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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update the beauty cream

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Salesman says you will shine if you apply this ointment,Vibhu thinks I will give this to bhabhiji and buys it.

Salesman gives details to tiwari,tiwari thinks I will give to bhabhiji and buys it, tikka tilu and Malkhan sees salesman,tikka says will i turn fair,he says yes,and they buy,Happu Singh asks what are you buying,salesman says ointment,Happu says I’m already smart,I don’t need it,tilu says no you aren’t listen to us and buy it,Happu takes it without paying and says take money from these boys.

Anu reading magazine and reads if wife is beautiful husband is under her control,anu says that’s true,tiwari walks and says bhabhiji I got you a gift and says my friend got this from foreign,anu says don’t you find me pretty,Tiwari says you are pretty but do use this cream

it will add to your beauty and do give me review,anu says sure.

Vibhu walks to angoori,angoori welcomes him,vibhu says here a cream,this will add to your beauty,angoori says so it’s your new business,vibhu says no my friend got it from yuganda it’s a gift,angoori says give it to anu,vibhu says you know her she won’t take it and doesn’t like my friends too so you have it.

Anu says Meenal my face is burning after using this cream,Tiwari gifted me,angoori walks in saying vibhu gave me saying same things,angoori says look my face is burning too,anu says I have same cream Tiwari gifted me,angoori says and Vibhu gifted me,angoori says god I’m so restless,anu says we won’t leave them so easy.

Tikka tilu Malkhan restless,Happu walks to them and says you boys forced me to use it,look now it’s so itchy,and you will be punished scratch me,tikka says we already are irritated please leave,Happu shows gun and asks them to scratch.

Vibhu and Tiwari walk to them and says let us hide here don’t tell our wives we are hiding,boys says on one condition you will scratch us all,vibhu says deal.

Tiwari and Vibhu hiding,vibhu says how long will we hide,Tiwari says till bhabhiji and her anger calms,vibhu says no ways anu and her anger,Tiwari says same is with angoori.

Anu and angoori ask boys where are they,and tell them cream story,angoori asks why are you all scratching,Happu says same cream,anu says why do you wanted to apply the cream and boys I understand but Happu why did you anyways forget it tell me where are they,angoori says yes cmon,tilu says behind there.

Anu and angoori enter the room,anu says how dare you two do this,angoori says we are so restless,vibhu says I’m sorry,anu says look you have gift I’m happy but cream such bad,angoori says same here,tiwari and Vibhu say look we are sorry we didn’t do it on purpose.they see news about cream that a fool is selling it calling it a beauty cream.

In bedroom,Tiwari says cmon angoori,angoori says no ways what you want me to do dance and sing,Tiwari says you look beautiful when you dance,angoori says please I don’t feel like,vibhu says still upset,anu says I’m upset about the fact that you never gift me anything,angoori says Tiwari I’m super you never gift me anything,tiwari gives her a kiss and sings for her.vibhu and anu dance too.

Pre cap: tiwari and Vibhu fall down and zombies proceed towards them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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