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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira gets Kabeer arrested

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with all the women surrounding Kabeer. Suwarna recalls seeing Kabeer with Naira on the video call. Dadi, Naira and everyone get together. He shouts on them to back off. He tries to get saved. He breaks a bottle and warns them not to come ahead, else he will kill them. Naira signs to everyone. They stare at him and get kumkum…. Jai kali…plays…. they all throw the powder in his eyes. Kabeer screams. Dadi, Rajshri and everyone beat him for eyeing Naira badly. Suwarna says I considered you as a son, and you were like a snake in sleeve. Kirti recalls her miscarriage and beats Kabeer angrily. She cries and pushes him in Naira’s feet. Naira recalls his doings. She kicks him up. Kartik, Manish and Akhilesh come home and run inside. They get shocked seeing Naira

and all women dragging Kabeer by rope. They also join the women. They walk on the road. Naira drags Kabeer. Singhania men and other people also join them.

Naira thinks what does men think, can they force the women. Suwarna thinks are we any commodity to use. Kirti thinks don’t we have feelings or any right to say yes or no. Devyaani thinks all rules are for us, they can do anything. Dadi thinks they think they can force anyone. Bhabhimaa thinks such men always get saved. Naira thinks why….. Suwarna thinks because we kept believing that men are superior to women, they can do anything. The girls see the group passing and join. Suwarna thinks why don’t they think of the women whom they mistreat. Naira throws down Kabeer on the road.

She thinks it takes years for us to trust someone, once it breaks, we doubt everyone. Kirti thinks everyone blames the girls. Naira thinks everyone blames for our clothes and values, none teaches the men. They all proceed while questioning their rights. Naira thinks if masculinity of a man is in such cheap acts, when our femininity lies in standing up for ourselves. Kirti thinks we will not tolerate them. They say we will fight. A lady pushes a man down. Naira thinks we will fight with everyone who thinks we are weak. The lady beats the man and takes children along to join Naira. Naira and everyone reach police station. Naira says arrest him, take my complaint against me. They say we all will file complaint against him. Naira says punish him severely, the people who deal with this, don’t cope up, they are just taught to tolerate. Devyaani says they forget that a girl doesn’t just have Gauri and Durga, she has Kaali too. Suwarna says the way she takes Kaali’s avatar, the world will be destructed. Naira says its better if such people understand this, they will face worse state. Everyone claps for Naira.

Kabeer sees everyone. Naira and everyone stand united. Reporter says Naira has spread the message that women shouldn’t think they are weak, men like Kabeer should know that women know to fight back. Manish and everyone clap. Manish says message is loud and clear, anchor is good, she knows what responsible journalism is all about. Kartik says its imp to be unbiased. Manish says sometimes media affects such cases in a negative way, like people get wrongly influenced by films, some people are so foolish that they forget the difference between fiction and reality. Naitik asks shall we start a happy chapter of life. Kartik says yes, we will have a graduation ceremony first, we want to give you badges. Naitik says because you all defeated fear and turned brave.

They all give badges to their wives. Naksh says you all proved you don’t need us to protect you, we will be always with you all by our will. He sees Naira. Kartik says nobody will trouble us as they protect us. Naitik says I have baked a cake. Naira and everyone cut the cake. Kartik asks all the beautiful ladies to come on one side. They all salute the women. The women also salute. Naira says you all are reason of our courage. Kirti says seeing you all, we got to know importance of good men. They look for Shubham. Shubham asks someone for drugs and gets the packet. The man says give me your address, I will deliver it. Shubham says I will message you. Naira comes to room and calls out Kartik. She sees the decorations and smiles. Kartik comes to her. They smile.

Kartik asks Naira to come with him. He blindfolds her and takes her somewhere. She sees the place…..

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