Then he understands

He looks at ragini

And he goes to the guy and forwards his hand

Guy looks at him

Sanskar :sanskar ragini’s fiance

Guy shakes his hand and goes…

Sanskar:handsome hai nai?

Ragini looks at him shocked

Sanskar:u took the advantage of the situation

Ragini :advantage?

Sanskar :ha you hugged me

Ragini :i.. I am sorry… I didnt….

Sanskar :you should be given punishment right

Ragini :i am really sorry…

Sanskar :listen the punishment first?

Ragini :wh.. What?

Sanskar smiles :just give me a sweet smile

Ragini smiles and turns

Ragini turns again :aap yahan

Sanskar:told you.. So came to click your photo

Ragini :but you

Sanskar :relax.. I just came because i wished to see you… And about photo.. You have gave me the best thing then it.. A beautiful hug

Ragini blushes


Ragini :so?

Sanskar :do you like me?

Ragini was shocked by his question

Sanskar:usko tho fiance ka naam lekar bhaga diya..ab fiance se kya kahogi…

She blushes bending her head

He gets a call from office..

He was talking and she was looking him blinking her eyes like a doll

Sanskar was talking in the call but he couldn’t resist adoring her innocence

Sanskar disconnects the call :ok.. I need to go

Ragini nods

Sanskar :you won’t say bye

Ragini :bye..

Sanskar :i will wait for you reply

They have an eyelock

Sanskar was about to go but turns :you are looking breathtaking

He goes while ragini was blushing

Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua

Days passed with RagSan’s message wala love😜

Oh, kho gaya main khayaalon mein
Ab neend bhi nahin aankhon mein

Born used to have late night texting

Karvatein bas badalta hoon
Ab jaagta hoon main raaton mein

He just wanted the days passes soon a month is left for their wedding

Ab doori na sehni, har lamha kehta hai
Na jaane haal mera aisa kyoon rehta hai

He was sitting in the office and his secretary comes and asks for the sign
He looks at her and was shocked to see Ragini

He smiles widely

Secretary :sir!! Sign

Sanskar :oh.. He signs and gives it to her

Main deewana tera ban gaya jaane jaana
Main fasaana tera ban gaya jaane jaana

Here Ragini was nervous as the days are approaching to step into new life with sanskar…
And she had full trust on sanskar that he would brassy understanding supporting husband

Haseena gori gori, churaaya chori chori
Churaaya dil chori chori chori chori chori

Dil ko tumse pyaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua
Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua
Tumse pyaar hua

And finally functions starts…

And it’s the wedding..

RagSan and Swalak got married..

Ragini was made sit in beautiful decorated bed…
She was nervous and was shivering..

But sanskar was nowhere to be seen…

After waiting for sometime.. She slowly dozed off

Sanskar got an important work from his office.. So he unwillingly went…

And finally he came back.. He sees his Papadwali his wife is sleeping.. She was looking so innocent while sleeping actually she is an innocent.. She was looking so cute… There was small cute smile on her lips..

He went to her and kissed her forehead

She opens her eyes in sleep and after seeing him she sits….

Sanskar :why did you wake? Sleep…

She was pouting and thinking something

Sanskar :what happened? U need something

She looks at him:where were you?

Sanskar smiles:actually got a important work….

Ragini :you know I got scared alone.. Aise koi chodke jaata hai kya?

Sanskar :sorry sorry.. Aage se…

Ragini :u know i collected all the courage to tell you…….. She stops

Sanskar:tell me what? What you wanted to say that you had to collect this much courage that my innocent princess turned into a sherni

Ragini bites her lower lip

Ragini:woh mein na…

Sanskar:haan tum kya?

Ragini😮😮😮:mein na…

Sanskar smiles :tum kya?

Ragini 😟:mein..

Sanskar :ha tum hi ho… Uski aage kaho

Ragini :mein…

Sanskar laughs

Ragini😟😟:you are laughing

Sanskar :sorry sorru…

Ragini :ab bolu..

Sanskar smiles :ha tell

Ragini :i wanted to….

Sanskar:you wanted to..

Ragini:shhhh… Dont talk in middle.. She was closing her eyes like reminscing

He smiles song her antics :ok i will not…

Ragini:again you spoke

Sanskar :sorry sorry…

It’s been 15 minutes

Sanskar:didn’t you still remembered what you want to say?

Ragini :actually… I wanted to tell you a reply

Sanskar teasing get :did you notice one thing

Ragini pouts angrily :no😒😒

Sanskar smiles :you are talking fluently.. Meri bolti bhi bandh kardi

Ragini :ahhh… Let me say

Sanskar:sorry sorry say…


Sanskar :which reply?

Ragini:meko nahi batani… She looks other side

Sanskar :sorry.. One last time say…

Ragini looks at him :I…

Sanskar nods smiling but didn’t say anything

Ragini :like you….

His smile vanished :but i don’t like you

Ragini blinking her eyes :why? 😮

Sanskar :because i love you my innocent wife

Ragini nit realising :but why don’t you like me? 😞

Sanskar smiles :I LOVE YOU

Ragini:but still…. She realised.. She looks at him… Who was smiling at her

She hugs him :i love you too

He hugs her back

Ragini:sacchi you love me

Sanskar ;no i was joking

Ragini breaks the bug and looks at him :sacchi?

Sanskar :ab kya likh ke doon Papadwali… I love you

Ragini :but i am not Papadwali… Mein tho Sanskar ki Mrs hoon

This was first time she took his name

Both laughs

San:then me Ragini ka Mr… So Mrs&Mr Ragini Sanskar

Ragini :haa…

Both laughs…

They sleep by hugging eachother


No epilogue… Epilogue is strictly restricted 😜

Jeny-your wish completed

Next is malayalam movie(ohm shanti oshana) reprise on Ragsan – sorry nivya i took wrong name😶😶.. Nivya your wish finally😄😄glad you are back..
Next is malayalam movie(ohm shanti oshana) – sorry nivya i took wrong name😶😶.. Nivya your wish finally😄😄glad you are back..hope i would reach your expectations!

Even this movie is my favourite.. Actually favourite of all nivya

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